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I keep watching the news and the doom and gloom media crisis and I find myself shaking my head. Our market here in southern Arizona did slow down and the number of homes on the market went up. What you don't hear, is how many markets are holding steady and maintaining decent sales. The mortgage i...
We know this business is all about networking and branding yourself. Realtor Magazine has an article called "3 Mistakes to Avoid When Introducing Yourself" and it got me thinking about first impressions and introductions. I am in my first year in this industry and would love to know what some of ...
This morning I am reading the latest real esate news as I do every morning before I head out and I see an article called "Dumping the Real-Estate Agent Can Spur Home Sale" by John F. Wasik.  ( types of art...
We all know the market is in a correction and clients are getting harder to find. I have noticed the casual dress of most real estate professionals these days and it got me thinking. I still believe that a significant part of a clients decision in choosing a real estate professional is based on n...
We are in a serious market change. I have been thinking about new marketing ideas and what is going to be important in this market. As the market changes it is more important to have an outlet for learning, sharing and educating not only ourselves, but our clients. I approached a radio station an...
OK, I need some help. I am working on a farm letter and need some help. I don't know if I am on the right track. I want to send out farm letters and follow-up with a personal visit to introduce myself. Here is the letter I have written and want to know what you guys think. Mr. & Mrs. John Doe,"Ju...
I am in my first year as an agent. I have already taken some continuing education classes on topics that I want to learn more about and improve my knowledge and skills. I have been researching designations and it sounds like the education should help me improve in specific areas, my question real...
As market conditions continue to go into a normal market, agents have to work for and earn listings. I have spent quite a bit of time developing a power point presentation for listing appointments. I am quite proud of it, however I have not used it yet. I find myself taking my laptop to listing a...
I did a blog yesterday about bait websites ( I use to test content and keywords while linking back to my main website. I use for my domain names which come with a free five page website. It really is the cheapest...
Well, I have read a bunch of different opinions on bait sites. SEO is a big deal when you realize how many buyer's are looking on the Internet before calling an agent. I have been working ever angle I can find to improve my website ranking. I have now added five bait sites. I figure the link back...

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