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I was at a property talking to an expired listing. "We're going to wait" said the seller. "OK, call me if you change your mind", I replied. That was it. That was the best I could come up with! Call me if you change your mind??? Of course, couple of weeks later another agent listed that property. ...
I know... Expireds can be scary. Mean. Nasty. Angry. Here is a great lesson from an Alaskan bear you can apply next time you talk to an expired listing: if you're nice and friendly, they will be nice back. BorinoExpired PLUS 2.0 
Did you watch "It's a Wonderful Life" again this Christmas? Remember the the part of the movie when George Bailey is talking with the old angel Clarence? And Clarence reminds him "Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't...
Another year almost behind us. We made it! Some triumphant, carrying high flags and badges of cunning victories, great listings snagged on the battlefields, plentiful bounties, artful alliances and masterful diplomacy moves against the enemy. Some bruised, bloody and beaten. Exhausted by the grin...
You've heard it a million times: It's ALL in your mind.  Your  hopes, your dreams.... and also fears that are holding you back -- all in your mind. But just how real are those emotions? And how much power do they really have? Take a quick test and find out. First, imagine you're standing on a thi...
This morning I recieved an email from an agent. He wanted to buy the Success PLUS but said: "I absolutely can not afford to spend that much money!." Here is what I wrote back: I know, I hear it alot: "Money is tight. Business is tough. I cannot afford stuff." And that's the problem. Sorry but I h...
Last teleseminar we did was fun. Over 300 rockstar agents learned some neat tips and techniques. But there were tons of questions and we just ran out of time. Next week is your chance to ask ANYTHING you wanted to know about how to list more expired listings.   Is it better to call or knock on th...

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