listing: Fish.... Wish Me Luck - 06/09/12 04:45 AM
Getting ready for a fun weekend. The weather is beautiful, not a cloud in the sky. We're having friends over this afternoon for a barbecue and I decided to make fish tacos. 
Now, when it comes to flame, I can make a mean steak and juicy burgers and even sausages that make the whole neighborhood salivate.... But I have trouble with fish, so wish me luck (I'll let you know next week how it turned out -- with photo evidence ;) Anyway, wanted to post this out to ya before we get the weekend started. You ever get stuck when a … (4 comments)

listing: Lost Listings - 04/09/12 08:45 AM
" I've lost the last 4 listings I've gone on and I am getting very discouraged!" -Grace Keller Williams I want to be positive and supportive but losing a good listing sucks. You work so hard to get a lead. You follow up with the sellers. You finally set up an appointment, spend time on a CMA, get everything ready... Then you meet the sellers, do a good job during the listing appointment -- just to lose it to somebody else. It hurts no matter how much upbeat you try to be. This Friday, I will show you a complete system. … (6 comments)

listing: Perfect Expired Listing Letter - 08/21/07 08:18 AM
"I need a sample expired listing letter to send out. I am new and want to make sure that I send out the right letter to the homeowners. Thank you.” wrote a real estate agent from California recently.
I spent two years perfecting my expired listing letter, always looking for just the right words... for that perfect paragraph that would finally make the phone ring with “Come list our house, please!” Re-writing, testing, editing…
But it seldom happened that way. One letter, no matter how good, seldom did the trick. Here is the problem…
When a listing expires, the owners often get 20 … (16 comments)

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