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Real Estate Sales Representative - Keller Williams - 302218
I strive to make each and every one of my clients feel like my priority. My blog helps me to express my thoughts, learn more about the industry and keep striving to be the best possible real estate agent that I can become.
Buffing Up Your House To Sell It Sellers are always asking, what can I do to help make my home sell faster. What can be done around the home to make it look more appealing to those potential buyers. The answer is a simple one, but you will need to be in the mood to do the work. You don't need to ...
Targeting Messages For Your Audience-Part 3 Realizing Your Position If you missed the first two parts, follow both links. Targeting Messages And Your Audience-Part 1 Targeting Messages And Your Audience - Part 2 Today, people are able to tune out messages, advertisements of all sorts, that don't ...
When someone talks to us or when we talk to them, we need to make sure our communication is proficient. Especially being in sales, if we are not paying close attention to the conversation on both ends, we can be misleading or we can mislead. No matter what industry, group, public speaking events,...
Can't Get Results From Not Taking Any Action Everyone wants to be a success in whatever they do, but not everyone will be a success. Those who fail to reach their success are the ones that don't take any action. Taking action is what seperates the successful ones from the dreamers. I say dreamers...
How To Find A Good Agent How do you find a good agent and what makes them a good agent? Everyday it seems as though home prices are continuously dropping a little bit making more of a buyer's market. Alot of areas are starting to see sales growths due to this. You need to have a realtor who knows...
What You Need To Know About Contengencies Let me start by telling you what a contingency is. It is a formal clause in a real estate contract, that specifies particular conditions that must be met by either the seller or the buyer in order to proceed to the next step in the contract. Contingencie ...
What To Look For In Neighborhoods Have you known anyone or even yourself that bought a house in a neighborhood that looked great and soon found out that it was a disaster? I knew a family who found a gorgeous house in an area that they fell in love with, of course, the neighborhood was quiet duri...
Targeting Messages For Your Audience-Part 2 If you missed the first part, follow the link below. Targeting Messages And Your Audience-Part 1 The next thing you need to do before you go any further is figure out just who it is your trying to reach. One of the biggest mistakes anyone who is adverti...
Understanding Body Language Everyone has body language and sometimes they don't realize that they are showing their feelings more through that, than when they verbally express them. Sometimes we speak without even saying a word. This is a very powerful tool to use when in sales, if you are able t...
Visualize Practicing Everyone of us has heard that good ole saying "practice makes perfect." But how often do any of us really have time to try and practice what we are going to do or going to say to someone before we have to actually do it? We don't, that is why we can use a very reliable techni...

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