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deal: Short Sales - What's the DEAL? Are they a DEAL? Are they closing? - 07/29/08 10:51 AM
Back in May I wrote about short sales and if they were even worth looking at. 
Take a look here:
Well, I continue to show them and write offers on them, because it's important to me to do everything I can do to get the best house at the best price for my clients even if it is a "long shot".  (By long shot, I'm referring to getting the bank to approve the short sale.  I usually do not advocate "low-balling", but I'll save that for another post.)  
So, what's been going on since the last stats I ran on … (0 comments)

deal: Should Buyers Look at Short Sales? Are they a good deal compared to foreclosure homes? - 05/25/08 12:00 PM
Recently, this question has come up from Realtors and clients alike.  Many Realtors refuse to show "short sale" homes because they can be a huge hassle for the Realtor and extremely discouraging for the home buyer.  (I will save my opinions about why they are such a hassle and why the banks are pretty much shooting themselves in the foot when it comes to short sales for another blog.)  I have considered making it policy not to show short sales, but decided that my job is to educate my buyers and let them make the decision about whether or not … (4 comments)