I bought my house after it had been abandoned for 2 years, with the soul intention of fixing it up and selling it. I half-heartedly listed the house on the market last month. I was never meant to stay in the house or the area for that matter. I'm originally from Concord and had every plan on ret...
From my experience, when you buy a property from the bank that has been abandoned for over a year I think flipping it is a service to the community. The object to flipping a house is to improve both the inside and the outside, so you raise the value of the house as well as the value of the neigh...
This sounds just like something Everhome Mortgage Company is also trying to do...  Are mortgage companies trying to take houses that have a lot of equity by setting people up to fail from the start? This lady received a letter from Everhome on November 18, 2009, letting her know that she should ...

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