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Real Estate Sales Representative - Keller Williams - 302218
I strive to make each and every one of my clients feel like my priority. My blog helps me to express my thoughts, learn more about the industry and keep striving to be the best possible real estate agent that I can become.



I have the ugliest signs in the world, but the sellers love them!I have bright yellow signs with red and black lettering!  Rest assured they stand out!!Driving through a neighborhood at night, you could drive right by the normal signs, but there is no missing this one.My sellers agree that they a...
I am a mom of four, 18,17,14,and 5.I guess to some I might not be real professional, but most people like that I am just me and comfortable enough to show it.ONe of my girls is in another state going to college.  My other two older girls, they help me build my business when I need their help, and...
It is open house day!People are coming and going and your wishing that you had an edge, which might just bring you an offer.Well, as my husband and I were driving around a subdivision that I have listing presentation at tomorrow, it dawned on me.(Here I go out of the box again)  After your prospe...
I am curious if there is a way to be in two different counties?I went out today and took about 40 pictures for the county I live in, but its not the only one I work.  I just dont want to spend a lot of time if it isnt going to get noticed.....greedy huh?  lolThanks in advance!Brande BradfordBradf...
I am an online junkie.  I constantly scour the internet looking for the latest marketing ideas.  My husband keeps telling me to focus focus focus!Since joining active rain, I have been doing a lot of lurking and trying to learn all I can from those that are "Successful".  Keep in mind that I work...
I am not sure how big of areas everyone farms, however, if you print or email newsletters to your farming area, give this concept a try and watch how your area reacts.I will be honest and tell you that I just started doing newsletters in this fashion for real estate, but it worked well in other b...
My real passion for the business comes through the challenge of marketing the business.  I feel that if you market smarter and use less time doing it, your bound to get ahead.  One aspect of marketing that I dont see mentioned very often is joint venture marketing.You know those mailers that you ...

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