buying a home dc: Making My Job Known: A Realtor's Perspective - 09/06/13 04:40 AM
“How do I make my value known and understood?” This is a question Troy Patterson, an agent with Brandon Green Companies, asks himself on a near-daily basis when it comes to meeting new potential clients. “Most everyone can get the [same] information a Realtor finds online; my job is to find out the specific details of what they want in a home and why they want it,” Patterson said.
Patterson lists some of the things home buyers are typically interested in: information about neighborhoods, trends, schools, crime and economic development. He also explains that his job goes beyond just canvassing for … (0 comments)

buying a home dc: Check Before You Buy: 4 Tips to Verify the Health of a Condo Building - 08/09/13 04:34 AM
Home buyers have a lot to worry about when it comes to making sure they have everything they want in their new home. The condition and health of your new home is more than enough to think about, but sometimes you have to look deeper than just the condo, but the condo building itself. D.C. home buying can seem daunting, but there are some helpful tips to remember that can assist in making the process smoother.  Our founder, Brandon Green, was featured in an article from regarding the financial health of a condo building and some tips to look at … (0 comments)

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