According to google your state has a high interest in flat fee real estate related products. For instance; KEYWORD = SEARCHED MONTHLY ------------------------------ ------------------------------- flat fee florida mls = 1900 flat fee texas mls = 590 flat fee maryland mls = 210 flat fee georgia ml...
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If you're like most real estate professionals dealing with the volatilities of today's real estate market then maybe it's time to re-energize your career with your own ideas and business sense. Open your own independent franchise office today! Consumers are more price sensitive and educated than...
If you're planning to sell your home yourself, or are an investor in real estate, forms and contracts are an absolute necessity. Now you have access to a professionally created home sale contract as well as other commonly used real estate forms. BonaFide Realy is now offering real estate contract...
List your property online, FREE! List your property and have it viewed by millions of buyers! As a home seller you can use our FREE internet advertising service and gain MORE exposure of your property. Click Here to instantly list your property online. Print UNLIMITED flyers, FREE! Our website w...
We can help increase your website's presence and weight within search engine results. Search engines provide greater value and ranking to websites that mostly host and contain content that is topic-related. If your website offers products and services within the real estate industry, then a part...
Professional Services and ProductsAt BonaFide Realty, we provide value to the homebuyer or seller that represents a high level of service. We believe that you should receive the specific service you need for a fee that is in line with the level of representation you feel you need. Sellers realize...
There are hundreds of local MLS boards throughout the united States. In order for a Real Estate Agent to list a property on the MLS they must be a member of the local New Jersey Realtors Association, only these member Real Estate Agents are allowed to list in the NJ MLS, the general public is not...

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