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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.



Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I don't know about you, but I enjoy the leftovers even more (turkey, cranberry, mustard, mayo on rye - oh man!). Anyway, back to business. 2013 is here and I want to make sure it's a great year for you. No, not just OK (as in 'I have survived another year in rea...
So, today was first day of my new expired life! I was beyond pumped to find people bursting at the seams ready to let me list their house. I printed my list this morning, went through them all, found the ones that seemed most possible and researched the phone numbers. After obtaining close to 15 ...
Hi Borino, I just called my very first expired listing today. Let me tell you it was quite exciting but at the same time a little uncertain if I should make the call or not. But I went for it. It comes out that the owner did not even know that the listing was canceled. He hadn't talked to his age...
Has it ever happen to you? You meet someone for the very first time -- a complete stranger -- and you two just CLICK instantly. And I mean, really CONNECT. The conversation flows as if you knew each other for ages. There is instant connection, trust... And it's FUN.  I always wanted to connect wi...

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