interior decorator: Creative gift bags by Vero Beach decorator/designer - 01/07/12 02:25 AM
             For many years I rely on my own gift wrapping rather than the store bought.I am never without rolls of white and brown papers and good quality gold and red ribbons. It has been my signature.
              This year i started playing with decorating plain paper shopping bag with a very satisfying result.       I found, that it makes the "receivers" feel very special and...I feel good myself.
         Here is one I made for a baby shower with pearls,cristals andshells. I even wrote my wishes on the bag itself. For some reason I do not care … (2 comments)

interior decorator: Essembling elements in interior decorating/design as form of selfexpresssion - 08/22/10 09:05 AM
I want to share with you this unique composition of decorative elements, that impressed me so.!
                                What an effective display of those impressive ethnic jars !
I wander, if you too feel tempted to move one of them and place, o......maybe on the stairs someplace?
Yet ,it is exactly that "seaming  imballance"  that is so eye  ketching
SIMPLE ,BOLD ,ARTISTIC in one word   SOPHISTICATED.                                                                                              

interior decorator: Personal expression in interior decorating/design and.... fashion. - 08/21/10 11:34 AM
                Talking about expression of personality in interior decorating/design
               brings me to a comparison with fashion accessories - how we "put them together"  to express our personality or even the mood at the moment !
               The manekin below displays a very good example of my point. 
            One can almost describe a person who would be  wearing this kind of accessories.

interior decorator: EXPRESSION OF PERSONALITY IN INTERIOR DESIGN/DECORATING in Vero Beach, Florida homes - 08/21/10 09:57 AM
                           IN INTERIOR DECORATING/DESIGN the expression of a personality comes only from knowing oneself well and having confidence to convey it !

             Above room so strongly exudes confidence in expression of the owners personality
          It is more of sanctuary, rather than just a living room. It tells us the life story of its inhabitants.
          It makes us feel ,as if we already new them and their exciting ethnic-bohemian interests.
             To me this is an essence of expressing personality in interior decorating/design.

interior decorator: Creative wall hanging, great illusion ! - 07/13/10 08:16 AM
                                     I can not resist a comment on this fabulous image ! 
         As eye catching as this picture of the hallway is.......what if .....the photo of this polar bear was lowered to the floor level, thus giving a striking effect of animal actually walking in !

interior decorator: Interior decorating: SMALL CHANGE - AMAZING EFFECT in Vero Beach, Florida - 05/30/10 01:08 PM
        By changing/replacing just one well selected feature in the space we can achieve REJUVENATING EFFECT
                 1.   Replace largest wall hanging in the room with contemporary graphic. That will "shake up" a traditional room!
               2.   Use a dominant color in the room as a accent wall paint.
                3.   Introduce a"giant" mirror in the space.
               4.   Paint ceiling an interesting color.
               5.   Refresh your pillow story by adding  one or two pillows that seemingly do not work together. That my require some skill.
               6.   Use over sized arrangement of fresh or dry branches for drama.
               7.   … (3 comments)

interior decorator: Abundant local source of carpet and rugs in VERO BEACH,Fl. - 04/27/10 06:31 AM
                       CURREN CARPET AND FLOORING in Vero Beach Florida has never disappointed me yet ! I always find what I need for my decorating projects. I benefit from passionate expertise of its owner and her vast selection of Verieties of floor coverings.
                   This time I found (to my joy !) a hand made rug in 100% LINEN ,that has an effect of silk. Comes in flax color and white.

                   Similar to this look I found hand tufted wool/silk rugs available in multitude of colors. "blanket sample" below is showing several different patterns. Fabulous !

             Deborah also carries … (0 comments)

interior decorator: PRESENTING HOME FOR SALE, Vero Beach, Florida - 04/06/10 12:32 AM
                                  Watching closely the activities of real estate market in Vero Beach ,Florida makes me realize, that now more than ever the homeowners are facing growing fierce pressure of competition.
This is particularly pronounced in cases of small communities,where houses are very similar and easily comparable.
                                 Who "winns " than ?......... The one with best presented home and price that reflects it .
In those cases consultation with interior decorator can make or break the sale !
There are many buyers who have difficulty visualizing and need help in form of well presented home:appealing to the senses, inviting,convincing, leaving no … (0 comments)

interior decorator: Fotowallpapers are coming back !by Vero Beach decorator-Bogna Interiors - 02/16/10 02:16 AM
                                                        Mmmm, you can almost smell it !
What a delicious wall!It requires distance ,though ,to be fully appreciated... and that doesn't always come easy. What a powerful effect ,almost feels like an object in this space.
                                                    Instant ARCHITECTURE in a plain space!!    
                                                   Imagine it at the end of the hallway !                                         

interior decorator: 198 White flags symbolizing children that died of parental child Vero Beach, Fl, decorator, Bogna interiors - 02/12/10 08:40 AM
                           From February 12th to April 30th Treasure Coast Of Florida will be seeing 198 of those white flags flying on MEMORY FIELDS  in  rremembrance of children that died  from child abuse in 2008 in FLORIDA ALONE!
                               Florida has a child abuse rate more than twice as high as the national average!!!!!!
One more horrific and allarming fact I want to share with you is ,that in year 2006 there were 98 flags .
Each flag has a ribbon attached with the name and age of the child. Age varies from 0 to 15 years old … (0 comments)

interior decorator: Contemporary artwork by Vero Beach, Florida decorator - 12/23/09 02:20 AM

While looking through my library for inspiration for my new project, I found my attention drawn to this artwork by Allan McCollum. Not at all what I needed at the moment, plus I am not that contemporary, although I love to incorporate contemporary elements to traditional interior.
What is unique about this wall of art is:
There is no "subject" ... only color ! The "subject"IS in frames and their subtle transitions from gray to charcoal, black and white. Finish of the frames is also creatively inconsistent, some are shiny other are matte. Total composition is unusual also! It does not follow  any order or any line and … (6 comments)

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