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Home staging is a merging of interior design elements with marketing strategies to maximize the impact your home makes on buyers. Ambiance Staging is revolutionizing the way properties are marketed in Boulder Colorado!
I've been Meme'd by Dena Stevens!  Wow it's been a quite a while since I did one but this one looks fun and easy so I don't mind passing it along!   The rules are: 1. Grab the nearest book you lay your hands on* 2. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book or the intellectual one; just pick...
COPYRIGHT AMBIANCE DESIGN 2007 Now that I'm starting to do more interior design and interior decorating work here in Boulder, I'm in the process of going through my design oriented photos to find the projects I want to include in my interior design portfolio. I noticed that I didn't really like ...
I gotta tell ya that I'm so pleased with the ROLL we are on!  The real estate market here in Boulder County, although admittedly feeling a slowdown, is still holding strong in comparison to the state of Colorado overall... and even to many markets nationwide. However most people here in Boulder C...
I have a funny story I wanted to share with you guys (Dena I hope you read this!)....... I have been doing more and more Real Estate Photography for my Realtor clients, and I was contacted by one to do the listing photos and Real Estate Show for a vacant property. More often than not, I also will...
We just completed a staging job today at the Portland Place Condominiums that was a lot of fun to do.  It's Victorian that was split into condominiums (each averaging 950 sq. feet).   I rarely get the opportunity to stage older homes, in this case, a restored Victorian in the Mapleton Hill area. ...
....until after we've finished staging the property!  We just finished staging a home out in Longmont last week for a super sweet couple that is being re-located back to California.  They were some of the most organized people I'd met, but they still had the normal 'clutter' that is LIFE!  We met...
How do you stage around Ochre and Lime Green walls?  Well, I'm happy to report that we pulled it off (click to see our fab photos)!My partner Mary recently completed a staging job on a vacant home in South Boulder, which proved to be much easier than we first thought it was going to be.It was a v...
As we know, repeat business and referrals are critical to succeeding in the real estate industry and finding that unique way to say thank you to clients is a part of that! Ambiance Staging has found the perfect way to say THANK YOU!I have been searching for a way to express client appreciation fo...
OK so I am armed, but the dangerous part is a small stretch :) I JUST received my wireless scanner to go with my new IMagic inventory software.Fellow stagers, are you seated?  OK, I picked up the complete package of: inventory tracking/invoicing software, a wireless scanner, and barcode software ...
Are you patiently waiting by the phone for your local newspaper to suddenly call you eager to write an article about you and your company in their news column??  Yeah, so was I.... but somehow they never called. Well, wait no longer.   CALL THEM yourself.I did just that, and spoke to Greg Avery i...

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