bogna interior design: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 4 - 10/01/10 09:37 AM
                        Looking through my "precious" stash of  old files I came across this sentimental picture of  a global style interior dating ...several decades back !
                        Nihil novi sub sole, as ancient Romans would have said. Indeed !
                     Why did i keep this image so many years ?...........
                     It was an inspiration for decorating my own home in Lagos, Nigeria.
Since furniture were not easy to come by, (mostly they were "passed on" among ex patriot community),
I found this idea easy to execute!
Using African textiles and unique tribal artifacts, I was able to create very … (4 comments)

bogna interior design: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 3 - 09/27/10 12:56 PM
                                    Who would not want to have EXOTIC dreems in this Maharaja bed ???
                                    Or is it Ali Baba ? Call it what you want as long as it speeks  to your senses
 I am glad to be working with Vero Beach ,Florida clientele. I consider it very adventurous,open minded and appreciative of the "treasures of the World" just as I am.

bogna interior design: TO HIRE A DECORATOR (in Vero Beach, Florida).........OR. ..NOT TO HIRE ?! - 03/16/10 10:52 AM

                           You know, how OVERWHELMED people feel with all those decisions to be made
                                ....while BUILDING or DECORATING a home ?
                                            It can be STRESSFUL !

                                 as an interior decorator I can:
                                                 take away your STRESS
                                                 save you from MISTAKES
                                                 and... let you ENJOY the process !!

                                                               So,let me be your GUIDE

                                                                                                                                     BOGNA of BOGNA INTERIORS
                                                                                                                   Decorating with:   confident spontaneity
                                                                                                                                                      high sense of aesthetics
                                                                                                                                                   and   without overspending.

                                     Generally I charge retail price on ordered furnishings, so … (2 comments)

bogna interior design: Two easy ideas for room dividers-- Bogna interiors, Vero Beach ,Fl. - 03/05/10 10:16 AM
This sheer space divider was created from simple gauze fabric with thin bamboo sticks interlaced for stability and the tropical effect. Originally it was planned to trim the bamboo rods down, but finally decided to leave them at their full lent to achieve that unrestrained look.
 This divider was needed to hide a kitchenette in the workroom. Panel of white sunbrella fabric was  stretched between 1 iron rods (top and bottom) with finials. Simulated "molding" design was painted by the artist friend.

bogna interior design: FUNCTION OF THE MIRROR IN THE INTERIORS- by Vero Beach Decorator Bogna Interiors - 03/02/10 06:32 AM
                      We use mirrors in the interiors for several different reasons
                     1.      To reflect the light from some other source (natural or artificial)
                     2.       To visualy expend  the space by creating illusion of depth.
                     3.      To accessorize the room with its wall decoration quality, its interesting frame. 
            Lets take a look at the application of this  impressive mirror over the mantel !
                                                                             Brilliant or what ?
                    Because mirror is angled up ,we are looking at the reflection of the stanning artesan carved ceiling. What an effect ! The same mirror installed flat on the wall and especialy … (2 comments)

bogna interior design: whimsical fotowallpaper, Vero Beach, Fl. decorator - 02/19/10 03:23 AM
                                   Wouldn't this be a whimsical application on the door to child's room? Only the OPEN sign should be turned around to say CLOSE ,do you agree?
I can see it also on the door from garage to the kitchen, possibly the laundry room.....what else ?
                                  To me ,the white frame of the door is distracting from the full effect. It needs to be painted the color of the wall  to look "more real" Also would be very beneficial to paint the exposed portion of the door with the same red color as the wallpaper to maximize the … (3 comments)

bogna interior design: Accessorize with nature at no cost !! by Vero Beach, Florida decorator - 01/27/10 09:32 AM
                          I want to share this photo I came across. It seams to be a great idea for no cost accessorizing so welcome in situations of staging or open house. It only requires a bit of imagination and pair of garden scissors. All you need is to step out the door into the backyard.
                          I know, you will tell me its winter ! And you are right, here in Florida it is easy to forget!
But  it looks to me ,that these leaves may have come from a house plant. Besides, the evergreens can do the trick. So it … (6 comments)

bogna interior design: "Suzanis" magnificent textiles from Uzbekistan by Vero Beach ,Florida decorator - 01/23/10 01:30 AM
                         EXOTIC influences in interior design are gaining strength in recent years.
Ethnic objectsin living space give it stamp of sophistication.They instantly introduce us to owners personality,interests and passions.
One of the specific representatives of current global interests are UZBEK TEXTILES called SUZANIS (meaning needlework).They originate in countries of Central Asia,mainly Uzbekistan(former USSR)
                                Bold in color as well as design,this splendid art form now adorns homes of the World.
                                 Traditionally hand woven and hand embodied by village women, become magnificent bedspreads, curtains, wall hangings,table covers and … (2 comments)

bogna interior design: Magic of candlelight by Vero Beach,FL. decorator - 01/17/10 09:31 AM
                             I would say, there are 2 basic ways of using candles : with or without a hurricane glass,vase or any other glass container.
                             Those" naked once "are usually arranged in groupings for more lighting affect and create rather casual atmosphere. However .... they do not necessarily work as a source of light.
                             By placing candles in attractive glass vases we achieve air of elegance in the space and more illumination in the area. Did you notice how this little flame gets to be magnified by the glass,how many more reflections we enjoy with every angle or cut of the … (3 comments)

bogna interior design: Contemporary artwork by Vero Beach, Florida decorator - 12/23/09 02:20 AM

While looking through my library for inspiration for my new project, I found my attention drawn to this artwork by Allan McCollum. Not at all what I needed at the moment, plus I am not that contemporary, although I love to incorporate contemporary elements to traditional interior.
What is unique about this wall of art is:
There is no "subject" ... only color ! The "subject"IS in frames and their subtle transitions from gray to charcoal, black and white. Finish of the frames is also creatively inconsistent, some are shiny other are matte. Total composition is unusual also! It does not follow  any order or any line and … (6 comments)

bogna interior design: What is your favorite color ?, VERO BEACH DECORATOR, Vero Beach Florida - 11/24/09 03:44 AM
                            Recent blog by Laura Sampson, on color, inspired me to share with you , what was introduced to me as a party game by a guest psychologist (apparently it is more than just a game)
                            Ask yourself what is your most favorite color, or possibly more than one. Than describe what it represents to you personally, how it makes you feel. The more adjectives - the better.
                            Do not feel guided by any interpretations of color that you have ever heard.
                           The answer will come in my next blog for
                    I promise you ,that what you … (10 comments)

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