prospecting: The Holiday Connector Strategy - 12/21/15 09:51 PM
Here is a strategy to execute right now - so you're off to a good start in 2016. 
The Holiday Connector Strategy
The idea is to:
1. Make more money without spending money
2. Help more people
3. Spread good will
4. Reconnect with people who can become clients in 2016
5. Get referrals without being pushy or sleazy
Why it works
Real estate is a people business. One human being helping another human being. People do business (and refer business) to people they like and trust. This strategy establishes connection and trust quickly.
How it works
According to the real estate statistics, average person knows four people who will move … (1 comments)

prospecting: Why Are The Other Agents Such A**holes? - 12/17/15 08:06 PM
My student Jessica wrote: "A lot of feedback from non-realtors that they would not welcome a realtor door knocking their homes. And I've seen a lot of realtors question the practice and call it "sleazy."
Jessica, don't trust a skinny chef! Here is what I mean...
Everybody out there has opinions and advice...and most of it is worthless. See, most agents make less than $40,000 a year. You know why? Fear. Fear of discomfort. Rejection. Fear of hard work. Deep rooted self-doubt, poor self-esteem, money issues...
So here you are, full of passion and hope and enthusiasm... All of a sudden YOU are willing to break … (62 comments)

prospecting: 15 Listings? Weird... - 05/01/14 09:29 PM
This was kinda weird. Why would an agent who is already listing AT LEAST fifteen homes per month (sometimes more) sign up for the Double Your Listings Bootcamp? Seriously, this guy has a profitable business already. He knows what to do. What to say... Where to find leads... And how to get listings. 
You know what he said? I need to keep moving. Keep learning. There is always something I can do better. So true! See, if you think about it -- your success comes down to three things:
Generating good leads. Turning those leads into solid appointments. Getting saleable, well-priced … (1 comments)

prospecting: The $1,000,000,000 Formula - 05/20/13 08:41 PM
You know, success in real estate business it’s pretty simple, really… MORE GOOD LEADS = MORE BUSINESS. I know, DUH!   Of course, you can stick with the same old ‘prospect prospect prospect‘, but seriously – is that enough? Cold calling, door knocking, farming… There is a better, easier way.   You have one billion strong audience visiting YouTube every month. Yes, you’re right… Some just watch silly dancing cats. But a big portion of folks look for real estate information: Homes. Tips. And a good agent.   And smart agents have already caught on. If you’re NOT doing video it’s time to … (2 comments)

prospecting: I Don't Feel Like It!!!! - 05/24/12 10:00 PM
Me (grown up): "Honey, finish your word study."
Lilly (6): "But I want to go outside."
Me: "You have to finish your school assignment first, honey."
Lilly: "I wanna go outside first."
Me: "Sweetie, we'll go outside, but first you need to get your homework done."
Lilly: "But I don't FEEL like it!"
Me: "....."
Sounds familiar, right? And here is the kicker....
Replace homework with PROSPECTING or FOLLOWING UP, or CALLING -- any of those things we allSHOULD be doing, and all of a sudden it's about YOU. 
I'm busy. I'll do it later. I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. 
You already know WHAT you need to do to make money in real estate. That part … (7 comments)

prospecting: It Don't Matter To Cash - 05/10/12 12:22 AM
Cash was tough. 
Living in a banged-up wheelchair, long hair, stubby bristles, and always, always hidden behind a gray veil of smoke. His voice rough and growly like a dirt road in Texas. His eyes (if you caught a glimpse) always glaring two thousand miles away. Cash knew how to close almost anybody. Charity contributions, fire alarms, cubic zirconium...
“It don’t matter to Cash!”
Shabby duck-taped headset on, endless stream of cigarettes, coffee strong enough to power a small city for a week.... “Lock ‘N Load!” You see, Cash was a telemarketing legend. Others around the office whispered stories about … (0 comments)

prospecting: "Get the hell out of my race!" - 05/08/12 09:45 PM

In 1967, Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run The Boston Marathon.
After realizing that a woman was running, race organizer Jock Semple went after Switzer shouting, "Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!" However, Switzer’s boyfriend and other male runners provided a protective shield during the entire marathon. The photograph taken of the incident made world headlines. In 1974, Katherine won the New York City marathon with a time of 3:07:29! Sign Up! Show Up! Don't Give Up!
How to Communicate with Complete Confidence - Communication PLUS

prospecting: Babyback ribs, echo back and better conversations - 05/07/12 11:57 PM
We're gonna go to Applebee's, a casual family restaurant right across from Ikea. We're not here for the 'babyback babyback ribs' right now, but to watch an experiment in progress... The place is quite busy and a young waitress is taking orders. None of the customers are aware that they are taking part in a scientific experiment by psychologist Dr. Rick van Baaren. And neither is the waitress -- her instructions are to treat all customers the same, with only one exception: With customers on the left side of the restaurant, the waitress writes down each order and repeats it back … (6 comments)

prospecting: Call me if you change your mind -- BLEH! - 12/31/11 12:23 AM
I was at a property talking to an expired listing. "We're going to wait" said the seller. "OK, call me if you change your mind", I replied. That was it. That was the best I could come up with! Call me if you change your mind??? Of course, couple of weeks later another agent listed that property. Has that ever happened to you? A great property, a promising lead... and then an objection or a question pops up and the whole conversation just dies. Clearly, the seller is interested. BUT you get stuck because you're not sure what to say or … (2 comments)

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