katy tx: Commitment Day January 1, 2016 in Houston and Several Other Cities - 12/23/15 04:48 AM
Commitment Day January 1, 2016 in Houston and Several Other Cities 
LifeTime Fitness is sponsoring Commitment Day 2016 on January 1, 2016. This event is a family-friendly 5K event and festival. There are about 50 cities all across the US which are holding this same 5K and Festival. The idea is for folks to do something positive instead of just saying worn out old resolutions and never taking any real actions. Participants can walk, jog or run the event. LifeTime wants participants to make a Commitment to Living a healthy lifestyle and they hope this becomes a catalyst to this living healthy … (14 comments)

katy tx: Holiday Pet Safety Tips in Katy TX. and Beyond - 12/21/15 03:31 AM
Holiday Pet Safety Tips in Katy TX. and Beyond 
Tis the Season and we all have to be careful we do not inadvertently harm one of our pets. Below are some Pet Safety Tips for this season and probably pertain to the whole year. A few of these tips appear to be no brainers but I will list them just in case there is doubt.
Cookies and Candy - Chocolate can cause vomiting, agitation, high heart rate and even death in some cases. DO NOT give your pets either!
Macadamia Nuts and Walnuts - Walnuts are one the healthy nuts for humans to … (17 comments)

katy tx: Reading of Polar Express at Katy Budget Books Katy Texas - 12/16/15 11:17 PM
Reading of Polar Express at Katy Budget Books  Katy Texas 
Katy Budget Books  is hosting a child’s reading of a Christmas Classic being “The Polar Express”. Children can be in their PJ’s and will receive treats at this very special holiday story time. Thursday December 17, 2015 from 6:30 PM till 7.30 PM is when this event will take place. If you want more information call 281-578-7770.
This special reading will be a fun event for small children.
Katy Budget Books has been in business for over 25 years and the owners say it is a one of a kind bookstore. They … (13 comments)

katy tx: Home Alone in Katy TX - 12/16/15 09:21 AM
Home Alone in Katy TX 
Yolanda has gone to San Antonio with my father-in-law to visit her mom’s grave. I of course had to work and had to be at work. I am here alone tonight but our little dog Duchess is here to keep me company. As I said to another AR friend today in a comment, she has been such a wonderful blessing to our whole family. My father-in-law has had such a up and down health report and we are all confused and very worried. Duchess loves my father-in-law and keeps him company every day. If you not sure … (18 comments)

katy tx: Home Buyers : Positives and Negatives of Buying a Home - 12/14/15 04:18 AM
Home Buyers : Positives and Negatives of Buying a Home 
When you’re making a big decision like buying a home, people will tell you that you need to be X years old, make Y amount of money, and buy a home in Z location. In order to keep the chatter from negatively influencing your decision in any fashion, you have to carefully weigh out your options. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®) and Professional Realtor, I have helped many successfully make the transition from renting to buying and can answer any questions that you may have. Contact me at your earliest convenience … (13 comments)

katy tx: Almost Wordless Wednesday : Zoo Lights at Houston Zoo - 12/09/15 03:28 AM
Almost Wordless Wednesday : Zoo Lights at Houston Zoo 
A few weeks ago on a Sunday evening we attended Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo  courtesy of David Weekley Homes. It is a special holiday light show with over 2 million lights. We enjoyed seeing all the very pretty light displays. Thank you David Weekley for inviting employees plus family members to this Holiday event. The Zoo was blocked off in most parts and only a small number of animals were available to see. Below are just a few pictures. I know Yolanda has many more pictures.
Zoo Lights lasts until January … (20 comments)

katy tx: Shopping Safety Guide for the Holidays - 12/08/15 03:20 AM
Shopping Safety Guide for the Holidays This Holiday season most of us will be running numerous errands involving shopping of one sort or another here in Katy and all across the US. It is extremely easy to get way too comfortable. Pay attention to your own instincts and to use basic common sense. As we all too well know it is a dangerous world ( getting more dangerous by the minute) all around us and we all need to pay attention to our surrounding and try to make sure all of us and our families stay out of harm's way.
( Images … (19 comments)

katy tx: My Wallpaper in Katy TX - 11/30/15 04:27 AM
My Wallpaper in Katy TX  
Dick Greenberg created a November fun Challenge in ActiveRain members to show everyone their wallpaper on our cell phones, laptops or desktops, or tablets. I really like the premise as I have now read several of these posts and it does reveal things about the folks who wrote about their wallpaper or lack thereof.
I have an old Iphone 5C ( I agree it needs to be replaced)  and the wall paper I have had on this phone for many months is a picture of the Lone Cypress Tree in Pebble Beach CA. We have been … (18 comments)

katy tx: Home Buyers - The Holiday Season may Create a Wonderful Buying Opportunity - 11/24/15 05:32 AM
Home Buyers - The Holiday Season may Create a Wonderful Buying Opportunity

It is the Holiday season and that probably will mean fewer people are thinking about buying a new or resale home in the Katy or surrounding areas. If you’re in the market or seriously thinking of buying a home, this situation could work in your favor. There are a few advantages to buying a home in the supposed “off-season.” As a Professional Realtor, CPA and  Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I know some tricks to getting you into your dream home in time for the holidays or early in the new … (14 comments)

katy tx: Five Things I am Thankful for which Impact My Business in Katy - 11/23/15 05:18 AM
Five Things I am Thankful for which Impact My Business in KatyDan Stewart of Happy Grasshopper created a November Challenge to write a post about the 5 things we are thankful for which impacts our business on a daily basis. As with many of the Active Rainers I have many things to be Thankful about and most of these Thankful items occur on a daily basis. I might have a different slant than most of my other friends and colleagues on Activerain as I do not have a team or any assistants and my business does not get assistance from my … (25 comments)

katy tx: Yolanda has Added New Daily Duties as She is Cat Sitting - 11/22/15 03:19 AM
Yolanda has Added New Daily Duties as She is Cat Sitting 
Yolanda’s oldest son and my step-son Peter is traveling as he is headed to Europe to see his girl friend. She goes to graduate school in Rotterdam Netherlands. Peter is also in the process of moving. He rescued a tiny kitty a few months ago who has grown and is now a fairly large cat. Peter spent 3 days living with us in Katy TX before he left on his journeys as he went to the Aggie Football game against Vanderbilt. He brought his male cat Peanut along with him to … (29 comments)

katy tx: Annual 2015 Katy Community Thanksgiving Feast - 11/20/15 02:45 AM
Annual 2015  Katy Community Thanksgiving Feast 
This Community Thanksgiving Feast is another in a long line of local community traditions in Katy, Texas being held for the benefit of the less fortunate individuals living in the community. This year’s dinner is being held on Thursday November 26, 2015 or Thanksgiving Day at the First United Methodist Church which is located at 5601 5TH Street Katy TX 77493 ( Old Katy).This is the third time in the last 5 years this church has hosted the Thanksgiving Community Feast.
Last year's dinner held at the First United Methodist Church in Old Katy served over 1,100 … (17 comments)

katy tx: Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Fall Colors in California - 11/18/15 03:45 AM
Wordless Wednesday (Almost) - Fall Colors in California 
As some folks are aware, Yolanda and I took an extended weekend trip early this month as we went from Katy/Houston to San Rosa CA through SFO. We attended a wine event at one of the wineries north of Santa Rosa where we are wine club members. I know everyone is shocked that we belong to a wine club. (Ha Ha). The weather was good but we did see some rain on Sunday morning and on Monday. We did not mind seeing the rain as this whole area needs a lot of rain due … (22 comments)

katy tx: Home for the Holidays Gift Market Katy TX 2015 - 11/14/15 04:49 AM
Home for the Holidays Gift Market Katy TX 2015 
The Home for the Holidays Gift Market will once again be held in Katy Texas over a three day period. The show begins on Friday November 20 and last thru Sunday November 22, 2015. Showtimes are Friday from 10 AM until 8:00 PM; Saturday from 10 AM till 6 PM and Sunday 11 AM until 4:00 PM. The Gift Market will be held at the Merrell Center and the address is 6301 South Stadium Lane Katy Texas .  Tickets are required for admission with the fee being $6 each.

Organizers state this is … (16 comments)

katy tx: Veteran’s Day: Thank You for Your Service to this Great Country - 11/11/15 03:48 AM
Veterans Day 2015: Thank You for Your Service to this Great Country 
My family wants to extend a sincere thanks to all active and retired military personnel for their service to this great nation. We hope you will have a wonderful Veteran’s Day and holiday season. We also want to Thank all the families and friends of Military personnel for their sacrifices and especially to those whose family members or friends made the ultimate sacrifice.
I want to to Thank  my Father-in-Law Adolph Cordova who is a Purple Heart recipient for his service to this nation.
All of us should count our blessings … (16 comments)

katy tx: City of Houston : 2015 Veterans Day Parade & Celebration - 11/10/15 02:46 AM
City of Houston : 2015 Veterans Day Parade & Celebration  The  City of Houston will hold its Annual very Special Veterans Day Celebration and Parade on Wednesday November 11, 2015. The events will begin at 9 AM with all activities occurring in downtown Houston. If traffic cooperates driving into the City of Houston from Katy should take no more than 35-45 minutes. Some folks have Veteran’s day off.
Above American Flag picture taken by and copyrighted by Bob Gilbert with all rights reserved.  
The Veterans Day celebration will hold a moment of silence in memory of all of all Veterans  The festivities … (15 comments)

katy tx: Katy New Home Buyers - Did you get your Home Inspected? - 11/05/15 04:29 AM
Katy New Home Buyers - Did you get your Home Inspected?  
I advise all my clients they should get their home inspected by a qualified Home Inspection Group prior to closing and that includes brand new construction as well as all resale homes. A Home Inspection provides peace of mind and is like an insurance policy as the inspector will make sure any major issues or defects will be addressed in their report. The concept is the inspector is not looking for minor flaws but significant issues. Any home being brand new or a resale home will have some types of … (15 comments)

katy tx: New British International School Opening in Katy - 11/03/15 04:13 AM
New British International School Opening in Katy 
British International School of Houston (BISH) is planning on opening a new Katy campus during the summer of 2016. BISH is a Nord Anglia education School. There will be admissions sessions in Katy during November 2015, December 2015, January 2016 and February 2016. All potential students for enrollment are highly encouraged to attend one of the admissions Sessions. The November sessions are already fully booked but there is still space available in the other months. There is a lot of interest in the Katy area for this type of education as evidenced by the November … (16 comments)

katy tx: Shade Gardening Presented by Nottingham Country Garden Club Katy - 11/02/15 03:46 AM
Shade Gardening Presented by Nottingham Country Garden Club Katy 
The Nottingham Country Garden Club will feature Elizabeth Barrow as a guest speaker at its monthly meeting being held on Thursday November 5, 2015 . The meet and greet time is at 9:30 AM which will be followed by the main program at 10 AM. This club holds its meetings  at the Municipal Utility Building , NO 81 , which is located at 805 Hidden Canyon Dr. Katy Texas. The topic of  Ms. Barrow’s talk, which caught my eye and attention, will be “Shade Gardening”.
Her talk will cover the plus and minus … (11 comments)

katy tx: Speechless Sunday - SuperMoon Katy TX - 11/01/15 03:47 AM
Speechless Sunday - SuperMoon Katy TX 
Last weekend we had the last Supermoon photograph opportunity for this year in Katy TX. We actually remembered and took the time to take some pictures. My point and shoot Canon camera takes OK pictures but shots of this nature do not come out all that well. The produced pictures are just OK. I am sure Yolanda's camera took much better shots. I prefer to just turn on the camera and take pictures. Her camera is too complicated for me.
Below are a couple of pictures. This supermoon was spectacular and I wish we could have seen … (17 comments)

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