photography: Belmont Bay - Woodbridge, Virginia - 01/14/18 11:44 AM
Right where the Occoquan River and the Potomac River meet, you’ll find a delightful waterfront community called Belmont Bay. Situated less than an hour out of Washington, DC, this idyllic setting offers wonderful views, natural beauty, and the convenience of being in Northern Virginia.
For commuters and tourists alike, you’ll find a Virginia Railway Express (VRE) station right in the neighborhood that will take you directly to Union Station in the heart of Washington, DC.
The Belmont Bay Harbor is the centerpiece of the neighborhood. This floating dock system has 158 boat slips available and is accessed only through a gated security system. … (0 comments)

photography: The right Photographer for the right Job - 06/19/17 02:33 PM

If you were hiring a portrait painter, you would want an artist that specializes in portraits, not architectural renderings, right?
If you have a chronic sore throat, you would want to see a doctor that specializes in ear, nose, and throat issues, not a doctor that specializes in foot disorders.
If you’re looking to redo your kitchen, you’re not going to hire a carpet installation expert to manage the job.
In this same way, you’re not going to want to hire just any photographer to take pictures of your real estate listing. You want a photographer that has experience in real estate photography.
There’s a … (4 comments)

photography: Real Estate Marketing 101 for REALTORS - 03/04/17 09:42 AM
Marketing 101 for Real Estate Agents
Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve just started in a new career selling homes, one thing that will be on the top of your daily list is marketing. Real estate agents have to be strategic in their marketing plans and consider a variety of factors as they look for homeowners that want to sell their home and list with them. Many agencies will provide their agents with step-by-step plans and systems that you can plug into to help build your business. In case you don’t have that, or you’d like some extra marketing advice we’re … (0 comments)

photography: Not all Real Estate Photographers are created Equal - 02/01/17 01:44 PM
Not All Real Estate Photography is Created Equal
Just as you would never hire a general practice doctor to perform brain surgery, or a financial advisor to design a skyscraper, you should not hire someone that is not professionally trained and experienced at photographing homes and architecture to photograph a house.
One of the most important tools a realtor can use in selling a home successfully is an experienced, professional real estate photographer. First impressions are critical to selling a home. Most people decide within 8 seconds whether or not they're interested in a property solely based on the photographs that accompany the … (0 comments)

photography: Why You Should Use a Real Estate Photographer for your Listings - 12/30/16 02:12 PM
Why You Should Use a Real Estate Photographer for your Listings
A picture says a thousand words, right? According to, 92% of homebuyers use the internet for their new home search. They browse listings when and where it's convenient for them, using laptops, tablets, and phones. This means you need to capture their interest immediately because they will not linger on a photo longer than 20 seconds before they move on to the next listing. If the image that you're presenting as the main image of your property is not professional, appealing, and intriguing, they will move on.
Your listing photographs create … (0 comments)

photography: Why You Need a Floor Plan With Your Home Listing - 10/17/16 05:21 AM

It's standard practice when selling a home in Northern VA and Washington, DC that you would never list a home without high-quality photographs of the home, including the interior rooms and features. However, many don't realize the importance of providing professional floor plans with their home listing. A floor plan can truly mean the difference between a quick sale and a longer, drawn-out process., the UK's leading property listing website, has researched this subject and found that 1/3 of buyers were less likely to express interest in a property that did not have floor plans included in it's listing. It's the … (4 comments)

photography: "Hero Shot" for your MLS Listing - 04/10/16 07:30 AM

We just recently added Day to Dusk conversions to our Real Estate Marketing services. When you really need that "Hero Shot" for your listing and don't have the time or budget for a Twilight Shoot of your property we can do a Day to Dusk conversion of your exterior image to really make your listing stand out on the MLS. Contact us for more information.
Below is the original image of this beautiful property we shot recently in Marshall, VA.
For all your Real Estate Photography and Marketing needs please call us first. We offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee, 24-48 hour … (2 comments)

photography: Who Relies on Northern Virginia Real Estate Photography? - 03/15/16 02:51 AM
Some people appreciate quality and style, and they recognize the value in spending a little more to achieve a better end result.
They don’t just purchase the cheapest item they can find, but rather they educate themselves and source the ‘thing’ (whether it’s a product or a service) that will deliver them the highest value. Maybe the ‘thing’ will last longer, or look better, depreciate less, or provide a better return on investment.
When it comes to real estate agents choosing a photographer to work with them on creating the perfect marketing campaign, the type of agents who use Northern Virginia Real Estate … (0 comments)

photography: How To Get The Listings You've Always Wanted - 03/14/16 03:45 AM
What can a real estate agent do to pick up more listings and position themselves above the other agents in their area?
Real estate photography is important not because it sells homes, and it's not about securing a quicker sale, or getting the best possible price. Yes, it does all of those things but that’s not where the real benefit lies for you.
Real estate photography sells real estate agents.
When an agent consistently uses high quality images, it makes THEM look good, and brings in more listings for THEM. Note that I will emphasise the word “consistently”, because if you only … (0 comments)

photography: Before & After Mid Century Modern Holmes Run - 03/05/16 01:26 AM
Before & After Mid Century Modern Holmes Run
Lat year we had the unique opportunity to shoot a property that was being offered in Historic Holmes Run, our 10th shoot in this neighborhood, that was being offered to investors as a complete renovation. The property sold and several months passed. The REALTOR representing the investor loved the images I shot of this home even in its less than best presentaion, and called me to shoot the home after it's renovation! I loved being able to see the before and after of this beautiful Mid Century Modern in Falls Church. The investors and … (0 comments)

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