In the spirit of kicking off an incredible new year, I thought I'd once again reach into the archives and share my VERY FIRST POST after writing the first book and launching the new site.  I hope you get a good-hearted chuckle out of this.  Every word is true.  And yes, this is a picture of the a...
We thought it was the perfect time to re-post an article from last January.  This is for everyone who wonders which comes first:  the brand vs. the marketing (kind of like the chicken or the egg)... DON'T FORGET YOUR CLOTHES THIS YEAR!The New Year has begun.  Resolutions have been made.  You’re r...
As we head into this New Year, we thought we'd reach back into the archives from the original book and share the attributes we consider vital to the long term success of a BrandFace.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s much harder to stay number one than it is to get there”.  I believe there...
All the Right Words in All the Right PlacesCustomer reviews are a hot topic, and rightfully so.  Not only do reviews provide some measure of confidence to your prospects, they can directly affect your search results on almost any platform that accepts reviews.  The more reviews you have, the more...
What is a “personal brand”? Just like company or product branding, it’s built around imaging and messaging that is designed to create a feeling. Your personal brand influences how you want others to feel about you.From photos to other branding elements, and even content, there is a lot that goes ...
Over the last twelve months, we’ve personally interviewed over 80 Realtors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Each conversation has lasted at least 45 minutes.  We’ve discussed their challenges, frustrations, dreams and goals.  It’s been an enlightening and educational process for us, and we couldn...
The New Year has begun.  Resolutions have been made.  You’re ready to hit the ground running.  But are you, really?  Is your brand and position defined?  If not, it’s like leaving the house each day without clothing.  And while some would argue that this would certainly gain attention, I don’t be...

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