home inspections: Continuous Radon Monitoring vs. “the two little vials” – Facts and Myths about Radon Gas Testing – Part II - 02/02/10 12:21 PM
This is part two of my little 'mini-series' on the differences between the two most common real estate transaction/radon gas testing methods. In part I, I addressed the primary similarity that being accuracy. In this blog installment, I'll be sticking to differences. I'd like to cover a few pros and cons of each.
Cost -  Advantage: Vial test
Most good quality kits cost the average inspector $20-$30, so you're typically looking at a cost in the $50-$75 range. For the machine test, factoring in the system's cost (upwards of $600) and the 'tie up' time, and you've looking at a typical $100-$150 per test.
Speed … (2 comments)

home inspections: Continuous Radon Monitoring vs. “the two little vials” – Facts and Myths about Radon Gas Testing – Part I - 12/14/09 05:59 AM
Over my 10 years as a Massachusetts Home Inspector, I (like many others in my profession) have seen a huge increase in the percentage of well-informed clients that are requesting radon gas testing as an additional service along with their home inspection. Several months ago I added continuous radon monitoring (CRM) - also loosely known as "the machine test" to my service arsenal, while continuing to offer the more economical liquid scintillation test - aka "the two small plastic vials".
I routinely get quizzical questions from clients ranging from ‘what is radon' , ‘why should I test for radon', ‘what's the … (2 comments)

home inspections: 8 Home Inspection Company sales pitches and what to do about them... - 04/28/09 02:19 PM
Spring is here (at last) in Massachusetts, and it's getting to be that time again when jobs are abundant and competition is on the rise. Like many in the Real Estate profession, Home Inspectors can be subject to being perceived as commodities - that somehow we are all alike, separated only by cost.
As competition rises, so does the volume of time-tested sales pitches, claims, shenanigans, and exaggerations.  While intended to be harmless, some of these tactics can downright deceitful. We've all ‘been had' at some point in time in our lives.
Some of you may question why a Home Inspector … (8 comments)


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