For many years I rely on my own gift wrapping rather than the store bought.I am never without rolls of white and brown papers and good quality gold and red ribbons. It has been my signature.               This year i started playing with decorating plain paper shopping bag with a ver...
            This picture caught my INTERIOR DECORATOR's eye. I wander how does one sale beautiful equestrian property which is decorated in "palazzo" style(?) so poorly executed at that. To me it is a perfect example how wrong decor confuses the buyer and can deter the sale. Pity that the owner d...
                        Looking through my "precious" stash of  old files I came across this sentimental picture of  a global style interior dating ...several decades back !                         Nihil novi sub sole, as ancient Romans would have said. Indeed !                                   ...
                                                                    Who would not want to have EXOTIC dreems in this Maharaja bed ???                                     Or is it Ali Baba ? Call it what you want as long as it speeks  to your senses  I am glad to be working with Vero Beach ,Florid...
                                                 Talking about GLOBAL style in decorating                                                                                       How about this Paris kitchen ? Quite unusual and chic !
           I have been watching for a while a new decorating style taking shape - it is called GLOBAL.            What makes it GLOBAL ?            Our entire Globe is the sources off all the furnishings, textiles and artifacts used in this style.            What a mind broadening experience !   ...
                    What a frightening choice of color scheme !Beige says :no-character,non-descript,definitely very casual, it is certainly not suitable for receiving Heads of States !! What was designer thinking !! It may be his last work. This room is only missing TV and popcorn in that bowl (...
                        In previous blogs I offered few ideas how to give a new life to the outdated mirrored walls that are still to be found in our Vero Beach homes.                                 I have been thinking of" framing them in curtains", but did not have good photo to demonstrate th...
        Change of residence , at any time, anywhere, presents a traumatic experience for the whole family !     There are so many decisions to be made,so many factors to consider, so many functions to coordinate.                           When you move to Vero Beach, Florida, you need to keep in ...
I want to share with you this unique composition of decorative elements, that impressed me so.!                                                                        What an effective display of those impressive ethnic jars ! I wander, if you too feel tempted to move one of them and place, o.......

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