tips: My Offer Has Been Accepted, What Should I Expect? - 06/24/11 06:48 AM
My Offer Has Been Accepted, What Should I Expect?
What to expect after a buyers offer has been accepted. Being prepared and informed in a real estate transaction is key to keeping a transaction smooth and efficient. When it comes to working with buyers we strive to educate from A-Z. If you have any questions on whether you can buy, please give us a call today!

Brendan and Brenda Winans are full time professional Realtors®. To search through thousands of California listings, please click the link/logo below.

Brendan P. Winans REALTOR ® CNE CNAS Coldwell Banker Preferred, … (4 comments)

tips: Don't Fear Short Sales! - 06/08/11 11:50 AM
Don't Fear Short Sales!
Short sales are something, that in our market, you can not shy away from, as a buyer, since they make up 75% of all the homes on the market. For some sellers that are in a financial hardship situation the are faced with exiting their mortgage through a short sale. As full time agents we have the opportunity to represent both sides. In our experience we have learned that there are valuable tips for both buyers, sellers and agents that will make the process a lot smoother.
Select to work with an agent that … (1 comments)

tips: I've had a foreclosure, when can I buy? - 06/07/11 10:43 AM
I've had a foreclosure, when can I buy?
Many people ask how long will it take for them to be able to purchase a home after a foreclosure; short sale or bankruptcy. The market has changed and there are banks out there that understand the economic housing situation. In this live blog I review an idea of the time periods pertaining to eligibility in purchasing a property after credit has been effected in a derogatory manner.


tips: Buyers: Successful steps in purchasing a home. - 06/06/11 06:07 AM
Buyers: Successful steps in purchasing a home.
In this episode, Brenda discusses important steps to take during the home buying process. Brenda covers interviewing an agent, getting pre-qualified, searching for homes in an effective/efficient manner, and moving towards escrow quickly and smoothly.

Brendan P. Winans REALTOR ® CNE CNAS Coldwell Banker Preferred, Realtors® DRE# 01888079 M | 310.795.7214  

tips: How To: Successfully Purchase A Home - 06/06/11 04:58 AM
How To: Successfully Purchase A Home
First, work with a seasoned agent that is in tune, and successful, with the current market conditions!!! There are a lot of buyers that are seeking a great home, a great interest rate, a great deal, a great pool, and many times there are great headaches involved. We have created a plan to educate and try to minimize the stress of house hunting for our buyers. Communication along the process is key to keep connected and in tune with the events that are happening. There are steps that we have established that help our clients to work in sync with us. Discuss your needs and wants. Have your … (0 comments)

tips: Short Sales - 05/31/11 12:51 PM
The short sale topic will be addressed in this blog answering common questions that many home owners have pertaining to the details of a short sale. Common questions are answered such as: Who qualifies for a short sale? How long is the process? When can I purchase another home again after a short sale? How many years does it effect your credit? Can a family member purchase your home? It is very important for homeowners understand their option of a short sale since a foreclosure is far worse in the length of period that it damages your credit, essentially limiting ar … (2 comments)

tips: Sellers Offering A Home Tour, Do You Recommend It? - 05/18/11 04:28 AM
Sellers Offering A Home Tour, Do You Recommend It? I get asked this question often, and I do not have a "one answer fits all response". It all depends on the situation.  Let me share my experience of a home tour that was a complete surprise for our buyers and ourselves, just a few weeks ago.  We were showing properties in a very exclusive and desirable area where there are not a lot of homes are for sale.  This home, in particular, was a bit overpriced and had been on the market for a while.  The appointment was scheduled as normal, but when I knocked on the door I … (2 comments)

tips: What's a Short Sale?! - 11/09/10 04:32 AM
What's a Short Sale?!
Even if you're new to the business, this would seem like a silly question. The majority of the currently real estate market consists primarily of short sales. On almost a daily basis my wife and I are explaining to consumers what a short sale is. This is something we're more than happy to do. After all, it's our job to educate the masses on how we work and what their options are in selling their homes. What gets me (every single time) is when an agent who is active in this market, truly doesn't understand what a … (2 comments)

tips: Have you Googled yourself lately? - 10/27/10 06:58 AM
Have you Googled yourself lately? 
... if so, do you like what you see?
First of all, if you would've asked someone that same question 10 years ago, you probably would've been slapped in the face and called several unmentionable names. 
But as we move forward with technological advances, and begin to incorporate technology pieces in every aspect of our business, it becomes imperative to ensure that you're taking advantage of all that is available to you.
Now, it would be all too unrealistic to assume that every avenue in which you place your name, number, and photo … (6 comments)

tips: Dollars-N-Sense: The Buyer's Dilemma. - 06/02/10 11:30 AM
Dollars-N-Sense: The Buyer's Dilemma.
Brenda Robison of Coldwell Banker in Bakersfield CA. recently did an radio interview regarding homebuyers and some of the most common issues that arise when trying to purchase a home in today's market.
Brenda Robison can be reached as follows: 

When working with an agent, it behooves oneself to interview strong, active agents. In today's market it's vital for an agent to screen properties BEFORE taking a buyer to see them. So often a property may be active on the market but may have multiple offers on it, or may already be pending.
Please … (0 comments)

tips: 2009 is going to be a good year! - 12/29/08 08:46 AM
2009 is going to be a good year!
Wow, it isn't even here yet and 2009 is already looking to be a good year! Staying busy over the holidays is starting to pay off! Yet another one of my listings went under contract in under 30 days! (not trying to brag or anything but.... OH YEAH!) ;)
I have a bunch of business lined up to start my year off right. What it can be attributed to is, essentially, my inability to sit still! Here is a list of how I kept busy.
Any business that didn't HAVE … (15 comments)

tips: Maybe you shouldn't keep your chin up... Maybe you should quit. - 10/29/08 02:50 AM
Wow... pretty negative title huh? hear me out...
So for those of you that have read a vast majority of my blogs, you should know by now that I try to motivate Realtors by using the tough love technique. It usually says something like "stop complaining" and "start working".
And although that works for me (and yes that means I'm making money in this market) I still hear people complaining, whining, crying... everything BUT working. 
So I got to thinking, maybe these people are simply not ABLE to adapt to this economic climate. Maybe they are wired a little different and … (9 comments)

tips: Someone asked me "How do you do it?"... And I viewed them as my superior. - 10/23/08 01:34 AM
Wow... I'm honored *Crowed Cheering Noise in the background* um first of all I'd like to thank all the people who got me here....
No but seriously people, I was asked this question not too long ago, by someone considered to be a veteran in the business. To tell you the truth, it was not the first time I've been asked this.
First off, do I deserve these questions? Personally, I don't think so. I've only been doing what I've been taught to do, and what I THOUGHT every agent was doing (and lately I've been doing … (4 comments)

tips: You WILL NOT save money by NOT using a Realtor! - 10/22/08 05:37 AM
OK... it's time to clear up this massive misconception. Just because your friend's ex-girlfriend's sister's boyfriend's brother sold his modular home by himself, doesn't mean you are going to save money by selling real estate without an agent. This holds true for BOTH sides of the deal. 
Let us start with the buyer, because that is the most basic concept...
You will not save any money (and will most likely spend MORE money) by buying a home without the representation of a Realtor.
Allow me to elaborate...
I will start by making the legal disclaimer that ALL commissions are negotiable … (2 comments)

tips: The uneducated cannot teach the uneducated! - 10/20/08 11:32 AM
I was thinking on this subject after reading a fantastic post by Billy Manders entitled "Helping High School Kids Become Financially Educated...". A concept that came to mind, whilst pondering this nugget of a post... Is the fact that "You won't know, what you don't know, about a subject until you try to teach it". Go ahead.. soak that one up for a second...
... Okay, so my question is. How, as a population, do we expect to teach our children sound financial practices if we don't even know them ourselves?
Not only do we need to get ourselves … (5 comments)

tips: Close More Deals by Listening More and Talking Less - 10/20/08 09:31 AM
Close More Deals by Listening More and Talking Less
Getting the listing is dependent on many factors of course, but this short piece is about the value of listening. I don't imagine this will be a hard sell to anyone reading this. We all know it's important, but do we do it? One of the most dramatic and helpful things you can sometimes (and it's one of my personal favorites) is to simply shut up. A brief pause in communication gives breathing room and get yield very good results. Shutting your mouth for a bit and letting the conversation breath … (5 comments)

tips: Flexibility pays my bills... but does it hurt my name? - 10/20/08 07:19 AM
So... I'm a certified specialist in luxury real estate through Century 21 Fine Homes & Estates. However, given the current state of things, I've been more flexible lately in the sense that I've been working leads and deals that would be considered "outside my niche". This has opened up a lot of business for me and has been bringing in consistent income. So that's good right?
My concern is how this effects my image. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that working these deals some how gives me a bad image.. no. What I'm saying I've been working hard … (6 comments)

tips: What could I have done? ... I HAD to call the police. - 10/16/08 02:58 PM
Ok, so I've been in real estate for a little while now. I absolutely love my work, I feel (with out being overly arrogant) that I'm pretty good at what I do. Just given the amount of time I've been in the business, I can already write a book on "weird experiences". My most recent one came to an end (or so I hope) this morning. Here it goes:
So two days ago, I get a call on one of my "investor special" listings in downtown Denver. It was a female, and she was asking if anyone had called animal … (85 comments)

tips: Come Home to Your Investment - 10/16/08 07:14 AM
Come Home to Your InvestmentWith the recent volatility in the stock market, home buyers are getting off the roller coaster and parlaying their finances into their home. Over the long term, real estate has proven to be the most reliable investment. (And, why not live in your investment?) Despite what Wall Street wants you to believe, owning a home isn't so stupid after all.Top Five Reasons why you get more for your money compared with renting or playing the Stock Market:1.  Leverage. No Stock Market investment of $200,000 can be bought for as little as $20,000 cash to close.  You'll own the entire home and get … (1 comments)

tips: I thought business was supposed to dwindle at this time... - 09/05/08 02:30 AM

Here we go again! Yet another occurrence where I make the mistake of believing was most Realtors say about MY business HA! I really should learn more from these mistakes rather than making them twice... or three times. Here's the deal, once again it's NOT as complicated as we make it. I look at a vast majority of Realtors who are prepping their business for bed. Putting on a nightgown to take a four or five month nap, and what do they talk about whilst putting on these garments of rest? How they're about to take a huge hit because business … (13 comments)

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