mold: 10 Common Myths about Mold and your health - 07/13/10 08:10 AM
Media reports have linked indoor mold exposure to everything from asthma to headaches. So what's the real scientific evidence that exposure to mold in your home actually can cause physical symptoms? A recent review of scientific literature about mold-related diseases found that many common claims just don't hold up under scrutiny.
#1: The term "Toxic mold" - popular reports about the health effects of mold are likely to include the near-famous term "toxic mold." But that term can be misleading, the experts say. Only certain mold spores produce toxins, and only under certain circumstances - just because a particular mold can produce toxins doesn't mean it will. Lastly, … (1 comments)

mold: For Mold Remediation & Prevention, You Need an Expert - 06/16/10 04:32 AM
We've all heard about the health dangers of mold in residential and commercial buildings. Having measures in place to prevent or control the growth of mold is of course prudent, and mold remediation is a necessary and often difficult task. For mold prevention, control and remediation, it is best to rely upon an expert in the field.
Preventing & Controlling the Growth of MoldMold prevention is necessary because mold has the potential to cause a number of health problems, including allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and lung inflammation. Mold growth occurs when there is a buildup of water or excessive moisture in … (2 comments)

mold: Hey, what about my Granite Countertops..... and mold? - 03/16/09 01:54 PM
So with all the recent hype regarding granite countertops and radon gas emissions, I thought I'd combine granite countertops with one of my other 'hot topic' specialties: mold investigation.
On the scale of hygiene, the typical granite countertop falls somewhere below Stainless and Corian, well ahead of ordinary laminates, and relatively even with quartz (aka "engineered stone"). A special variation of engineered quartz called "Silestone" exists that is advertised as having built-in anti-microbial properties. This is due to the addition of a special chemical compound during its manufacture.
Unlike engineered stone however, granite benefits greatly from the addition of a sealer. Left unsealed, granite … (9 comments)


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