market: Acworth ga Home Market - 04/09/15 04:27 AM
There are so many different kinds of homes out there for families to choose from.  Do you want to live in Acworth?  Or are you looking for a second home? How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need?  Do you need a large back yard? RV access? An attached garage? There are so many things to consider when looking for your dream home. How, then, do you find the right home for you?
The answer is to put me to work for you. That is what I do for my clients. Complete my basic Dream Home Finder, and I can start working for you immediately. I … (0 comments)

market: Tortoise v. Hare home markets - 01/06/14 11:03 PM
I have said for a long time that Metro Atlanta is a "tortoise" market.  I have used that analogy many times.  We dont get the big price run ups like Phoenix, Las Vegas, or L.A. But those areas have seen market price declines many times before.  According to records from FHFA the recent decline in our area was the only significant decline in over 35 years. 
But like any market, you need to be in for the long haul.  If you think like the tortoise you can win!
From today's DSNews:
Are 'Tortoise' Markets Beating 'Hares' In Home … (1 comments)

market: Cobb County Ga. Housing Market absorption - 08/06/10 05:40 AM
Cobb County Ga. Housing Market absorption Many agents and home sellers will look at a figure of the average days on the market to get a feel for the housing market.  This is somewhat misleading because it is a caclulation for the numbers of days on the market for the homes that actually sold.  It does not take in to account the homes that were on the market and then withdrawn or expired. Of the houses that actually sold in the last 12 months, FMLS is showing an average days on market as 82 days.  On the suface that seems pretty … (1 comments)

market: Real estate market: Worse than expected? - 08/06/10 03:41 AM
Real estate market: Worse than expected?

An article in today's Inman news brings to light what I have been seeing for a while.  The real estate market got a slight bounce from the homebuyer tax credit but now that the prop of the credit is gone, prices are again weakening.  

Rebuilding the housing market does not depend on federal housing policies. It is all about JOBS and the overall confidence in the entire economy.  People who have, and earn, more money give jobs to people who make less. Under current policies there is no incentive, and sometimes penalties, … (3 comments)

market: Is housing UP or DOWN? - Yes - 07/29/10 04:37 AM
Cooking the books with the Fed's?
I wish it were a search for the next top chef on HGTV, but this is much more than than that, and it's real life. I had two separate updates in my email box today on the same subject.  The May housing report for new home sales was widely reported as about 300,000 (which was already bad news) then quietly  downgraded to 267,000.  The June reports are out now and there is widespread claim of a 24% increase!  However this increase only recovers about 50% of the loss from the month before!

I … (0 comments)

market: What does the "Shadow" know? - 07/15/10 03:21 AM
What does the Shadow know?... What is "shadow inventory"?  It is the pent up supply of sellers that have not yet put their home on the market.  This can be in the form of homeowners who decide to sell or it can be in the form of a foreclosure or short sale that has not yet entered the market. Many banks are currently slowing down their foreclosure processes to avoid having too much inventory to try to resell.   There are many homeowners that are current on their payments but owe way more than the home is worth. At some point some … (4 comments)

market: The gold in your backyard- real value of home ownership - 07/02/10 02:27 AM

The gold in your backyard- real value of home ownership.

My dad sometimes forward me the Taipan daily investment newsletter. They always have some good insight in to the stock market and economy.  This article today by Adam Lass is great. The great value of home ownership is not measured by appreciation rates or equity.  When will the real estate market recover?  When enough people realize a home is a home first and an investment second.  

If you buy a home today and it never appreciates one dime (not likely) it can still be a good … (1 comments)

market: New homes down,tax fraud, so what was accomplished? - 06/24/10 02:06 AM
New home sales have their largest drop in decades and there are a ton of fraudulaent claims on the home buyer tax credit.  So now that the tax credit is expired what was accomplished?  The tax credit artificially inflated the buyer market and we have millions of dollars in fraudulent claims.  The market is now deflating since the tax credit is gone and we are still paying the bill.  The long term solution is not gov't give aways but instead to create a strong economic climate that will create confidence and investment. Can the government create a vibrant economy?  I'm still … (3 comments)

market: How long 'till we recover? - 07/09/09 02:34 AM
So, How's the market?  People used to ask me that all the time.  They don't ask that question too much anymore.  I think they know, or are afraid to know, the answer.

The question I get now is more like.. Any signs that it's getting better? Or, How long until we see a recovery?

Bear in mind that all real estate is local. There are market variations even within single neighborhoods and the differences across larger areas can be significant. I don't have a crystal ball and don't pretend to know what the market will do in the future.

market: Selling a Home in Todays Market, part 3 - Marketing - 12/29/08 01:10 AM
Today's topic is a big one.  Marketing your home.
Selling a home in today's market, Part 3
Recently, I had the pleasure of doing an adult ed. home buyers class for the Marietta Community School. I have decided to take some of my outline notes and form the into a blog series for home sellers.
The class was actually a "For Sale by Owner" class. The content of this series will be more along the lines of selling by owner. However, I think there will be some good marketing ideas here that other agents might want to "borrow". If … (1 comments)

market: Cobb County, Ga. Market Report - 11/18/08 05:37 AM
Here is the most recently available market information from Realist for Cobb County Georgia home and condo sales.
The September to September home sales figures are somewhat encouraging with only about a 1.5 -  2% drop in both volume and price. We'll see if this trend will continue through the winter.
Condo/townhome sales are still horrific but this is fairly typical in a slow market. Attached homes are usually the first to show a decline and then the last to recover.

If you would more specific market information by school district, subdivision, zip code, etc.  please free to contact me.

market: Buying a home in today market - part 5 - Making the offer - 11/06/08 12:02 AM
Making the offer Recently, I had the pleasure of doing an adult ed.  home buyers class for the Marietta Community School.  I have decided to take some of my outline notes and form the into a blog series for home buyers.  The content is geared a little more toward first time buyers but will still be very relevant for move up buyers as well.  Also, this is based on my own knowledge and experience in our local market.  All real estate is local, so if you are reading this in another part of the country then some of the ideas … (0 comments)

market: Country Walk Subdivision Price meter - 09/11/08 07:32 AM
I have collected the sales data for Country Walk Subdivision in Powder Springs Georgia for the 12 months period ending with July 31 for each of the last 3 years.

Both the average sales price and the sales volume have decreased fairly significantly.  While nobody likes to see declining home prices, these numbers are not really out of line with the surrounding market area.
See the entire reports here Country Walk Price Meter
See Country Walk Homes for sale at
Would you like market reports for another neighborhood? Just let me know, I'll b eglad to prepare and … (0 comments)

market: Scary numbers .... - 07/23/08 02:16 PM
I did a quick of some public records for home sales and foreclosure numbers for Cobb County, Georgia.
First I searched FMLS for all property types sold during the month of June, since this would be the most recenth month with complete numbers.
Total number of properties found: 752  That is the number sold including homes, condos, land, and commercial properties, etc.
Then I searched the Marietta Daily Journal - for the current foreclosure ads.  Cobb County Legal Notices
0801 Foreclosures (762)
Thats right .... 752 sales and 762 foreclosure ads.  Now some of those won't foreclose and also … (2 comments)

market: Powder Springs and West Cobb - Market Updates - 08/11/07 07:14 AM
 This information is for FMLS map area 73 which covers Powder Springs and West Marietta in the area south of Ga Hwy 120 (Dallas Hwy)
Here is some interesting data just released from FMLS and
In June 2006, 215 homes sold for an average price of $215,534.
In June 2007, 148 homes sold for an average price of $219,775.
So even though sales are slowing and inventory is risig, prices are still slowly climbing.  This has been the trend all across the metro Atlanta area.
For Sellers- this means that if you don't need to sell its probably not the best time to "test the … (0 comments)

market: So how's the market? - 07/30/07 02:39 PM
We get that question all time. I got asked again today and I have to say our market here in Powder Springs, Marietta, West Cobb county is pretty good.  I know it's good compared to other areas of the country.  Yes, our inventory has grown from last year.  It's up about 20% to an 8 month supply of homes. 
So now is not the time to try to push the envelope on market price.  But we have buyers, we have seller, and nice homes that are priced fairly, marketed effectively, and show well, will sell. 
All in all it's nothing like … (12 comments)

market: Powder Springs market report - YTD through July 26 - 07/26/07 06:46 AM
This is for all Powder Springs addresses including cobb and Paulding County.
Since Jan 1, 2007 - July 26,2007
There have been 540 homes sold.
The highest price home was $682,600. The lowest price home was is $10,000 ( it was a real fixer upper in downtown Powder Springs)
We do live in a diverse area don't we?

market: Powder Springs market report - June 2007 - 07/26/07 06:21 AM
This is for all homes with Powder Springs addresses including both Cobb and Paulding county.
There are currently ( as of July 26) 1020 homes for sale, contingent, or contingent with kick-out.  Highest price is $10,500,000(yes the commas are in the right place)  Lowest price is for a "handy man delight" priced at $45,000
In June 97 homes sold.  Highest sold price was $682,600  Lowest sold price was $67,000 with the average price for all sales being $205,315

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