vero beach florida: Vero Beach ,Florida interior decorator on Oval Office design controversy. - 09/09/10 01:49 AM
What a frightening choice of color scheme !Beige says :no-character,non-descript,definitely very casual,
it is certainly not suitable for receiving Heads of States !! What was designer thinking !! It may be his last work.
This room is only missing TV and popcorn in that bowl (in place of apples). It looks like a FAMILY ROOM rather than the office .What are the accent pillows doing in Oval Office ?!
Of all talented designers in the country...........why Michael Smith ????
Wouldn't grey walls with grey flannel sofas and slate leather chairs,accents in black be better choice ?Cntemporary art could provide color … (4 comments)

vero beach florida: Essembling elements in interior decorating/design as form of selfexpresssion - 08/22/10 09:05 AM
I want to share with you this unique composition of decorative elements, that impressed me so.!
                                What an effective display of those impressive ethnic jars !
I wander, if you too feel tempted to move one of them and place, o......maybe on the stairs someplace?
Yet ,it is exactly that "seaming  imballance"  that is so eye  ketching
SIMPLE ,BOLD ,ARTISTIC in one word   SOPHISTICATED.                                                                                              

vero beach florida: EXPRESSION OF PERSONALITY IN INTERIOR DESIGN/DECORATING in Vero Beach, Florida homes - 08/21/10 09:57 AM
                           IN INTERIOR DECORATING/DESIGN the expression of a personality comes only from knowing oneself well and having confidence to convey it !

             Above room so strongly exudes confidence in expression of the owners personality
          It is more of sanctuary, rather than just a living room. It tells us the life story of its inhabitants.
          It makes us feel ,as if we already new them and their exciting ethnic-bohemian interests.
             To me this is an essence of expressing personality in interior decorating/design.

vero beach florida: IMPORTANCE OF CORRECT LIGHTING IN INTERIOR DECORATING in Vero Beach ,Fl. - 08/11/10 02:41 AM

                Lighting has enormous importance in our surroundings : yes,it provides illumination,but also creates atmosphere around us simply by influencing our psyche...wether we realize it or not !
               It can transform the space (indoor or out) positively or negatively depending how suitable it is to the needs of the situation. While bright light is necessary for task areas, it can at the same time destroy the mood of intimate diner party.
                Lighting fixtures provide very important decorative, artful element in living space.
Let's keep in mind, that the type of illumination in our home is a highly personal choice and what … (2 comments)

vero beach florida: Creative wall hanging, great illusion ! - 07/13/10 08:16 AM
                                     I can not resist a comment on this fabulous image ! 
         As eye catching as this picture of the hallway is.......what if .....the photo of this polar bear was lowered to the floor level, thus giving a striking effect of animal actually walking in !

vero beach florida: Interior decorating: SMALL CHANGE - AMAZING EFFECT in Vero Beach, Florida - 05/30/10 01:08 PM
        By changing/replacing just one well selected feature in the space we can achieve REJUVENATING EFFECT
                 1.   Replace largest wall hanging in the room with contemporary graphic. That will "shake up" a traditional room!
               2.   Use a dominant color in the room as a accent wall paint.
                3.   Introduce a"giant" mirror in the space.
               4.   Paint ceiling an interesting color.
               5.   Refresh your pillow story by adding  one or two pillows that seemingly do not work together. That my require some skill.
               6.   Use over sized arrangement of fresh or dry branches for drama.
               7.   … (3 comments)

vero beach florida: More on PAPYRUS plant in Florida. - 05/22/10 10:07 AM
 It is clear that I am enamored with this plant, that is unfortunately not too popular in Vero Beach ,FL.
Papyrus plant in Vero Beach, Fl. (edit/delete)
Being an aquatic plant it grows best in water

                                                     ......Or in very well irigated area  .

Papyrus makes lovely arrangements, althoug in my experience I had no luck using fresh plant.
In those cases I sneak few artificial stalks :

vero beach florida: whimsical fotowallpaper, Vero Beach, Fl. decorator - 02/19/10 03:23 AM
                                   Wouldn't this be a whimsical application on the door to child's room? Only the OPEN sign should be turned around to say CLOSE ,do you agree?
I can see it also on the door from garage to the kitchen, possibly the laundry room.....what else ?
                                  To me ,the white frame of the door is distracting from the full effect. It needs to be painted the color of the wall  to look "more real" Also would be very beneficial to paint the exposed portion of the door with the same red color as the wallpaper to maximize the … (3 comments)

vero beach florida: 198 White flags symbolizing children that died of parental child Vero Beach, Fl, decorator, Bogna interiors - 02/12/10 08:40 AM
                           From February 12th to April 30th Treasure Coast Of Florida will be seeing 198 of those white flags flying on MEMORY FIELDS  in  rremembrance of children that died  from child abuse in 2008 in FLORIDA ALONE!
                               Florida has a child abuse rate more than twice as high as the national average!!!!!!
One more horrific and allarming fact I want to share with you is ,that in year 2006 there were 98 flags .
Each flag has a ribbon attached with the name and age of the child. Age varies from 0 to 15 years old … (0 comments)

vero beach florida: Decorating with your book collection , by Vero Beach, FL decorator - 01/15/10 04:57 AM
                                   We all seem to know about it ! We know of bookshelves being used in bedrooms, cozy nooks anywhere, even powder rooms, hallways and surrounding the dining table etc.
                                   Examples I am showing are a bit less common and striking !
                                        First one is an elegant bookshelf that creates point of interest in the room, also one that fills the function of a PIECE OF ART in the room. It is even lighted appropriately. It provides splash of color and the stamp of sophistication in the space.

                                 What an imaginative way of … (3 comments)

vero beach florida: Designers predictions for 2010, Vero Beach Florida, Vero Beach Decorator - 12/05/09 01:17 AM
                               Here are few of the predicted changes in interior design for next year:
             *    Modern style will not last much longer.
             *    Back to softness and richness of fabrics and sinuous shapes
             *    Baroque minimalism, as Miles Redd calls it, meaning sparse interiors created with richly     ornate,amazing pieces.
             *    Scale of furniture will be breaking all the "rules" ,from dainty to overbearing.
             *    Glazed solid linens (like the ones that Clarence House offers) will be replacing chintz.
             *    The dictated/trendy colors will give way to individuality.
             *    No … (7 comments)

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