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Superior, CO. 80027.   First and foremost, if you are considering a move to, or are being relocated to Superior Colorado, I want to start by saying 'Welcome!'. I love this town very much, which is why I live here. More importantly, I love helping people buy and sell their homes here in Superior. ...
 It's cold outside, so you should stop selling real estate...   That's right, it's that time of year again where we blame a lack of business on climate change... Because we all know that temperature is what drives the Real Estate market (obviously). It certainly has nothing to do with the fact th...
There is much speculation as to whether or not the decision has already been made, and the government is just holding off on the announcement in order to create a surge of buyers. Although I hope that it gets extended and expanded to everyone, I really think that we would've known by now, regardl...
  Superb advice to all agents.   Old story........drunk man sitting by the walks up and sits next to says........boy, you sure look terrible. drunk and sitting on the curb in your underwear. .... man never lifts his head...just belches and mumbles........if you th...
Below you will find the most recent Denver SSE statistics. Although presenting some less than impressive figures, there are several positive aspects to be seen here. Inventory is down over 12% since last year, and prices appear to be stabilizing and beginning to rise. These are positive traits.  ...
  I hope this passes, banks have been imposing their will with no regards to real estate laws and regulations. There needs to be order.   Four senators are putting their muscle behind a new housing bill intended to prohibit lenders operating in the U.S. from foreclosing on home owners without fir...

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