Expired Listings, Real Estate Marketing, and the Zen of Success

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More leads, listings, and commissions... while having fun in the real estate business. About expired listings, open houses, marketing, communication, advertising and the zen of success.



In the final chapter of How to get more good seller and buyer leads, listings and commissions with video, you will learn what are the seven deadly sins of bad real estate video: from bad sound, to boring content... And how to fix it. You will also meet our advanced quality testing team that inspe...
You know, success in real estate business it’s pretty simple, really… MORE GOOD LEADS = MORE BUSINESS. I know, DUH!   Of course, you can stick with the same old ‘prospect prospect prospect‘, but seriously – is that enough? Cold calling, door knocking, farming… There is a better, easier way.   You...
Real estate video is quickly becoming a dominant marketing force. In this new video series you will learn how to make awesome, interesting, and profitable real estate videos. You will learn why YouTube is the best real estate farm, why Oprah is the ultimate badass marketer, why video is becoming ...

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