stage: We Prove, once again, that Professional Home Staging yields Success! - 07/15/10 06:04 PM
So, the Edmonton Real Estate Board has released statistics for the end of June, and "Days on Market" were up to 47.
I just wanted to share another success story as I believe that the timing is right.
There are still many sceptics out there who don't believe in the importance of Home Staging.
Yet, it was shown that in 2009, 98% of buyers completed their entire search for their new home on the internet. What does that tell us? It tells us that photos are exactly what is attracting the buyers (or not attracting them).
Of course, the buyer will … (0 comments)

stage: Now is the time to bring your best game! - 07/06/10 06:36 PM
So, we have all heard the big news by now.
It was announced last night on the news that there are officially over 9400 listings on the Edmonton area Market as we speak.
Sales have also slowed to a halt for the time being.
That being said, now is the time to pay very close attention to your competition if you have a property on the market.
The goal is to stand out above your competition with your pricing AND your product presentation.
Now, more than ever, attaining the services of a Professional Home Stager to assist you in the preparation of your … (2 comments)

stage: Humans are Spatially Challenged by nature - 07/01/10 04:50 PM
Today's home buyers lead busy, hectic lifestyles.
Today's home buyers, for the most part, will RUN from any property that leaves them with the impression that any sort of "Work" is needed in order to move right in.
"Work" is a dirty word to today's home buyer. They are seeking a "Move-in Ready" property, and are more than willing to pay more for one.
When I refer to the word, "work", I am not only referring to maintenance or upgrades. This issue can trickle down, right back to the beginning of the marketing of the property. How is the property being presented? … (3 comments)

stage: It doesn't matter how much you shine up a turd...... - 06/26/10 01:42 PM is still just a turd.
Pardon my use of politically incorrect slang here. But, there really is not a more polite or eloquent way to put it.
As a Professional Home Stager, way too often, I enter a relationship with clients (either the homeowner or the REALTOR(R)), where the clients possess very backwards understandings of the true aim of Home Staging. This is not the fault of anyone in particular. It is strictly due to a general lack of education.
Many people assume that Home Staging is based on optical illusions, trickery, or effectively masking or hiding insufficiencies, decrepitness, or … (3 comments)

stage: Buyer Beware! Yet another sad story to learn from - 03/08/10 08:27 AM
I am a Certified Staging Professional, CSP(TM), and the quality of my workmanship and the level of impact it makes are incredibly important to me. Why wouldn't I put the very best of my creativity, resourcefulness, and expertise into all projects I complete. As a Home Stager, I would be out-to-lunch if I didn't strive to provide my clients (sellers and the Realtor(R)) with my best. After all, if I do a lousy job of Staging a property, it will continue to sit on the market and continue to drain everyone's pocket-books.
Wouldn't that be a great way to make a … (0 comments)

stage: Would removing that crazy wall-paper make a world of difference? - 01/25/10 07:18 AM
I am confident that we have ALL come across this dilemma at some point in our Real Estate dealings. The property you are about to list has awesome bones! The location is great and the client is going to approve a greatly attractive price point. Heck, your client has even eliminated all of the clutter and excess furniture in the home. They even understood how important it was to depersonalize as much as possible to appeal to more buyers and create less distraction during viewings and in photos.
This is your ideal client. And, to even go a step further, they … (4 comments)

stage: I would Love some feedback and/or input from Realtors(R) - 01/09/10 02:52 PM
As a Professional Home Stager, I find that I can only do so much for my clients to help them sell their home. I do very well at tranforming their home into a neutral, but welcoming and cozy property that should attract maximum attention from buyers. I am also quite talented when it comes to educating the client on what the buyer NEEDS to see in a prospective new home. I also end up providing them with beautiful photographs showcasing their home in the best light possible, and encourage them to use those photos in all of their marketing materials.
All … (15 comments)

stage: To Stage or Not To Stage the Vacant Properties - 12/29/09 03:19 AM
This is an on-going debate for which we see great arguments on both sides of the coin.
We, of course, are passionately in favor of Professionally Staging Vacant properties. And, no, we are not just saying this because we are Professional Home Stagers. We are saying this based on market research and/or examining behavioural tendancies of home-buyers. This may sound like something from the National Geographic channel...."we like to observe the creatures in their natural habitats". Funny.
The fact is that the majority of humans are very visually driven. Decision-making for most people is based on real, tangible characteristics. These are … (2 comments)

stage:'s best friends? Maybe, but..... - 12/22/09 03:39 PM
Okay, I have to start off by saying that I have not only owned dogs (and other pets) my entire life, but I also firmly believe that animals end up being the most loyal of companions throughout life. Provided pets are adequately cared for, loved, regularly exercised, fed, and kept warm, I am a strong advocate for people having them.
But, there is a time and place for an animal to be present. And, when you are trying to sell a home, this is not an optimal time. This is a delicate subject that is not being communicated to sellers. This is … (6 comments)

stage: Who Has Time to Attend/Host Their Open-Houses These Days? - 12/15/09 03:59 PM
I have recently had a few Realtors(R) confide in me, saying they are fully aware of the vast benefits of holding open-houses for their clients' properties. But the common frustration that I am seeing, in Realtors(R), is that they work so hard on their listings in all other ways, that there is just no time or energy left for an upbeat, successful open-house.
I don't have to convince anyone of the reasons that open-houses still prove to be very effective marketing tools. This is, of course, as long as the event is sufficiently marketed far enough ahead of time. Also, just as important, is … (4 comments)

stage: Just because "The Holidays" have started, doesn't necessarily mean... - 12/12/09 08:11 AM
Traditionally, the December/January time of year marks the dreaded slow-down in the Real Estate market. We do, however, have to realize that if potential buyers are calling to schedule viewings, they are going to be the most serious of buyers.
During the Holidays, humans are typically more time-bankrupt and financially burdened then at any other time of year. So, if they are making the time to look at a property for sale, chances are they are in a situation where they HAVE to find one to purchase...PRONTO.
Also, if they are making the effort, setting the time aside, and committing to come out … (2 comments)

stage: A note to all Realtors/Real Estate Professionals from a Leading Edmonton Area Home Stager - 11/28/09 08:31 AM
A Staged Property Sells Faster and For Top Dollar. This has been statistically proven time, and time again.
I completely admire and respect the huge number of hats that you, as a Realtor, end up wearing throughout the process of selling a property.
The process is extremely time consuming and labour intensive from start to finish. You work incredibly hard for your income.

A Canadian Certified Staging Professional, such as Revealing Assets, comes in to take care of the least desireable of your tass. A Stager efficiently tackles the more delicate issues such as clutter, cleanliness, repairs, and de-personalization. This … (0 comments)

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