growth leader: Week 12 Don't want to sound like a broken record - 05/10/09 12:06 PM
Yes, I was hesitant to write this blog because I have nothing new to report. It is the some ole, same ole with one long distant potential buyer and one buyer that went out with my buyer agent, sounded like a great buyer only to fizzle away and leave my buyer agent high and dry.
I woulld love to report I have had a sale and that I have a slew of new buyers waiting in line but I cannot tell a lie or my nose will grow leaps and bounds, ha ha!
I shall keep my chin up and hope … (7 comments)

growth leader: Week 11 Report >> Gotta keep my chin up! - 05/03/09 10:02 AM
Yes, last week I reported I had a HOT LEAD which has quickly turned colder than ice. She has not returned any of my calls or emails after having what I thought was a great conversation. One never knows and there may be some things in her life that has kept her from following up but I am not holding my breath. The two leads I have had this week have not left contact information.
On a brighter note, one past lead did go out with my buyer rep last week and this could turn in to something but it is … (5 comments)

growth leader: Week 10 >> Can this Hot Lead be for real? - 04/25/09 03:53 PM
After several weeks of lows and near highs that fizzled out I just received a lead this past week that may be the real thing! I spoke to this lead for a good 30 minutes and she seemed like the real deal!  She is a first time home buyer and was very interested in Idaho's First time home buyer program and the $8,000 federal tax credit program. I explained both programs in length.
After a lot of tire kickers it will be nice if this lead turns out to be what I believe it is.  I won't really know for 3-4 weeks … (5 comments)

growth leader: Week 9 sounds like a broken record - 04/19/09 03:39 PM
Sorry, nothing new to announce. The some old same old. I have had one out of state buyer contact me that contacted me 3 weeks ago. They are considering a second home in Idaho and have been pre-approved for a loan with one of my lenders. 
Other than that there is nothing new to announce. I have signed up for "Vision 301" for next week in hopes I can find a way to generate more traffic to my site and make things happen.
If you want to find out more about Growth Leader click the link below and good luck.

growth leader: My 8th week with Growth Leader - No Cigar! - 04/12/09 04:38 AM
Visitors to my Growth Leader site love to tease me. About every other week I get a lead that appears to be serious about buying a home. So far, every lead (there has been 4 of them) that initially communicated with me and tells me they want to connect with me have all cooled off as cold as ice! Two leads even called me and scheduled appointments and never followed through.
I feel that I am now starting off at week again one all over but maybe the record low interest rates, $8,000 tax credit to first time homebuyers, the incredible price … (13 comments)

growth leader: Week 7 with Growth Leader > Maybe this time? - 04/05/09 06:25 AM
I reported in week 3 & 4 that I had a hot lead but had to report in week 5 & 6 that this lead turned cold as ice and would not return any of my emails or calls. Well, I was certain my luck had turned around in week 5 when I had a conversation with a lead that had made an appointment with me.  At last I finally had a lead that would actually get in my car!  Well, that soon turned cold! An appointment with that lead last week turned up empty when they failed to honor an … (4 comments)

growth leader: Week 6 report and I may have a deal! - 03/29/09 09:25 AM
Our market has been a tough one and one of the toughest on record. Many buyers are hesitant to come out of the woods because they don't know if they are going to have a job or not.  I have been hoping that with record low interest rates, low home prices and the $8,000 goverment tax credit for 1st time home buyers some serious buyers would come out of hiding.
Low an behold one of my leads from week 4 contacted me today and wants to go look at properties this coming week!  That long awaited lead that actually gets in my … (10 comments)

growth leader: Reporting in for week 5 in Idaho - 03/23/09 02:58 PM
O.K. Here we are on week 5 and again I was thinking I was going to have my first week of beiing skunked when two new leads come dripping in the last two days. These two leads came in over the weekend and if I had written this on Friday like I was supposed to (I have never done what I am told to do!:-) I would have been skunked.
One of the two last leads did give a number but it came in this Sunday morning and I refuse to call people on Sunday morning.  I will call them late … (8 comments)

growth leader: Reporting on week 4 with Growth Leader - 03/23/09 02:56 PM
Just ended my first 30 days with Growth Leader and I though I would have my first week of beeing skunked with no new leads until two new leads came trickling in on the last two days. I keep hearing a lot obout converstion ratios (# of leads that are converted to sales) and I am hoping I can report soon that one of my leads has been converted.  So far no cigar on any converstions.  My one HOT lead that logged in on week two has suddenly fizzled to "ICE COLD" so I am now hoping that some of the … (2 comments)

growth leader: Week 3 in little ole Idaho with Growth Leader - 03/23/09 02:54 PM
Okie Dokie, my week 3 has had a total of 27 visitors that actually entered their information to my site Five of those visitors entered their information after I sent out a massive email to my sphere of influence asking my sphere to take a look at the site and give me their opinion.  The one HOT prospect last visited on the 26th of February and has not been back or responded to any of my calls.  I'm still waiting for that elusive visitor that is going to raise their hand and say "I Do".
I listened to the conference call … (2 comments)

growth leader: Growth Leader in week 2 in Idaho - 03/02/09 08:37 AM
Week 2 with Growth Leader in Idaho (edit/delete)
Whoa! 16 total leads at the end of week two and constant communication with one HOT Lead that is communicatiing with me on a regular basis. This is interesting because if you type in any key words in to Google like "Boise Idaho Real Estate" or "Nampa homes for sale" my site is no where to be found 20 pages deep but some how some way surfers are finding my site now on a pretty regular bases.
One thing that really impressed me after participating in the Vision 101 training is all the … (12 comments)

growth leader: My first impressive week with Growth Leader - 03/02/09 08:24 AM
Thank you Bob Stewart for inviting me to be a part of Growth Leader and for the development of my new site Boise and Nampa Homes which was activated last Sunday the 15th of February, 2009.  As of this writing my first week of my active site has brought me in 5 new leads which includes 3 very interested buyers and 1 HOT buyer which called me directly after going to my new site.
I have never been a fan of lead generation sites and I didn't know what to expect with this new lead generation site but I am very … (4 comments)


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