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There is strong evidence that the wave of the future in real estate and development will take a switch back turn in an entirely different direction during the next decade of recovery and progress. Project Staff and Senior Resident Fellow for the Urban Land Institute, John Mc Ilwain, reports in Ho...
It's been over a week since my last blog post and it'd be easy for me to chalk it up to writer's block, but the real reason is more due to lack of motivation, distractions, excuses, etc. If I'm to be brutally honest, I just got lazy. Despite my efforts to crack it out of the park, sometimes the b...
Recently and again, I've been faced with the challenge of balancing my energy, establishing priorities, and defending boundaries in my life. This week, specifically, I set off to re-work my business plan, tie up an abundance of loose ends, and otherwise make time for a social life without becomin...
Per the usual, I've been chatting it up with a number of REO agents, commercial brokers, and investors as we all swap information and opinions about where this never ending financial free fall will finally land us. Nothing new really, but a penchant for positive thinking and the slightest of posi...
I am a Foodie. I love good food and always have, so you have to understand that I am also a stickler for the 'total dining experience' when it comes to eating out. Anyone who has ever shared a meal with me knows that I am the Queen of Special Orders and delight in requesting 'this' on the side wi...

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