homes: Rush to the Buyers Credit Deadline - 10/20/09 03:05 AM
The Buyers Credit Deadline is approaching as trick or treat draws near. Escrow or contract times generally are around 30 days for homes and with the moving target of loans plenty of lead time is needed.
For homes in Kernersville NC there are 441 Active Listings with 113 Pending. There have been 43 closed homes in the past 30 days. This shows an increase in home contacts for this area and a larger than normal ratio of active to pending homes.
As crunch time draws near for buyers of homes there is a sense of conservatism brought on by fears of … (1 comments)

homes: NC Drought - 07/01/08 08:59 AM
The North Carolina drought is continuingand the lawns are beginning to show it. The has been warmer than usual temperature and less rain which has caused the lawns to begin to show it wear. This is begin to effect the curb appeal of listing. As first impressions are crucial there is only trim back at this point to help in the curb appeal. Short of wasting water to try and keep the lawn green there is little owners can do. Lawns will go into a dormant stage and bounce back as fall approaches.

homes: Kernersville NC Mortgages for Homes - 04/23/08 01:21 AM
Kernersville NC Mortgages for Homes are still being acheived. Despite the clamor of the media subprime meltdown, the solid buyers are able to get "normal"  loans. The days of - if you can breath and have a job gets you in for X amount - are over. Kernersville homes have held there own with respect to prices and days on market. There is the occasional real estate transaction that goes belly up because of an appraisal issue.
The spin off of the Kernersville mortgage tightening is that rental homes have become at a premium. This has allowed for less vacancy rates in … (0 comments)

homes: Homes with wells and septic - 01/25/08 12:27 AM
Homes with wells and septic seem to be adding more inspections. It is good to have consumer protection with realistic standards. In North Carolina there seems to a catch up to accepted practises.I have wondered what are the standard (or expected things in other areas) . Many times relocaters expect these types of things from sellers. What are you seeing in Yoour Area??

homes: Remodeling of Homes and Resale Values - 12/06/07 11:23 PM
Remodeling of homes and the resale or recoup value of these projects can be somewhat misleading. A contractor once told me that the sun-room he was quoting would be 100% recoup value. As a Realtor I wanted to know where he got his source and the answer was the biggest song and dance I had ever heard. The point made is that homes should be looked at specifically for the full spectrum and improvements should be made as a personal use rather than strictly recovery of value. Often improvements will markedly help the saleability of homes. The caution of over improving … (10 comments)

homes: FSBO Kernersville Homes - 11/30/07 06:11 AM
FSBO Kernersville Homes do not seem to be on the rise. This is just an observation that i have seen throughout the last few months. As life becomes more busy and task more complex this may be a factor. Also there are several discount brokers that list on mls in Kernersville. The media has presented the real estate market as bleak, but not the upside of many aspects. Hopefully the perception of real estate profession has improved also. Kernersville homes continue to do OK and Kernersvile is a great place to live and invest.
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homes: Green Roof tops on Homes and Real Estate - 11/22/07 10:35 PM
Green roof tops on homes and Real Estate is a topic that has had my interest for some time. What little I have seen of plants on roofs has been on flat roofs of mainly commercial real estate in downtown type areas. The weight of soil type material and water is a limiting factor that will be the challenge. With limited building experience that I have, I realize there is a functional obsolescences with the design of the traditional homes. A combination of solar panels and improved quality shingles is the approach that is currently being used and accepted as the … (0 comments)

homes: Kernersville Real Estate and the Value of homes - 11/20/07 10:50 PM
Kernersville Real Estate and the Value of homes are holding steady with some gains on well maintained homes.
The economy  of the Kernersville triad area of North Carolina is still holding steady. This is not to say that there are not challenges for owners of real estate. Homes that are in good show shape are doing well. The buyers market has created some what of a gap between the homes that move well and real estate that is just sitting. Properties that are discounted have been moving (somewhat slowly) but still moving. This at least has not allowed for a huge build … (1 comments)

homes: New home starts in Real Estate - 11/20/07 11:24 AM
Today's real estate news gave an idea of regional strength and weakness. The real estate market of the southeast has been somewhat odd in that from state to state there are specific issues that are influencing the new construction industry. In North Carolina there is still a steady growth with respect to projects that were started and now being completed. It is hard to track the number of developments and the stage they are at. The absorption rate stayed in an equilibrium for the growth of our area and the reaction of builders adjusted well for the real estate market. The … (2 comments)

homes: Roof Tops are the life Blood of Economy - 11/08/07 11:26 PM
Since the beginning of the United States real estate has been the life blood of the economy. Even the automobile industry depends on consumers having a place to park the car on some type of real estate. Many cars are bought by means of pulling equity from a home. The creative home loans of the past few years are another example of the trickle down effect that enhances the economy. With the increase in home ownership there was a very strong economy. Certainly the banking industry has done well. This idea is at least in the sub-conscience of real estate consumers. … (0 comments)

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