prospecting: Better Real Estate Follow Up - Fix Your 2017 - FSBO Approach - 07/06/17 09:45 AM
New Borino coaching for real estate agents: Better Follow Up, How to fix the second half of 2017, different FSBO approach, and strategies to help you get more leads, more appointments, and more listings. Find out what it takes to be a successful real estate agent. Episode #124 your coach Borino will answer: 
"Is it worth mailing out sample custom made listing postcards to FSBOs you've met with but who have yet to list with you? I enjoy making them custom to each home but I wonder if the time it takes to arrive will happen after they have made they decision … (1 comments)

prospecting: MOTIVATED FSBOs - The $100K SUMMER PLAN - WANT BUYER LEADS - 07/04/17 06:18 AM
On this live real estate coaching session for agents and brokers Borino will answer:-Hey there! I am looking for some ideas on how to generate more leads. I do not have a sphere of influence. I have been able to close 3 deals on my own from open house clients. I was thinking of joining some type of sport, club, or doing some type of community service. Any ideas?- What is your favorite buyer lead generation platform?-Hi Everyone! I just started prospecting FSBOs. For those of you who prospect both FSBOs and expireds, what do you feel has a higher conversion … (1 comments)

prospecting: Accountability And Your Success In Real Estate - 06/30/17 07:10 AM
Accountability, Discipline, Habits, And Success In Real Estate.Being a real estate agent means you have the freedom over your daily activities, like lead generation, prospecting, previewing homes, showing properties, doing listing presentations, and following up with leads.... But who is holding you accountable? Who is in charge of your time management and your calendar? Keeping your schedule organized, and staying disciplined so that you get all the tasks done daily is a huge challenge. And it is often the cause of so many agents failing in this business. As a successful real estate agent you have to to stay focused, disciplined, … (1 comments)

prospecting: Dealing with REJECTION, FSBOs and OVERPRICED LISTINGS - 06/28/17 08:42 AM

Real estate coach Borino answers your questions very Tuesday live on his show ASK BORINO LIVE. Great source of tips, strategies and information for both new real estate agents and experienced realtor veterans. We talk about getting more leads, prospecting, objections, setting up appointments, getting good listings, and earning more commissions as a successful agent. Watch live here:
In this episode coach Borino answers:
- How to deal with NOs and rejection while prospecting. - Should you deliver a FSBO package to a potential seller. - I feel like I can get the seller to agree to me dropping off an expired package pretty easily, … (0 comments)

prospecting: Real Estate Tip For Agents: Turning Absentee Owners Into Listings - 06/26/17 08:57 AM
What is the difference between a motivated and non motivated seller prospect? Your real estate coach Borino will answer this question from an agent named Glenda:I am planning on mailing absentee owners in my neighborhood. Is this a good lead generation system? Other than providing comps in the neighborhood, what other information can I provide to get them thinking about selling?"Being a successful real estate agent means you have the right knowledge. Get the answers so you can get more good motivated leads, more listings, and close more transactions. 
Real Estate Tip For Agents: Turning Absentee Owners Into Listings
BORINO - Author of FSBORINO … (1 comments)

prospecting: HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS - Borino's Tips For Real Estate Agents - 06/23/17 05:59 AM
Why is it that some real estate agents get more listings - and earn more commissions? Find out their secrets, get the tips from your coach Borino on this live coaching session. Here are the questions from real estate agents answered by Borino on this live coaching session: -My area has around 120-150 expireds a week with price ranges around 325K. Can I put together a good expired program with these W if you meet a buyer at an open house that needs to sell? how do you approach that first b/c they want to 'find their house first'.- Hello Borino! I love … (0 comments)

In this weekly episode of success tips for real estate agents, your coach Borino will show you how to deal with unrealistic, difficult seller prospects, and how to turn those leads into good listings, sales and commissions. How to use specific dialogs (not sales scripts) and communicate clearly during your listing presentation so that you can price the listing well. During this real estate coaching session, Borino will address the following questions and comments from realtors:- FSBOs are very successful here because of low inventory, how can I show the seller the value of using me?- What if sellers agreed to reduce … (1 comments)

prospecting: BE BRAVE OR GO HUNGRY - Borino's Real Estate Tip - 06/20/17 06:58 AM
What does it take to be a successful real estate agent? Knowledge and skills. The right tools. Being able to prospect and generate leads every day. And deal with emotions, fear, discomfort and rejection. This business is not for everybody. Your ability to get things done regardless of how you feel will to a great extend determine the level of success - and the amount of commissions and money you will make in real estate. In this video, your coach Borino will share a story about one tiny sparrow with one big brave heart and tons of courage. 
BE BRAVE OR GO … (2 comments)

How to follow up with FSBOs. What makes you stand out. Best dialog for old expireds... and more! Weekly ASK BORINO LIVE Q&A show.
BORINO - Author of FSBORINO - A Complete System to List FSBOs

prospecting: HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS - Borino Real Estate Coaching - 06/14/17 09:58 AM
This is another live real estate coaching and training session for agents who need to prospect for more good leads, motivated sellers, and salable listings. Every week, your coach Borino answers your questions about prospecting, lead generation, door knocking, phone scripts, handling objections, pricing...and what it takes to be a successful real estate agent. 
You will learn three effective strategies to promote your next open house. How to make your just listed marketing and direct mail (postcards or mailings) generate more good leads. How does a new real estate agent answer the objection - or seller question - How long have you … (0 comments)

Tips For New Agents!
Every week your coach Borino answers questions about generating leads, prospecting, getting more good listings, earning more commissions while helping more clients. What it takes to be a successful real estate agent. This week's question is from Taylor who is about to enter the business. A new real estate agent (or soon to be) asks: 
Trying to get a grasp of the realty business and hoping to be able to truly flourish whenever I start. I'm currently on the end of my enlistment in the Navy and looking to get out and pursue something that I can be truly passionate … (1 comments)

prospecting: HOW TO GET MORE LISTINGS - Borino Real Estate Coaching - 06/09/17 05:32 AM
On this episode In this real estate coaching session your coach Borino will answer more of the questions from agents: Ryan is an experienced real estate agent working with a prospective seller lead. He would like to know how to respond to a seller email: Thanks for the updates. For your info we are going to contact a couple more realtors. I have your contact info and will keep in touch. What is the best follow up to get the appointment and land a good listing? Also, how to convince a seller who was interested in moving to another home but now seemed … (3 comments)

prospecting: The Success Mindset and Why Agents Hate Prospecting - 06/07/17 06:25 AM
Your success as a real estate agent starts with the right mindset. You already know what to do so why is it so hard - and why so many realtors struggle with prospecting? Why is lead generation, phone prospecting, and other methods so hard and stressful? Techniques like discipline and "just do it" work only for a short while. In this Borino LIVE you will learn that the real problem is not your motivation or your personality, but the evolution of our brains. Being nervous at first when prospecting such as calling expired listings, cold calling, or visiting FBSOs is a … (1 comments)

prospecting: How To Get Stuff Done - Putting Together An Expired Package - 06/06/17 08:35 AM
Borino's Quick Real Estate Tip.
I will walk you through a process to set up and put together your expired package quickly. This is process I use in my business and teach it to my real estate clients and students as well. Watch how to get difficult or complex projects done quickly. This will help you plan and schedule your work, get more organized and focused, and also be more efficient when it comes to your time.
How To Get Stuff Done - Putting Together An Expired Package
Author of Expired Plus -A Complete System to List Expired Listings

prospecting: GETTING MORE LISTINGS - What's Working In Real Estate - 06/05/17 06:11 AM
Why do prospects list with another agent - and how to fix it. The Ultimate Real Estate Success Formula. Setting up the lead funnel. And more... Weekly ASK BORINO LIVE Q&A show to more leads, listings, and commissions.
GETTING MORE LISTINGS - What's Working In Real Estate - Borino Coaching #122
Author of FSBORINO - A Complete System to List FSBOs

Zillow ‘Instant Offers’ launches quick-and-easy option for home sellers. Will this be the end of the real estate agents as we know it? Find out on this episode of Borino Live real estate show.
Author of FSBORINO - A Complete System to List FSBOs
Plus... Why you should never give out your business cards to prospects. 

What to do if you're doing a lead generation and it is not working. What if you're not getting enough good leads, motivated sellers, appointments and listings. How to troubleshoot your prospecting methods and strategies. 

Your … (0 comments)

prospecting: Friend In Default, Competition, FSBOs... New 'ASK BORINO' Episide - 07/29/16 03:07 AM
In the latest episode of ASK YOUR COACH BORINO we'll tackle....
How to approach an NOD seller who is also an acquaintance. You do want to help, but you have to handle their sensitive situation with respect and tact.
How to answer a lengthy email from a seller sent to agent with thousand questions about her track record and experience.
How one agent won a listing -- against four other top agents (ready to discount their commission). 
How one agent turns FSBOs into easy calls, appointments, and listings. Check out the latest episode of Borino's Real Estate Coaching "ASK BORINO" (and please leave your comments!). 
Are you a member of … (0 comments)

prospecting: Easy FSBO Script - 04/13/16 07:16 AM
FSBOs can be great leads and hot listings. The fact is the majority of FSBOs never sell on their own and end up listing with a good agent.  Just look at these NAR stats from The latest Profile Of Home Buyers And Sellers: 
Only 8% of the homes sold are FSBOs! Most of the transactions are through a real estate agent. That means OPPORTUNITY for you! 
So how do you get an appointment with even a stubborn, sceptical For Sale By Owner? Do the opposite of what everybody else is doing (which is trying to CONVINCE the seller to list with them). Bad idea … (5 comments)

prospecting: NOT Prospecting - 03/01/16 12:23 PM
I have the BEST excuses: "Too busy. Not enough time. All these distractions. Just can't get it all done."
You ever feel like NOT working? NOT prospecting? Yeah. We ALL do. It's just being human. But sometimes you don't have a choice, and then what?
Check out this new video and I'll show you three simple strategies that work for me (most of the time ;)
And just in case you're wondering - yeah, I really did forget the towel LOL
Enjoy - and let me know what works for YOU!
The Author Of Expired PLUS System

prospecting: Hate Mongers! - 01/05/16 06:25 AM
Mike writes: "Borino, I've been door knocking expireds for 2 days now and have had mixed results.  I had a guy give me a quasi-listing appt for February and I had a guy who's going to let me do a CMA on his expired listing.  That's the good news, the bad news is I don't know how to deal with the vicious, mean-spirited hate mongers who bite my head off.  How do you deal with them?"
Good start, Mike! Good to see you out there hustling — that’s what it takes.
Well, there will always be a small group of folks who will be … (4 comments)

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