real estate: Reading contracts - 08/10/10 06:01 PM
Reading contracts should be a must no matter how long one has been a Realtor. So often the only focus is price and closing date. Reading the entire contract at least once during negotiations helps in allowing time to digest and not over react. It does not help to get caught in all the little details to the point of forgetting the goal. This can avoid conflict during the transactionand should be explained and communicated to clients. Often it is good to bring up that conversation as things progress. Client have often been grateful at closing being amazed that this particular closing … (7 comments)

real estate: Foreclosures numbers seem to be dropping - 07/14/10 07:29 PM
Reports are that the foreclosures numbers are declining,but still at high levels. Arms will be resetting for some time. Jobs and the broader economy is juct cripping along. Transfers are few.  
This all points a new normal. At some point there will an new equilibrium and there will be exceptal absorbtion rates again.
The big qeustion will be how long will these homes be on the market and what condition will they be in after sitting for so long.

real estate: Tax credit extenision political spin - 06/17/10 06:58 PM
The tax credit extension is good. Make no mistake. Loans that are in the pipeline will be able to close. The spin becomes that Washington has done something. Now most first time home buyers that are and were going to buy have done so or wil have. Following good sound disipline these buyers will likely be in the homes for seven years. Jobs and transfer are the life blood of the economy. Jobs will be the key a helthy housing market. The correction of 2009 has become the balance of 2010.

real estate: November Housing Numbers - 12/23/09 11:35 PM
No big surprises for Realtors. (maybe Wallstreet) The existing homes sales that had come out earlier was encouraging as buyers rushed for what they thought was the tax credit deadline. I had read that about 50% were first time buyers. New home sales were down which does not surprises many Realtors, But seemed to get comments from wall street. For the year home prices were down (-7.9% nationally)
Having said all this 2010 looks moderately great. Inventories have been steadily declining and there is still the tax credit for many buyers. &

real estate: Owner Finacining on the rise - 12/21/09 01:52 AM
As I was reviewing stats I there seemed to be a trend. An increase in the percentage on owner financing and lease purchases is beginning to take form. For some one that owns a home out right, this may be a great option. It can generate a steady income with a target date for getting the balance. This also allow the the seller to have leverage in generating a market price. Conservative diligence should be adhered to as with any lending criteria. Holding a note to the property as collateral would be the assurance that in the  case of default there … (5 comments)

real estate: Call for Real Estate Cyber Tuesday - 11/30/09 02:30 AM
I would like to make a push for a Cyber Tuesday Real Estate push. As Black Friday and cyber Tuesday set in with consumers there may be a realization of what is important. Having their home valves appreciated or be able to get into that dream home that has been out there for many people may be boiling to the top. It takes years to plan and save for a house correctly. The days of quick into a home or back in a home months after a bankruptcy are gone. Often the dream is closer than people think with small life … (0 comments)

real estate: Keeping IDX information current - 11/22/09 11:45 PM
Keep IDX information current will be a chalenge going forward. With the matrix of feeds and downloads there seems to be a weekly call that has a customer asking about a property that is no longer active. As an industry there hopefully will be a calming of the numbers of feeds and a criteria for the way it is updated. Many sites are multi tasking and have little or no experience with the local market. There seems to be a need for a balance of sharing information and sharing the correct information.

real estate: Re-examine Cap rates on investment property - 03/23/09 01:24 AM
Re-examine Cap rates on investment properties. The rules may not have change however they have become tighter. In today's environment more of a down payment is often ask. This will effect the cap rate as there is less leverage. Appreciation should only be used as "gravy" and not a given. The clean and paint philosophy can still work with the right property. Deferred maintenance should not be deferred.
With return on investment in Treasury'sand CD being very low, there would seem to add to the attractiveness of Real Estate as a safe haven. The uncertainty is hurting consumer confidence. There seems … (1 comments)

real estate: KISS - 08/02/08 05:47 AM
KISS standing for Keep It Simple Stupid. This something that it always comes back to. No matter how much technology comes out the real estate business always comes back to the simple art of personal contact. Even when we leverage with teams the personal contact is the most important part. Always respond back to calls or emails. This will gain more business as it the biggest complaint from clients that there is a lapse in communication.

real estate: DPAs -The talk of the day - 07/24/08 02:19 AM
Down Payment Assistant seems to be the talk of the day. I have had several emails this morning for taking action and writing to legislatures. I have used the program on several transactions and have felt they work well. The buyer has to to be FHA qualified. The conservative approach of buyers having considerable reserves is very sound. Having these programs in place has given an outlet for this type of transaction. My thought is that by having this, therewould be no excuse for a shady transaction of kick backs and allow for credible buyers and sellers to get together.

real estate: Clear Titles to real estate - 06/23/08 03:26 AM
It seems as much as we prepare there is always a new twist on things that can add work. Titles may the next round for Realtor to have a working knowledge. Clear titles are becoming more evasive as the numbers of foreclosures are rising and finding there way into the market. This may be become another pressure for price as the volume is creating questionable work. The idea of buyer hurrying up and then having to wait creates more of a reluctant posture to invest.

real estate: Is the IDX feed hurting consumers - 06/20/08 03:02 AM
The IDX feed may be hurting the consumer in that the information is becoming to readily available. Many aggregate site just pull the information into a national source and then distribute it in a bait and switch manner. As a listing agent it is prudent to market and get as much exposure as possible. The automation of the IDX has created an misconception that there are other homes out there. To serve the consumer it is best for each client to focus on obtaining a good picture of what they can afford, the features they need  and the area they wish … (4 comments)

real estate: Piedmont Triad Area Real Estate - 05/16/08 06:20 AM
The new group Piedmont Triad Area Real Estate professionals is most welcome as the area is really a metro area when combining Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point and Kernersville as well as the many other towns that surround the triad. Many thanks to Don for starting the group as it is long over due. Often a google of the area does not give a true picture of what there is is to offer as the search is generally specific and only gives one city that may be somewhat less of the things that are offered. Real estate in the Triad has … (2 comments)

real estate: Educating clients to help serve better - 05/12/08 02:34 AM
Occasionally I get questions that are not within the normal scope of what Realtors do on a normal basis. Recently I was asked about someone wanting to lease land for agricultural purposes. Educating clients so that the expectation is to high. This example was that there is not a central data base even with the local extension office. Often (like rentals) there may only be a sign at the end of the driveway. It is important to give clients value and create a genuine feeling that they are important beyond empathy. Even a quick calls soon (depending on the needs or … (4 comments)

real estate: Making hay while the sun shines - 05/07/08 01:37 AM
Make hay while the sun shines - pick it up when the sun is setting ( it is not as hot)
Trial By fire and strike when the iron is hot - the tough times make for stronger character
Don't take the last dollar on the negotiating table - people will not want to work with you again
Just a few thoughts on some old sayings. There is a lot to said for the old school of thought.  It is hay season in North Carolina. It is a labor of love and builds for strong character as I have my son help me … (6 comments)

real estate: Is Flipping Slipping ? - 04/24/08 03:31 AM
Is flipping Slipping??? There seems to be less interest in trying to flip houses in the Triad area of North Carolina. The glamor of unbridled price increases has gone from the sparkle in the eyes of investors. More conservative buyers and owners are turning to the rental market as a way to capture capital gains. This is having positive effect in that there is less inventory creating a better absorption rate for homes. I would like to hear other points of view for other areas.

real estate: Kernersville NC Mortgages for Homes - 04/23/08 01:21 AM
Kernersville NC Mortgages for Homes are still being acheived. Despite the clamor of the media subprime meltdown, the solid buyers are able to get "normal"  loans. The days of - if you can breath and have a job gets you in for X amount - are over. Kernersville homes have held there own with respect to prices and days on market. There is the occasional real estate transaction that goes belly up because of an appraisal issue.
The spin off of the Kernersville mortgage tightening is that rental homes have become at a premium. This has allowed for less vacancy rates in … (0 comments)

real estate: Kernersville Real Estate Homes - 04/18/08 12:24 AM
Kernersville NC Real Estate homes and  real estate sales are remaining steady. Kernersville is located in the heart of the Triad area (Winston Salem, Greensboro and High Point ) . Sales of homes and real estate from the MLS remained steady to slight increases and are as follows;
January had 33 closing real estate units in Kernersville (December 49,November 49 & October 55)
Febuary and March had 50 closed real estate closings
There were 875 Closed real estate transactions ( excluding land) for all of 2007.
Currently (as of 4/18/87 ) there are 531 active real estate listings and 115pending  in the Kernersville zip code.
This segment of the real estate market in our … (3 comments)

real estate: Updating Pictures of Real Estate Listings - 03/05/08 11:18 PM
Updating pictures of real estate listings is an on going process. As spring rolls in, there are often better views from the curb. The grass is greener, spring flowers are blooming and the leaves have not covered view from the street. Keeping in mind the view of a potential buyer of real estate the picture may show some changes that would help the listing sell. Any homes that are coming on the market and preparations are underway are good examples of taking pictures during the spring season. A series of time shots may give the perfect pictures of things like the azaleas … (4 comments)

real estate: Existing Homes Versus New Homes - 03/04/08 11:57 PM
Existing homes versus new homes is a question that is often considered when looking for a place to live. Many times personal preference is usually a deciding factor that is the finial choice.Below is a comparison between features that may help in deciding.
Existing Homes         Vs.                  New Construction
Larger Lots                                      Less  yard maintenance Established Yards                            Ability to personalize landscapingLess Cost per Sq Ft                         Larger bathrooms Quality materials                             Energy effiencentTried and true                                 Start up issues
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