bogna interiors: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 4 - 10/01/10 09:37 AM
                        Looking through my "precious" stash of  old files I came across this sentimental picture of  a global style interior dating ...several decades back !
                        Nihil novi sub sole, as ancient Romans would have said. Indeed !
                     Why did i keep this image so many years ?...........
                     It was an inspiration for decorating my own home in Lagos, Nigeria.
Since furniture were not easy to come by, (mostly they were "passed on" among ex patriot community),
I found this idea easy to execute!
Using African textiles and unique tribal artifacts, I was able to create very … (4 comments)

bogna interiors: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 3 - 09/27/10 12:56 PM
                                    Who would not want to have EXOTIC dreems in this Maharaja bed ???
                                    Or is it Ali Baba ? Call it what you want as long as it speeks  to your senses
 I am glad to be working with Vero Beach ,Florida clientele. I consider it very adventurous,open minded and appreciative of the "treasures of the World" just as I am.

bogna interiors: GLOBAL decorating style in Vero Beach, Florida , part 2 - 09/14/10 07:50 AM
                                                 Talking about GLOBAL style in decorating
                                            How about this Paris kitchen ? Quite unusual and chic !

bogna interiors: Vero Beach ,Florida interior decorator on Oval Office design controversy. - 09/09/10 01:49 AM
What a frightening choice of color scheme !Beige says :no-character,non-descript,definitely very casual,
it is certainly not suitable for receiving Heads of States !! What was designer thinking !! It may be his last work.
This room is only missing TV and popcorn in that bowl (in place of apples). It looks like a FAMILY ROOM rather than the office .What are the accent pillows doing in Oval Office ?!
Of all talented designers in the country...........why Michael Smith ????
Wouldn't grey walls with grey flannel sofas and slate leather chairs,accents in black be better choice ?Cntemporary art could provide color … (4 comments)

bogna interiors: ARE YOU MOVING DOWN TO VERO BEACH, FLORIDA ? - 08/24/10 06:55 AM
      Change of residence , at any time, anywhere, presents a traumatic experience for the whole family !
    There are so many decisions to be made,so many factors to consider, so many functions to coordinate.
                        When you move to Vero Beach, Florida, you need to keep in mind the change of climate and lifestyle.
                         Moving from a house to a condo with long distance involved ,might cause lots of stress.
              You will find, that making right decisions ahead, will prove to be very beneficial !
                                    For a professional interior decorator it is a … (2 comments)

bogna interiors: Personal expression in interior decorating/design and.... fashion. - 08/21/10 11:34 AM
                Talking about expression of personality in interior decorating/design
               brings me to a comparison with fashion accessories - how we "put them together"  to express our personality or even the mood at the moment !
               The manekin below displays a very good example of my point. 
            One can almost describe a person who would be  wearing this kind of accessories.

bogna interiors: EXPRESSION OF PERSONALITY IN INTERIOR DESIGN/DECORATING in Vero Beach, Florida homes - 08/21/10 09:57 AM
                           IN INTERIOR DECORATING/DESIGN the expression of a personality comes only from knowing oneself well and having confidence to convey it !

             Above room so strongly exudes confidence in expression of the owners personality
          It is more of sanctuary, rather than just a living room. It tells us the life story of its inhabitants.
          It makes us feel ,as if we already new them and their exciting ethnic-bohemian interests.
             To me this is an essence of expressing personality in interior decorating/design.

bogna interiors: Outdated mirrored walls in Vero Beach homes- another idea - 08/20/10 09:36 AM
In continuation of my previous blog,on dealing with mirrored walls,
                 I would like to offer another interior decorating suggestion:
                 In stead of removing mirrors and causing problems and expense, why not (simply) "distract" the reflection by placing large canvas of contemporary art on it.It is very easy to execute, due to it 's light weight. Mirror will provide an attractive background for the artwork ,providing that canvas is tightly attached to the mirror avoiding reflection behind.
                 I have done it with traditional gilded framed painting.........that was not so easy to install !
                                       Here … (0 comments)

bogna interiors: GREAT ALTERNATIVE to (out of style) MIRRORED WALLS in Vero Beach, Fl. homes - 08/15/10 07:58 AM
          About 30 years ago we went through a fad of   " pasting floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls".
          Although in many instances it was a very beneficial practice in interior decorating, it soon become over done. Here, I found in one of decorating books a creative approach to the need of" bringing light in" to naturally illuminate darker area of the room.
          The use of a collection of small mirrors  seems to be so much more imaginative than even hanging 2 large mirrors. Beautiful idea!

bogna interiors: IMPORTANCE OF CORRECT LIGHTING IN INTERIOR DECORATING in Vero Beach ,Fl. - 08/11/10 02:41 AM

                Lighting has enormous importance in our surroundings : yes,it provides illumination,but also creates atmosphere around us simply by influencing our psyche...wether we realize it or not !
               It can transform the space (indoor or out) positively or negatively depending how suitable it is to the needs of the situation. While bright light is necessary for task areas, it can at the same time destroy the mood of intimate diner party.
                Lighting fixtures provide very important decorative, artful element in living space.
Let's keep in mind, that the type of illumination in our home is a highly personal choice and what … (2 comments)

bogna interiors: Creative wall hanging, great illusion ! - 07/13/10 08:16 AM
                                     I can not resist a comment on this fabulous image ! 
         As eye catching as this picture of the hallway is.......what if .....the photo of this polar bear was lowered to the floor level, thus giving a striking effect of animal actually walking in !

bogna interiors: Windows with "NO VIEW" in Vero Beach Florida homes. - 06/15/10 07:26 AM
        Here are 3 windows with no view to speak of...............yet, how interesting !
                                    The wall facing the breakfast room is "PAINTED"BY NATURE . How romantic it feels.
                                   I took many detailed pictures of  it -   in case I would like an artist imitate this for me in the  future on some wall even the interior one.
  And this is FAUX WALL that  has been dramatically painted to enhance playful contemporary living room
               And how about  this "view"  ? Imagine the effect at the diner time,when thespace outside is dramaticaly iluminated !

bogna interiors: Interior decorating: SMALL CHANGE - AMAZING EFFECT in Vero Beach, Florida - 05/30/10 01:08 PM
        By changing/replacing just one well selected feature in the space we can achieve REJUVENATING EFFECT
                 1.   Replace largest wall hanging in the room with contemporary graphic. That will "shake up" a traditional room!
               2.   Use a dominant color in the room as a accent wall paint.
                3.   Introduce a"giant" mirror in the space.
               4.   Paint ceiling an interesting color.
               5.   Refresh your pillow story by adding  one or two pillows that seemingly do not work together. That my require some skill.
               6.   Use over sized arrangement of fresh or dry branches for drama.
               7.   … (3 comments)

bogna interiors: More on PAPYRUS plant in Florida. - 05/22/10 10:07 AM
 It is clear that I am enamored with this plant, that is unfortunately not too popular in Vero Beach ,FL.
Papyrus plant in Vero Beach, Fl. (edit/delete)
Being an aquatic plant it grows best in water

                                                     ......Or in very well irigated area  .

Papyrus makes lovely arrangements, althoug in my experience I had no luck using fresh plant.
In those cases I sneak few artificial stalks :

bogna interiors: New textiles introduced on interior design market - 05/08/10 12:23 PM

                       Vero Beach, Fl  decorating clientele has a very sophisticated taste and likes to be up to date with new introductions.
Since the flax/gray color scheme is gaining momentum, I was specifically looking for new textures in colors of natural linen getting so popular these days. It may have to do with new, more restrained economy, hence more neutral - versatile palet.
                   Shown above is a group of coordinating fabrics (from the top left):
      1.     Interesting 3 dimensional silk like fabric in polyester, suitable for decorative pillows
      2.     Very high quality, very supple Italian leather
      3.     Pleated ultra suede

bogna interiors: Abundant local source of carpet and rugs in VERO BEACH,Fl. - 04/27/10 06:31 AM
                       CURREN CARPET AND FLOORING in Vero Beach Florida has never disappointed me yet ! I always find what I need for my decorating projects. I benefit from passionate expertise of its owner and her vast selection of Verieties of floor coverings.
                   This time I found (to my joy !) a hand made rug in 100% LINEN ,that has an effect of silk. Comes in flax color and white.

                   Similar to this look I found hand tufted wool/silk rugs available in multitude of colors. "blanket sample" below is showing several different patterns. Fabulous !

             Deborah also carries … (0 comments)

bogna interiors: Papyrus plant in Vero Beach, Fl. - 04/17/10 07:02 AM
                   Few days ago I visited ROCK CITY GARDEN in Vero Beach ,Florida.I so love this place that looks nothing like a simple botanical nursery and more like a park in some areas.
 While looking for plants to complete decorating my clients home,I came across PAPYRUS plants growing along the shore of the lovely little lake.
      Iwill never know why PAPYRUS makes such impression on me, partly maybe its"romantic history"(the ancient Egypt...the banks of Nile and source ofthe first"paper"etcetera)

                                But it must be its fragile and delicate grace and  oh....what beauty!

bogna interiors: WELCOME to VERO BEACH, FLORIDA - 04/06/10 02:22 AM
                                         Welcome to Florida lifestyle in Vero Beach !
                             Does anyone need more convincing ??
                            Yes, spring is here,our frost damaged plants are fast recuperating !
                     ............AND DECORATING IS EASY!
                                                                           .......So join us, move down to VERO BEACH,FLORIDA
                                                    BOGNA  -  Your Vero Beach decorator
           Please, visit my website to view my portfolio ( click below)      

bogna interiors: PRESENTING HOME FOR SALE, Vero Beach, Florida - 04/06/10 12:32 AM
                                  Watching closely the activities of real estate market in Vero Beach ,Florida makes me realize, that now more than ever the homeowners are facing growing fierce pressure of competition.
This is particularly pronounced in cases of small communities,where houses are very similar and easily comparable.
                                 Who "winns " than ?......... The one with best presented home and price that reflects it .
In those cases consultation with interior decorator can make or break the sale !
There are many buyers who have difficulty visualizing and need help in form of well presented home:appealing to the senses, inviting,convincing, leaving no … (0 comments)

bogna interiors: DESIGN CONCEPT BOARD by BOGNA INTERIORS, VERO BEACH, FL - 03/18/10 07:50 AM
 The concept board is a tool used by decorators to visually present the client with their vision of the project.
             It is preceded by extensive interview with the client, allowing both parties to get to know each other and have full understanding of the decorating process. 
                This kind of "formal" design board  contains : floor plan, textiles, wall paint color, photos of furnishings and other components involved. It is usually required when presenting the project to a comity in case of design showcase , model home etc.
For individual client it is usually done upon request … (0 comments)

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