moving: Filing a claim for loss or damage with your mover. - 07/30/08 03:50 AM
The first thing you have to remember is that your mover did not provide you with "insurance".
Regardless if you purchased additional "valuation" from your mover or elected to just move with the standard 60 cents/lb./ do not have "all risk" coverage.
#1.  If your claim is for packing damage, it is incumbent on you to keep all packing materials, so that the mover can inspect them.  Failure to do so could negate your claim on a technicality.  My advice, if you discover packing damage and your packing was done by the mover.  Stop unpacking that particular box and alert the … (0 comments)

moving: The right paper for packing... - 07/22/08 02:19 AM
Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you read the newspaper, afterwards, your fingers are black from the ink?
Well packing with regular newspaper does the same thing to your household goods.  While newspaper is plentiful and easy to come by, it is not suited for packing, especially for items that are light colored.
Professional movers will use plain white paper that comes in 20-40 lb. bundles ironically called "newsprint" or "news-stock".  It is similar in feel to regular newspaper stock, but without the ink.  My suggestion to you is to contact a local mover and see if they will GIVE you … (2 comments)

moving: Pets and moving... - 07/19/08 06:18 AM
Regardless if you are moving around the corner or across the country, pets pose a special concern during the moving process.   
On packing and moving day the doors to residence will be open...a lot!  It would be very easy for a pet to get loose.  In addition, the constant coming and going of strangers into and out of the house may be upsetting...especially to dogs.   
It's highly recommended that you make an accommodation for your pets with a trusted friend or at a local pet resort on moving day.  Why not treat your favorite friend(s) to a day at the pet spa?

moving: Moving plants on Interstate relocations. - 07/18/08 06:31 AM
Plants pose a unique challenge in the moving biz. 
Drivers may take plants, but are sometimes reluctant to do so due to the space they take up (considerable due to inability to stack anything above them), relative to the weight they add (minor).  Whatever you do, don't count on them being watered by the driver. 
Another factor to consider is that even if the driver does accept your plants as part of the shipment, should his trailer be inspected along the way (i.e. at state weighing stations, etc..) he may be forced to offload the plants, should he be ordered to do … (2 comments)

moving: Doing the "Shuttle" two step.... - 07/17/08 03:20 AM
Ahhh the shuttle.  The single biggest fly in the moving ointment.
Shuttles are OK when they are known about in advance...but when they pop up last minute you know there are gonna be fireworks!
A shuttle is called for when the large over the road tractor/trailer can not get close enough to the residence to allow for easy walking/carry of the household goods onto or off of the truck.  The items are then "shuttled" to a smaller vehicle that can get closer to the home and then into or off of the truck.
A couple of things to remember. 1. There … (0 comments)

moving: Moving Cars. - 07/15/08 12:07 PM
I get asked frequently about shipping vehicles.
The first thing to keep in mind, is that sending the car inside the moving van with the household goods is NOT the best way to ship the car, even though it would at first appear so, as it is "inside" and protected from the road and the elements.
Drivers will build a deck over the vehicle in order to maximize the space they have available within the trailer.  I can't tell you the number of times I've seen the decking partially collapse or something from above the car fall and damage the vehicle … (4 comments)

moving: YOUR MOVING QUESTIONS??? - 07/09/08 03:32 AM
If you have questions about moving, please feel free to ask me.  If the questions are relevant to the activerain community as a whole, I will blog both the question and the response.
Feel free to direct your clients my way as well with their questions, etc...
I can be contacted either here or via my website at .
Harry Lakin

moving: Moving...the movie. - 07/09/08 03:24 AM
Today, I take a break from the serious subject of moving and make a recommendation to anyone that is in the process of moving, considering moving, has ever moved, will ever move or knows someone who has or will.
Maybe it's just me, but this movie is HILARIOUS!  Two big thumbs up!!!
In 1988, Richard Pryor starred in the movie "Moving", about a guy who gets a promotion and has to move his family to Idaho.  This one may be hard to find in the local video store, but I promise you, you will roll on the floor, laughing!  Also, note … (0 comments)

moving: On Interstate moves, be sure to fill out the HIGH VALUE INVENTORY FORM!! - 07/08/08 04:50 AM
IF you purchase additional "valuation" coverage as offered by your mover (i.e. coverage in excess of the 60 cents/lb./article as provided by basic coverage), you will need to fill out a special form provided by the mover to alert them to items of "High Value".
Movers have different definitions of just what constitutes high value items.  Some define those items as items in excess of $1,000, while others define high value … (2 comments)

moving: Inventory of your items on a move. NEVER WAIVE THE BINGO SHEET! - 07/06/08 02:23 AM
Many times on a move, your driver will ask you to "waive" the "bingo sheet" at delivery. 
The bingo sheet (a mover term) is basically a grid form with hundreds of numbers on it.  As the movers bring items into the residence, they call off the number written on the moving labels they've put on each box or furniture item.  In a perfect world, each labeled item put on the truck comes off, and all items, check off the bingo sheet.  (**Please note, Interstate and Intrastate (i.e.statewide) moves will have an inventory.  Many times, local moves will not).
Waiving the bingo sheet … (6 comments)

moving: Storage of your household goods...the best kept secret! - 07/02/08 01:15 AM
If you need storage during the course of your move, this little tip could save you significant damage and frustration.
It only makes sense that the more times your furniture and other household goods are handled, the greater the likelihood of damage, right?  Well, there is a way to minimize this. 
Goods are stored at the mover's warehouse in large wooden crates, called vaults.  Vaults are generally stacked 2 to 4 high.  It is the way movers maximize their interior warehouse space.  What ordinarily happens is the moving truck comes to the residence, the movers load your items onto the truck … (3 comments)

moving: How does a mover estimate the weight of your shipment? - 07/01/08 01:51 AM
A quality estimate is the starting point for a great move.
Local moves are typically done on an hourly basis.  But, Interstate and moves within a state as well as International moves are done on the basis of weight.  So, how is this magical number derived?
Regardless if your move goes on a truck or into a contanier, there is a known volume of that container.  Think back to school and you'll remember that to get volume, you take length x width x height...from that, you get a known cubic footage.  Therefore, movers try to take every item within the residence … (0 comments)

moving: The right box for the right job. - 06/30/08 02:02 AM
Regardless if you are doing it yourself or hiring a professional mover to move you, using the right box is important.
A couple of things to consider.  First books and papers while light indiviually, become heavy very quickly when put all together.  Movers generally will use a "book box" or a 1.5 cubic foot carton for books.  When fully packed those boxes will weigh between 45 and 70 lbs.  If you were to pack the next sized box (3.0 cubic foot), the weight would double.  Moving boxes that weigh between 90 and 140 lbs. isn't easy.  Also, the heavier the box, the … (1 comments)

moving: Stuff your mover may or MAY NOT tell you... - 06/27/08 01:29 AM
Front loading washers and dryers require special service prior to moving or will most likely be destroyed in trasit.
Simply tipping these machines without the the drums being locked down correctly will render them 200 lb. paperweights.  Don't believe me?  Just try it.
Front loaders come with a special drum lock down kit at the time of delivery.  Most people discard the kits or allow the delivery guys to take it with them with other trash.  Big mistake as you will have to have that lock down kit or an after market kit to transport those machines in the future.
After … (2 comments)

moving: Tips for Moving Plasma and LCD Flat Screen TV's - 06/26/08 01:42 AM
Plasma and LCD flat screen TV's are everywhere, and moving them is not as simple as moving a traditional tube TV.
First, Plasmas and LCD's must remain vertical. Laying down these type of sets WILL damage the image quality and possibly even destroy the screen.  Second DO NOT let anything rub against the screen durring transit.  These screens are very sensitive and will scratch and rub easily.  Whatever you do, do not let the mover just throw a blanket over the set and move it that way.  You WILL end up with a damaged set.
Last...if you can manage to do so, keep … (2 comments)

moving: More Moving Myths...Insurance? - 06/25/08 04:10 AM
It's time to move, so you hire a professional mover and then buy their insurance to protect you against whatever damage or loss may occur to your things while in the mover's control....right????  
Movers don't sell insurance.  Think about it, you need a license to sell insurance!  Movers sell a product called VALUATION.  Valuation, while "insurance like" is distinctly different than insurance as it does NOT cover all risks.  Basically, unless you purchase the mover's valuation coverage the mover will provide you a bare bones 60 cents/lb./article coverage against damage or loss.  For example, a television that weighs … (2 comments)

moving: Today's Household Moving Tip - 06/24/08 01:17 AM
When packing up household goods, the natural inclination is to label the box's contents on the top of the box.  That is a mistake.
Boxes should always be labeled on the side.  That way, when they are stacked, the contents and the room they belong in will be clearly visable.
Boutique Moving has many tips to make your relocation more successful.  In the Phoenix area, we are the ones to call to professionally manage your household relocation project.

moving: Moving myths. - 06/23/08 02:46 AM
Myth One:  Get as many estimates as you can. 
Fact:  Too many estimates is a waste of time.  Boutique Moving knows the best movers in the Valley of the Sun and will assemble three qualified estimates/bids on your behalf.  Price should not be the determining factor.  Service delivery is the key to a successful move.


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