cobb county: How much is real estate commission? - 02/16/18 06:47 AM
The true answer is that commissions are negotiable.  However just because they can be negotiated does not mean they will be negotiated.
Many agents and brokerages have policies that will not allow the agents to charge any less than a certain percentage.  Several years ago I was interviewing different companies to potentially hold my license.  On was very specific that i could not list a home for less than 6% even if it was friends or family.  Anything less would "devalue" their brand.    I did not choose them.
Here in Ga 6% is fairly common and that is usually split evenly between the listing agent … (3 comments)

cobb county: Buyers! Is this the ultiate Rent to Own? - 08/12/11 04:57 AM
The Ultimate Rent 2 Own?

For years I have been opposed to buyers/tenants doing lease purchase, rent to own, or any of the other similar variations.  Here is a link to a blog I posted on that very subject back in March of 2009.
Rent to own in its most common forms just poses too much risk for the prospective buyer.  Statistically, most never end up closing for a wide variety of reasons and the buyer/tenant loses any money they put up. There had to be a better way and here it is!

What if the up front … (0 comments)

cobb county: 12 months after the great flood... - 09/22/10 03:55 AM
After the floods, 12 months later... 12 months ago today this area of Georgia was hit by the worst flooding in history.  It was called severe, epic, a 500 year flood.  No matter how it is described, the devastation was horrific. Many of the victims have rebuilt and moved back in to their homes.  However many of the homes are vacant and the home owners still displaced.  A friend of mine is still in negotiations with Cobb County and FEMA.  They are supposed to be buying his house from him but a year later it is still not concluded. As you … (3 comments)

cobb county: Cobb County Ga. Housing Market absorption - 08/06/10 05:40 AM
Cobb County Ga. Housing Market absorption Many agents and home sellers will look at a figure of the average days on the market to get a feel for the housing market.  This is somewhat misleading because it is a caclulation for the numbers of days on the market for the homes that actually sold.  It does not take in to account the homes that were on the market and then withdrawn or expired. Of the houses that actually sold in the last 12 months, FMLS is showing an average days on market as 82 days.  On the suface that seems pretty … (1 comments)

cobb county: Acworth, Ga. Home Values are up! - 05/21/10 05:25 AM
Acworth Ga. Home Values are up! While I don't think that Zillow is incredibly accurate, I do think it is a reasonable indicator of what is going on the market. Below is a 10 year chart of Zillow home values for Acworth, Ga.  As you can see, if you bought your home as a long term investment, the recent value has declined but the long term value is still appreciated from the value 10 years ago!
Don't wait to buy real estate.  Buy real estate then wait! I don't think there has never been a 10 year period where home … (1 comments)

cobb county: Dear Congress, Please Vote yes to raise my energy bill! - 06/25/09 06:12 AM
To my representative in Congress,         I am writing or calling you today to encourage you to vote for HR 2454,  the Waxman- Markey energy bill. With an average cost per household of only $1500 per year this legislation is a real bargain. In these booming economic times I'm sure that every one of your constituents will be glad to pay alittle bit extra for a tank of gas and their monthly electric or gas bill.  Of course every thing that we purchase that uses electricity from light bulbs to lawnmowers to automobiles will cost a little extra as … (12 comments)

cobb county: Foreclosures 837 - New construction 8 - 01/23/09 08:45 AM
So how's the market?  People used to always ask that question.  Now it seems most people are to afraid to even ask.  They don't want to hear the answer. Two recent articles in the Marietta Daily Journal tell the story. In December of 2007 there were 53 building permits issued in all of Cobb County.  In December of 2008 there were 8.  There were 707 permits issued for all of 2008. In 2006  there were 3716  and in 2007 there were 1935 permits issued, so there has been a steady decline that has reached the bottom of the barrel.   The … (0 comments)

cobb county: 2 Developed building lots - Smyrna Ga. - 11/28/08 06:39 AM
Foreclosure- Developed building lots in Medlin Place subdivision, Smyrna Ga. There are 2 lots available. Lot 9 also adjoins the home for sale at 3074 Pickens St.  Buy both for an even greater value!

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cobb county: Selling a Home in Todays Market, part 1 - 11/28/08 05:56 AM
Selling a home in today's market, Part 1
Today's topics are - Is it a good to sell? and Selling by owner or with an agent?
Recently, I had the pleasure of doing an adult ed.  home buyers class for the Marietta Community School.  I have decided to take some of my outline notes and form the into a blog series for home sellers.  
The class was actually a "For Sale by Owner" class.  The content of this series will be more along the lines of selling by owner. However, I think there will be some good marketing ideas … (4 comments)

cobb county: See the Space Shuttle and the Space Station from earth - Every night this week! - 11/18/08 08:12 AM
See the Space Shuttle and the Space Station from earth - Every night this week!
I have posted this before but it is just so cool, and it's happening now!  Walk out in to your yard tonight, or any clear night this week, and you can see the space shuttle and the space station.  The shuttle is currently docked at the ISS so it will actually appear as one white light moving across the sky. it looks like they will depart on Sunday so they will actually appear as two white dots "chasing" each other across the sky.From the NASA website: … (3 comments)

cobb county: Scary numbers .... - 07/23/08 02:16 PM
I did a quick of some public records for home sales and foreclosure numbers for Cobb County, Georgia.
First I searched FMLS for all property types sold during the month of June, since this would be the most recenth month with complete numbers.
Total number of properties found: 752  That is the number sold including homes, condos, land, and commercial properties, etc.
Then I searched the Marietta Daily Journal - for the current foreclosure ads.  Cobb County Legal Notices
0801 Foreclosures (762)
Thats right .... 752 sales and 762 foreclosure ads.  Now some of those won't foreclose and also … (2 comments)

cobb county: Black Bears in Atlanta? - 05/30/08 05:39 AM
Here in Metro Atlanta we have a huge metro area. The downtown Atlanta area is circled by a perimiter hwy I285.  I-75 is Runs from Miami to Canada.  The northern intersection of the 2 is major interchange in a highly populated area of southeast Cobb County. This is only about 15 miles form downtown Atlanta.
Since this is such ahighly poplated and traveled area it makes this story very unusual. Apparently a black bear was hit by a car on the ramp leading from I-75 to I-285!

cobb county: My low buck kitchen make overs - 04/06/08 12:00 PM
Ugly kitchen? See what you can do for a few hundred or a few thousand dollars. Watch my video as i show you 2 kitchens that I did. One was my own kitchen for my home here in Country Walk subdivision, Powder Springs, Ga. We did new countertops, new appliances, refinished the cabinets, and did new cabinet hardware for $3500. $2300 of that was the appliances. The other one was just a light make over with a new stove for about $600. The stove was about $450 at a local scratch and dent store. Take a look! Online Videos by … (12 comments)

cobb county: Echo Mill - Long Term Market History - 03/27/08 04:52 AM
I have blogged about recent sales activity for both Cobb County and for Echo Mill subdivisionin the past. Today I wanted to do something a little different. I went back over the last 36 months and broke that down in to 12 months periods to get a historical look at the price history for Echo Mill.
This information is from sales data compiled from FMLS and is believed to be accurate but its guaranteed.
March1, 2006 -Feb 28,2006  35 Homes sold for an average price of  $291,470
March 1, 2006 - Feb28,2007 37 homes sold for an average price of  … (0 comments)

cobb county: Cobb County Ga.-If you are serious about selling - 03/13/08 07:36 AM
If you are serious about selling your Cobb County Georgia home then you need to look seriously at your competition.  As with any statistics, they can be interpreted many different ways. Of course all markets are local. There will be differences between East Cobb and West Cobb. Whether your home is in Marietta, Kennesaw, Acworth, Powder Springs, Smyrna, Vinings, Austell, or Mableton will make a difference in the pricing and marketing of your home.
Here are the most recent sales figures available from Jan '08, according to realist data in FMLS.
So for January there were 686 single family homes and condos sold.  … (1 comments)

cobb county: Clubhouse fire at Worthington Oaks - 02/07/08 12:13 AM
Wothington Oaks is a very nice neighborhood on the west side of Powder Springs, on Meadows Road between Hiram Lithia Springs Road and Hwy 278.
On the night of Jan. 28 some juveniles from a nearby youth home decided it would be their idea of fun to burn down the clubhouse.  A representative from the company doing the insurance work contacted me yesterday to see if I could locate any pictures of the clubhouse to use for the insurance claim and eventual rebuild of the clubhouse.  It took some digging through tax records and old listings but I was able to … (3 comments)

cobb county: Worthington Oaks Market Report - Powder Springs - 02/06/08 11:29 PM
Below is the entire market report from the last three months for Worthington Oaks subdivision in Powder Springs, Georgia.
The trend in worthington Oaks seems to be following along the trends of the entire metro Atlanta area.  There were a large number of expired and withdrawn listings in the time period. In my opinion this may be a good thing in the long run. There are only 8 homes actively for sale at this time.  For a neighborhood the size of Worthington Oaks this is a very reasonable number of homes for sale without being oversupplied.  Hopefully this will lead to a … (0 comments)

cobb county: Powder Springs - Amberton Subdivision Market Report - 01/30/08 11:16 AM
Below is the market activity in Amberton subdivision to  09/01/2007 to 01/30/2008. I think it is interesting that nno homes have sold in this time period. Amberton is a great neighborhood, with excellent amenities and schools.  As with any neighborhood the homes should be priced according to current market conditions and effectively marketed.
See todays list of homes currently for sale in Amberton subdivision, Powder Springs, Georgia

cobb county: Echo Mill Market Report - 01/27/08 10:28 AM
Here is the summary of recent sold and pending sales for Echo Mill subdivision in Powder Springs, Cobb County, Georgia.
You can see all of the homes curently for sale or get an online price evaluation for your Echo Mill home by visiting
Information herein is provided by Seller and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

cobb county: Country Walk Market Report - 01/27/08 10:23 AM
Here is the summary of recent sold and pending sales for Country Walk subdivision in Powder Springs Georgia.
You can see all of the homes curently for sale or get an online price evaluation for your Country Walk home by visiting
Information herein is provided by Seller and is, therefore, not guaranteed.

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