affirmations: It's half time in (real estate) America - 02/06/12 03:42 AM
The talk this morning is just as much about a great Superbowl game last night (congrats Giants!), Madonna (love-hate about 50-50), and of course, the favorite commercials.
Clint Eastwood and "Half time in America" definitely stood out, didn't it? Serious, emotional, and hitting the heart and soul. Provocative pep talk with heavy nostalgia and healthy dose of motivational punch over images of family, our flag and hard-working but STRUGGLING America.
It's supposed to carry serious but uplifting message that we are down, yes, but our "second half is about to begin".
The successful (and rich) don't really need Clint Eastwood to … (4 comments)

affirmations: Take the Mind Test - 12/13/11 06:37 AM
You've heard it a million times: It's ALL in your mind.  Your  hopes, your dreams.... and also fears that are holding you back -- all in your mind. But just how real are those emotions? And how much power do they really have? Take a quick test and find out.
First, imagine you're standing on a thick black wire that is laying on the ground. Can you walk on it? Of course you can! Not a problem, right? Imagine your feet taking the first step, then next, then one more... It's a breeze to walk from one end to the other. … (2 comments)

affirmations: Money is tight. I cannot afford it. - 12/10/11 04:57 AM
This morning I recieved an email from an agent. He wanted to buy the Success PLUS but said: "I absolutely can not afford to spend that much money!."
Here is what I wrote back:
I know, I hear it alot: "Money is tight. Business is tough. I cannot afford stuff."
And that's the problem. Sorry but I have to go a little Tony Robbins on you here. See, as long as you worry about money, as long as you stress over it, feel that there is just NOT enough, as long as you think that spending a few dollars on something … (7 comments)

affirmations: Stop, Wait, Go! - 10/24/11 11:58 AM
I know, this business sometimes sucks. It’s not complicated, BUT it's not EASY, either. Piles of stress, difficult transactions, overpriced listings, grueling hours, unrealistic sellers, dead deals...  A long LONG list of annoyances and irritations can squeeze you like soft orange until you have no more energy (or desire) to go on... There are only two types of agents: Those who have been there and those who don’t want to admit it ;)Tired and discouraged you may be wondering if leaving that cushy teaching job to become an agent was really a good idea. Here are three things that will hopefully … (2 comments)

affirmations: There Will Always Be Obstacles - 10/22/11 09:21 AM
I was sixteen, maybe seventeen, when it happened. My friends and I were riding on our favorite trail by the riverbank. Six big, beautiful horses, happy and eager to fly forward, loving the freedom. The air was full of summer; nothing but blue sky, majestic trees bathing their branches in the slow stream of the river, sun overhead, and the world zipping by us in exhilaration.
The path veered to the right, away from the river and into the forest. We were going fast, way too fast for such a narrow road. Then the time stopped for a split second. My … (9 comments)

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