personal brand: Scott Hudspeth shares 3 “laws” that helped make him super ‘lucky’ and successful! - 02/19/20 11:43 AM
Tonya & Michael of BrandFace interview Scott Hudspeth from Agent Mastermind. Scott talks about what it takes to 'get lucky'. Scott shared 3 “laws” that helped make him super ‘lucky’ and successful in the mortgage industry. And the best part? These laws apply no matter what business you’re in!
Personal Branding for Business Owners, Entrepreneurs & Real Estate Pros.

personal brand: Which One Are You? - 02/06/17 06:10 AM
You don’t have to own your own business to become the face of a business or brand.  A BrandFace® can be a CEO, president, manager, child of an owner, home-based business expert or anyone in a situation where they are likely to represent the business for an extended period of time. They are, in effect, the 'face' behind the brand.  Real estate agents are a prime example of a BrandFace® because they are the recognizable and direct connection to the consumer (among other reasons).
Regardless of which position you hold, we’ve found that most BrandFace® prospects fall into three different categories:  GameFace, SaveFace and AboutFace.  Knowing where you stand right now will … (0 comments)

personal brand: 5 Fresh New Approaches To Content Marketing - 01/31/17 09:22 AM
A couple of weeks ago we were conducting a workshop when we were asked two excellent questions about content marketing:
People don’t want to hear from a roofing company every day. So how do you produce fresh and interesting content for social media that goes beyond your core services (roofing, automotive, plumbing, landscaping, etc.) and yet ties back to your business? Can you extend your social media presence and content to include personal things (like your hobbies) and how does that affect your overall business image? The workshop attendee who asked the first question was right.  Almost no one wants to hear from any company … (3 comments)

personal brand: Do You Need A Personal Tagline? - 01/26/17 07:49 AM
A lot of people ask us if they need a personal tagline, a phrase that acts as your unique identifier.  The short answer is…yes!
A great tagline should focus on either who you are or what you do.  For instance, mine is Branding Agent to Business Stars.  At a glance, it tells someone that my profession is Branding, that I am an Agent (representing and guiding someone through a process) and that I work with people in the Business world…who are Stars (the best of the best).  Those four little words say a lot, right?
So how do you go about creating an unforgettable brand?  The first thing we do when working with any client is … (0 comments)

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