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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.



It takes money to make money. Duh. But How do you make money when there is no money to start with?I was broke. In debt. No capital, no cash... The only leverage I had was my time and my work (this is why millions of people keep wearing the handcuffs of hourly wages.)When I was 24, my life was goi...
It's so easy sometimes. Go for a quick buck - consequences be damned. Why not cut a corner here and there? Who needs to climb the tree if the fruit is so nice and low. Just jump the fence. Easy. Almost right. Especially when times are tough. And the sweet reward is sitting right in front me... I ...
Sharron, a newer agent sent me this: "You have been just the encouraging kick in the a*s I have needed. Thanks! I still need to work on my daily "to do". Help?? ~ Sharron Doing stuff matters. Doing the RIGHT STUFF is important - and we'll get to that in a moment. But first.... There is to it than...
There is an army of salespeople standing by, ready to make your phone ring. Always available, dutifully talking to your potential sellers and buyers. Nothing can stop them: no spam filters, no Do Not-Call-Registry, not even a locked front door will prevent them from completing their mission. Take...

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