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We were shooting a new video for you on how to build a sharp-looking ad in minutes to promote your listing or your next open house online. Even if you're not an internet guru or a design wiz. In the video I will actually walk you through the process and we post an ad live. Now here is the kicker...
Had a rough day? Difficult listing presentation? Lots of running around? Come with me to a beautiful mountain cabin with a relaxing spa. You will let go of your problems, worries and pains. Let go of stress and tension and feel better in just a few minutes. It's a good way to start and/or end the...
Charles posted a very candid comment about not being able to get good results with expireds: "Unfortunately 98-99% of the expireds do not have phone numbers, and those that do have the phones disconnected. I have a series of four letters that I send with poor results (only one sale so far, after ...
Richie from Keller-Wiliams asks: "I have used the script from the Expired PLUS and I reached a point when I said "If a buyer wanted to pay a good price for your home in the next three weeks would you be still interested in moving?"The question I received from the expired: "Do you have a buyer for...
If Craigslist is so popular and so many buyers visit it daily, why do so many agents complain that all they get are junk leads? Or worse, NO leads at all. It's because they commit one or more of the Seven Craigslist Sins. So before you promote your next Open House or your listing, check out my ne...

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