buyer agent boston: Somerville Condo Market Review - 02/10/15 12:36 AM
Average condos in Somerville were up 12% from Q4 2013 levels in the 2nd half of 2014.
With an average sale price of $520K in Q3 and 4 of 2014, Somerville has shown strong price appreciation over the past few years.
The lowest price condo sold during the period was $190K and the most expensive was a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath for $1.299 million.


buyer agent boston: Brookline Single Family Home Market Update - 02/10/15 12:13 AM
Looking at the data from MLSPIN for the 2nd half of 2014 we see that 96 single family homes sold in the period with an average sale price of $1.86 million.
The least expensive home sold was $445K and the most expensive was $5.988 million


buyer agent boston: Boston Two Bedroom Condos Rise 5% - 23% in 2014 - 02/09/15 03:29 AM
Boston Two Bedroom Condo Price Update  
Posted at 02/09/2015 02:23 PM by Gary Dwyer  
Prices for two bedroom condos in some of Boston's most popular neighborhoods pushed up from their 2013 levels in the second half of 2014.
When looking at where average prices were in 2013, the data from the MLSPIN is showing year-over-year increases for the average 2 bedroom condo ranging from 5% in the Downtown neighborhoods to 19% in Back Bay and 23% in East Boston.
With low interest rates and and an improving economy, I predict average prices will continue to climb in … (0 comments)

buyer agent boston: Back Bay, Beacon Hill and South End Condo Price Trends - 01/24/14 12:23 AM
Just updated the pricing trends from MLSPIN for 2007, 2011, and 2013 for Beacon Hill, Back Bay and South End 1 and 2 bedroom condos:


buyer agent boston: Arlington, MA - Condo Market Update - 01/22/14 03:51 AM
As we had seen in the data from MLSPIN for Arlington single family homes, demand is high for condos also in this community.  With steady appreciation over the last six years we saw in 2013 that the average sale price was over the average list price.


buyer agent boston: Woburn Real Estate Update - 01/22/14 02:59 AM
Just looking at the MLSPIN data for Woburn single-family properties and, like we saw in Medford and Watertown, prices have recovered from the lows we saw in 2011 and have nudged slightly above 2007 highs in 2013.


buyer agent boston: Watertown House Prices At 6 Year High - 01/22/14 02:18 AM
As we are seeing in most communities within the Greater Boston area, home prices are at or above their 2007 peaks in 2013 and showing no signs of slowing down given limited inventory and high demand.  Watertown is no exception where the average single-family home sold for $509K in 2013.


buyer agent boston: Medford Home Price Update - 01/22/14 02:03 AM
Just running some numbers from MLSPIN as to Medford single-family home price trends and in 2013 we saw a nice recovery with average home prices above 2007 levels and the average home selling for slightly above asking price indicating high-demand and low-inventory.


buyer agent boston: Average 1 Bed Brighton Condo Now $262K - 01/21/14 11:55 PM
Looking at the data from MLSPIN we see that the average 1 bedroom condo in Brighton was averaging $262K in Q4 2013 up almost $40K from Q1 2013.

buyer agent boston: Somerville Condos Going For Over Asking Price - 01/21/14 11:16 PM
Looking at the data from MLS and we saw that condos in Somerville were selling for consistently over asking price throughout 2013.  Low inventory,high-demand, and good public transportation options are driving prices higher.

buyer agent boston: Brookline Condos up 22% - 01/21/14 11:03 PM
Just running some numbers from MLSPIN for the Q4 2013 Brookline condo market - looking from Q1 2013 to Q4 2013, prices are up 22%


buyer agent boston: Renovated Properties Are The Key To South Boston's Condo Market - 01/13/14 07:00 AM
South Boston condos finished 2013 with a 10% increase over 2012 pricing with an average condo going for $484K.  
We had an average price per square foot of $475 in Q4 2013 vs. $191 in Q1 2012 indicating that buyers are willing to pay for higher quality finishes and renovated properties.


buyer agent boston: Strong JP Single Famly Market Spurs Bidding Wars - 04/19/13 03:59 AM
The single-family market in Jamaica Plain is very strong in the first quarter of 2013 with an average 11% increase from the first quarter of 2012 to 2013 (all info from MLSPIN). In the first quarter as in some other markets like Brookline, we saw that ave sale price exceeded ave list price (can you say bidding wars).
JP, with a close proximity to downtown Boston and Orange Line access, is a popular option for home buyers looking to own a single-family property within close proximity that all that Boston has to offer.
What's available to buy in JP right now? … (0 comments)

buyer agent boston: Brighton Condo Market Update - 04/19/13 03:34 AM
Brighton Condo Market Update - Q1 2013 Brighton has always been a popular area for fist time buyers or parents looking to buy a condo for their child as they attend college or grad school (a.k.a. - kiddie condo).
Just ran some comparative numbers for the first quarter of 2007, 2012 and 2013. Prices are rebounding for both the general condo market as well as the one bedroom condo market.
The low owner-occupancy of some of these buildings (most loan programs require at least 51% owner occupancy and no large block of units owned by one investor) inhibit some sales but … (0 comments)

buyer agent boston: South End Condo Market Update - Q1 2013 - 04/19/13 01:48 AM
Just ran the numbers for South End condos for sales in 1st quarter of 2007, 2012 and 2013 (data from MLSPIN)
Ave sale prices have grown from $615K in 2007 to $756K in 2013 - a 22% increase. Just from 2012 to 2013 the increase has been $17%.
It goes without saying that these are averages and each property is different - make sure you have a buyer agent that understands the market. Interested in what properties are currently on the market? Just click here -



buyer agent boston: Brookline Condos - Ave Sale Price Exceeing List Price - 04/19/13 01:41 AM
The average prices for the Brookline condo market in Q1 2013 show an ave sale price over the average list price (any buyer trying to buy in Brookline this quarter has probably had the experience of dealing with multiple-bid situations).
If you are thinking of buying in Brookline, make sure you are working with a buyer agent that knows how to win multiple bid offers. Here is a list of currently available condos in Brookline -


buyer agent boston: Back Bay Sale To List Ratios - Q1 2013 - 04/18/13 03:33 AM
Where have prices in the Back Bay gone over th past 6 years? According to the data I just pulled from the MLS - up, up and up.
Take a peek at the data from Q1 2007, Q2 2012 and Q1 2013.
Interested in the most up-to-date listings in the Back Bay - just click here - or give me a call at 617-997-5570 or e-mail me at to schedule a time to chat about your specific needs for a new home.

Posted at 04/18/2013 01:31 PM by Gary Dwyer … (0 comments)

buyer agent boston: Back Bay Sales Update - 04/03/13 12:14 AM
The spring housing market has arrived and we are starting to see more inventory hit the market.
Make sure you are up-to-date and prepared for what your dollar is going to buy you in the market place by working with an experienced and professional buyer agent as well as educating yourself as to what properties have sold recently and at what price.
Thinking about buying in the Back Bay? Here are some recent sales that will give you a feel for the market -

buyer agent boston: Deval's Tax Scheme Disasterous For Home Owners / Buyers - 04/02/13 12:17 AM
Deval Patrick's tax increase scheme is going to be a disaster for home buyers and home owners if approved and signed into law.
For current homeowners, Patrick's proposal would eliminate the current capital gain exemption threshold for gains made in a properties value. This would result in an additional tax bill of up to $30,000.00 when a home owner or investor sold a property.
For home buyers, this is going to limit the amount of available housing inventory available for sale since this onerous tax bill will discourage property owners from listing their property for sale.
The Governor further wants to … (0 comments)

buyer agent boston: New MLS Guidelines Will Benefit Buyers and Agents - 03/27/13 04:24 AM
Good news today from the board at MLSPIN (the multiple listing service that covers Greater Boston)!
The guidelines for when the status of a property is to be updated to “Under Agreement” is going to be changed. 
Under the new guidelines, the listing broker will need to update the status of a property at the time when a listing broker has fully executed offer to purchase.   Listing brokers may still use the “ACT with a Kick-out” status (ACT ), but only for those listings with an offer that has a genuine kick-out/right of first refusal contingency.

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