brad snyder: What do you believe in? Back to Basics Real Estate. - 11/22/11 12:37 PM
My success in Real Estate depends on relationships. My client relationships can only prosper and grow if I continually improve myself, and the work I do. I recognize however, that success is not measured by sales; commissions, and numbers alone. I measure success by the way in which I achieve my goals. I believe that a commitment to uncompromising values and integrity should always guide my decisions and actions as I pursue my goals. The following are the core values that form the foundation of my measurement of success:
I believe in providing legendary service. My goal is … (4 comments)

brad snyder: Real Wishes Foundation by Southern Arizona Association of REALTORS - 10/02/11 03:14 PM
Topic: Real Wishes Foundation by Southern Arizona Association of REALTORS®Guest: Patti Miller from Tierra Antigua Realty
SOUTHEAST ARIZONA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® - 125 S. Second Street, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 - (520) 458-7802
04/30/2011 Today we are going to talk about the “Real Wishes Foundation”. Since the establishment of the Foundation and its Board we have worked hard to find ways, as a group of REALTORS, we can give back to our community.

brad snyder: 100,000 Points on A/R, my Broker License and Sales Are Good! - 05/16/10 12:51 PM
WOW!! What a year 2010 is shaping up to be and it is only May. I have surpassed the 100,000 point level here on Active Rain, I have gotten my Broker license and sales are great. People ask me all the time how the real estate market is and I have to say it is subjective. What do I mean they ask..... I have Friends in the business who are not having as good of year. I know agents who are waiting tables and working in other jobs to make ends meet. I hear sellers that sound like selling their home … (8 comments)

brad snyder: Cochise County Arizona Sold Market Analysis - 03/09/10 10:50 AM
Sold Market Analysis
(Residential Listings)
February 2010
Another average month here in Sierra Vista. First time home buyers are still dominating the market and being in a military town.... VA loans are the loan of choice. 

brad snyder: Is e-mail killing the Real Estate Agent? - 03/08/10 02:03 PM
Communication is and has been the key to building a great real estate client base or "sphere of influence". In the past few years technological innovation starting with e-mail, text messages, our websites, blackberry and many more innovations has made it easier than ever to stay connected to our clients 24-7 and I have not even mentioned blogging, facebook and twitter. It is easy to see all the advantages of instant and constant contact options.
My question is this..... has all the technology caused us to lose the true art of real communication. I have become and e-mail junky. It is … (9 comments)

brad snyder: Buy Used or Build New?? - 03/05/10 11:49 PM
New home sales are still slow and financing new construction is tougher than it used to be.... however building your dream home is still an option. You can ask yourself a few questions that can help you decide which option is better for you.......
Building may be better if:
    * You already own land or can buy an area at a suitable location within your budget.
    * You have easy access to building materials.
    * You know a good contractor who is trustworthy and capable of finishing your project on time and within your budget.

brad snyder: Property Management Referral Fees?? - 03/05/10 11:31 PM
I manage about 100 single family homes in Southern Arizona and have grown from about forty a year and a half ago. My goal a year and a half ago  was to be at 200 in two years. I have made progress with word of mouth and online marketing however I am not gaining the ground I had hoped.
How are you growing your property management portfolio?
Do any of you offer agent referrals and do they work?
What advertising has brought you the best results?
Thanks for your ideas.
Brad SnyderSierra Vista

brad snyder: Happy New Year to all! - 12/31/09 02:39 PM
Another year comes to end and its time for the new year to dawn, bringing with it new aspirations, new resolutions and new hope..May the New Year bring you happiness, joy, good health, prosperity and a lot of luck.

brad snyder: Merry Christmas from Arizona - 12/25/09 12:49 AM
Merry Christmas!! This is the holiday of all holidays. People anticipate the coming of the end of the year because of all the fun and festivities that Christmas can bring. Families reunite, enemies end feuds, friends create more memories. It’s Christmas time. It’s the time to go out and enjoy the beautiful life God has blessed us with. -- Most Sincerely, Brad Snyder, e-Pro REALTOR/Property Manager Sierra Vista Realty


brad snyder: Real Estate Warrior - 09/10/09 02:49 AM
Friends, Realtors, countrymen, lend me your ears.
The evil that inexperience and indifference does to our profession must end; the good is oft lost in their wake; so let the winds of change begin with the Real Estate Warrior.
The noble new agent of the future is ambitious: If it so, He will excel to greatness never before achieved, he will be an honorable agent; So much so that all honorable agents to come will speak of his greatness. His clients will say he was my friend, faithful and just to me.
He hath brought many happy buyers and sellers … (2 comments)

brad snyder: I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day! - 09/07/09 01:59 AM
I want to wish everyone a happy Labor Day! I hope you’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with friends and family, away from the rush of work or the concerns of money, and really enjoy the important things in life.
Whether you're treating yourself to some fun with friends and family, or using your free time to do home projects, I hope you're capitalizing on this national holiday! I'll definitely be doing some cooking today and hopefully getting some long-overdue projects done. Cheers! Have a good one.
Brad SnyderRealtor and Property ManagerSierra Vista


brad snyder: Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude. Its what we need. - 08/23/09 12:26 PM
Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude..... A positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and a successful outcome of every situation and action and that includes the economy. It’s about psychology! Yes, this economy is getting better, and the real estate market is improving, but not as quickly we all would like. But, because confidence is being restored, everything looks better.
I believe in the power of positive thinking... and negative thinking as well. If your life is not what you want it to be, and you are thinking how bad the situation is will make you believe that there is … (1 comments)

brad snyder: Real Estate Teams for Property Managagement? - 08/23/09 04:27 AM
There are many blogs regarding Sales Teams and my question is for property managers. How do you create a Team for Property Management? What are the pitfalls? How many properties should you have before you create a team?
I took over our porperty management department a year ago with 40 properties and expanding it to almost 100. It is generating sales leads both from tenants and owners who are looking to add additional untis however the time involved in doing both sales and property management is challenging.
Any advice would be appreciated.
Brad SnyderRealtor and Property ManagerSierra Vista

brad snyder: Car Grahics? Good, Bad, or the Great Cheap Advertising - 08/20/09 04:01 PM
OK folks. There is a great devide here on the Rain about car graphics, magnets and wraps for advertising the real estate professional. I have sold two home off a set of $90 car magnets and when I picked up a spare truck to use for putting up signs and general real estate errands...... I broke down and added some graphics. This is not my primary vehicle and I do beleive it will generate some interest. So..... give me your thoughts. Too much, not enough or aa bad idea??
Brad Snyder


brad snyder: Acceptance Speech for the "70,000 Point" Acheivement - 08/20/09 03:11 PM
Wow. I hit 70,000 points today and thought it was like winning an oscar and I needed to write an acceptance speach:
Brad Snyder's Acceptance Speech for the "70,000 Point" Acheivement:Thank you! Oh! Thank you! I can hardly believe this! I feel so lucky! And this honor- it's so special! Oh, thank you again! I just want everyone to know that I never thought in my wildest hallucinations that I would reach 70,000 points (yeah I know many people are over 100,000 but don't rain on my parade), I never would have imagined that this could ever happen to me. And … (6 comments)

brad snyder: Economy and Housing Update for Cochise County - 08/20/09 02:46 PM
Topic: Economy and Housing Update for Cochise CountyGuest: Robert Carreira Director, the Center for Economic Research
Listen to this episode    Download this episode (right click and save) Center for Economic Research - (520) 515-0500 or (800) 966-7943
07/04/2009 Today we are going to talk about the local economy and the housing market with Robert Carreira Director, the Center for Economic Research and find out what they do over at Cochise College.
Brad SnyderSierra Vista Real


brad snyder: Cochise County Land Facts and Information with Brad Snyder - 08/20/09 02:42 PM
Topic: Cochise County Land Facts and InformationGuest: Kate Hotz from Haymore Real Estate 
Listen to this episodeDownload this episode (right click and save)
Haymore Real Estate – 500 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 – (520) 458-2711
07/18/2009 Buying and selling land can be very different from buying a home. It normally requires the services of a real estate professional who has a extensive knowledge of the challenges that come with land sales. Today we are going to talk with Kate Hotz at Realtor with Haymore Real Estate and I will be making a special announcement toward the end of … (0 comments)

brad snyder: Desert landscaping facts on Open House Radio - 08/20/09 02:40 PM
Topic: Desert landscaping facts (Co-Host Kate Hotz)Guest: Dave from Southwest Desert Images

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Southwest Desert Images - www.southwestdesert.com4938 E Buffalo Soldier Trail, Sierra Vista, AZ 85650-7002 - (520) 803-0063
 07/25/09 warm weather is here and most of us have gone outside and realized our yards need work. Its easy to overlook your landscaping when you hang out inside, but now it’s time to get your yard in order.
Brad SnyderSierra Vista


brad snyder: Manuafactured Home Update - Open House Radio Podcast - 08/20/09 02:38 PM
Topic: Manuafactured Home UpdateGuest: Chuck Pinbrook from Clayton Homes

 Listen to this episodeDownload this episode (right click and save)
Clayton Homes- S Avenida Escuela, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-2964 - (520) 458-5400  08/01/09 Today we talk about what is happening in the manufactured home business and the new green movement in manufactured home building.
“Open House” is a radio show dedicated entirely to the subject of Sierra Vista and Cochise County real estate. My name is Brad Snyder and I'm a REALTOR and Property Manager at Sierra Vista Realty and I host the show. This program has been designed to … (0 comments)

brad snyder: Interview with Arizona’s Real Estate Commissioner - 08/20/09 02:27 PM
It was an honor to have the new Commissioner for the Arizona Department of Real Estate as a guest on my weekly real estate radio show. If you are interested in what is happeneing here in Arizona click play below......
Topic: Interview with Arizona’s Real Estate Commissioner  Guest: Commissioner Judy Lowe

Listen to this episodeDownload this episode (right click and save)Arizona Department of Real Estate - W. Congress, Suite 523, Tucson, AZ 85701 - 520-628-6940
08/15/09  On May 14, 2009 Governor Jan Brewer appointed Judy Lowe Commissioner for the Arizona Department of Real Estate. It is honor today that … (0 comments)