refinance: When To Buy When Money's Tight - 08/26/16 06:25 AM
When to buy a home – Financially speaking
         The best time of the year to buy a home may depend on your current situation (employment, kids in school, rent expiring).            Most people prefer to buy a home between April and August or from November to December. However, during this time, since most people are looking to buy, demand is higher which tends to drive prices up.          During the off-months, there is less demand and therefore prices tend to drop, however, there may be less to choose from.          As always, interest rates fluctuate throughout the year and … (2 comments)

refinance: Read this before Refinancing your home! - 04/26/16 08:25 AM
When is it a good time to refinance? When the rate is 1% lower than your current rate? When you are able to reduce the number of years in paying off the mortgage? When you are able to get away from your current lender? When you are able to get a no-closing cost loan from the lender? When you want to pull money out to rehab the property? When you want to consolidate debt into the loan? When you want a fixed rate instead of your current adjustable rate? When you want to pay for a vacation, a new car, or … (0 comments)

refinance: Knowing this can keep a disaster from happening - 04/18/16 10:41 PM
Failure to check these things out can break a deal before it hits the Processor’s desk so it’s important to know that the Loan Officer did his or her due diligence in pre-qualifying the buyer.
Disputed accounts
When an account is disputed, any negative or positive impact on the score is removed. That means that the score given by the credit bureau may not be the actual score. Why? Because the applicant is stating that the account is inaccurate and therefore the bureau is required to keep the negative or positive account out of the credit score.
Ever wonder why the credit scores from … (1 comments)

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