people: The Cardinals plane is scheduled for an on-time departure tomorrow - 10/30/13 12:05 AM
The Cardinals plane is scheduled for an on-time departure tomorrow
Middlebrooks won't be obstructing the Cardinals' return flight to St. Louis tomorrow morning!
This photo is on the internet because a sportscaster was asked if Middlebrooks was also responsible for the 7-hour runway delay of the Cardinals plane last night. It's said the Cardinals are in good spirits today. That attitude will be somewhat different by about 9 p.m tonight, I reckon!

 Middlebrooks obstructing the runway, delaying the Cardinals plane by seven hours
I love Turning Houses into Homes by helping people like you sell and buy … (10 comments)

people: Carolyn McLaughlin Yovan's purple flower - 08/02/13 10:01 AM
Carolyn McLaughlin Yovan's purple flower I have a friend I've never met. She spent time in Telluride with some friends of mine, but I never met her when she was there. She's been back lately . . . but after I left. I have been amazed at her paintings and, through the magic crystal ball of the internet, followed her life as it has unfolded over the past couple of years.
Here is the culmination - to date, and in my opinion - of the evolution and trajectory of her work. Did the room grow around the blooming flower or … (3 comments)

people: Fort Desperate - Duxbury's role in the Civil War - 06/16/13 09:06 AM
To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society has created a blog chronicling Duxbury's soldiers' and civilians' experiences.

Today's post, for June 14, begins:
The second Union assault on Port Hudson, Louisiana took place 150 years ago today on June 14, 1863. It was, in hindsight, a hopeless and reckless assault for those Federal troops that attacked the forts and trenches outside one of the last Confederate strongholds on the Mississippi River. Among those Union troops were a significant number of Duxbury men. . . .
Read more of this and other fascinating … (5 comments)

people: Thomas Dowd's photograph - 05/07/13 10:41 PM

I offer you Thomas Dowd's photograph for Wordless Wednesday. If you missed my post about his work, please take a look here.
This photo is an aerial view of the Bluefin Inlet, Powder Point and, in the background, the barrier sands of Duxbury Beach that protect the northern half of Duxbury Bay, Kingston Bay and Plymouth Bay.
For more from Thomas Dowd, please visit Zenfolio.

people: Thomas Dowd, Photographer - 05/07/13 05:41 AM
Thomas Dowd, Photographer
A lifelong resident of the South Shore, Thomas Dowd is a photographer who revels in the beauty of our smal corner of the planet. It shows in his vibrant, breathing portrayals of the landscape, whether his feet are on the ground or a thousand feet in the air.
Remember dark rooms? Tom is glad that the days of developing his pictures in the darkness of a room filled with trays of chemicals is over. Now, like nearly every photographer, his vision, once it is captured on a digital canvas, takes shape in a photo editor. The results are … (9 comments)

people: The King of Diamonds, Harry Winston - 04/05/13 04:55 AM
Alyson Pitarre, writing for Coldwell Banker Previews, has a nice piece about The King of Diamonds, Harry Winston, in the current issue of Homes and Estates magazine.
She gives us an overview of the story of the 601-carat diamond, Lesotho, part of which became Jacqueline Kennedy's engagement ring.
Then there's the 128.25-carat "Ice Queen" that was so blindingly bright that when Eugenie Niarchos wore it out, "the city lights went dim by comparison".
There's a new book about Harry Winston called Harry Winston. It sounds like an interesting story about a passionate man. I am going to read it; let me … (3 comments)

people: Cape Auto, Plymouth - My Highest Recommendation AND Oil Change Coupon - 02/26/13 05:16 AM
In my business, it's all about service.  That's why I love to see and receive excellent service.  To get my loyalty and my repeat business, it's enough to do a good job and be nice about it.  To get my recommendation -- to have me refer business to you and tell my friends about you -- you have to be REALLY good at what you do and the way you deliver it.  To get me to promote you, well . . . you've got to be the best.
The owner of Cape Auto in Plymouth, Massachusetts, Dave Gallerani, gave me two … (3 comments)

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