green: Wordless Wednesday: Hidden Solar Panels - 02/10/10 02:27 PM

Photographed in rural Green County Wisconsin west of Clarno, July 2007 at friends' farm after we had a weekend project putting in solar panels for their electric car.  All rights reserved.  Have you found all the hidden pockets of green and alernative energy sources in Green County?  Probably not.  There are more than you'd expect!

green: Energy Saving tips for the Summer Cooling Season - 06/10/09 04:50 AM
The summer heat is a treat after the cold of winter. If you give your body time to adjust naturally to the heat, 85 or even 90 degree days can be enjoyable even without high air conditioning bills. Our grandparents knew the basics:
Close blinds and curtains on the east side of your home in the morning and on the west side of your home in the afternoon. This will reduce the amount of solar gain - the energy of the sun entering your home and heating it up. An awning over southern windows can substitute for deep eaves, giving your … (1 comments)

green: Local microbrewery wins environmental award - 05/04/09 06:57 AM
The next time you open a bottle of Fat Squirrel or Spotted Cow, you can do so with the knowledge that it was made by a brewery that not only cares about a quality product, but also cares about preserving our environment. 
Congratulations to New Glarus Brewing Company!  Our homegrown talent has received an award from Alliant Energy's Shared Savings program.Shared Savings is a program that promotes energy efficient updates and planning for businesses.  New Glarus Brewing Company participated with construction of their new facility on the hill just south of New Glarus.They developed an energy efficient waste water treatment facility … (6 comments)

green: Go Green in the Yard Part 1 - 03/03/09 01:24 AM
The days are getting longer and we Wisconsin natives know that spring is just around the corner even if it is only a chilly 16 degrees right now.
This is the time to start planning yard care and gardening for the upcoming warm weather. Taking some small steps in your yard care this year can have a big payoff for nature. Standard yard care in the US dumps chemicals into our soil and spews pollutants into the air.
Mowing a yard with a gas powered lawn mower or using a gas powered leaf blower produces a lot of hydrocarbons. Do it … (6 comments)

green: Marmoleum, a Green Flooring Option - 01/23/09 08:53 AM
Are you considering a remodel or building a new home?  Go green!
Homeowners these days are often considering the environmental impact of their choices when remodeling or updating their homes.  From low VOC paints to reclaimed cabinetry, there is a wide range of sustainable products out there.One area that is generating some press is flooring.  Floors are one area of homes that are often overlooked even though they make a huge difference in the general feel of a home.  There are many choices for sustainable flooring including recycled fiber carpeting and sustainable bamboo and cork floors.People are also turning to a … (8 comments)

green: Go Green Team, Part 3 - 11/03/08 04:03 AM
If a property has green options that increase the energy effiency of the home, the buyer might consider looking into the option of energy efficient financing. Also, if buyer is putting into place systems that will further increase the efficiency of the property, it is possible to include the cost of these upgrades in the mortgage without increasing their down payment. Many buyers are unaware of the existence of energy efficient financing options. There are a number of banks and private mortgage lenders that offer these options. Locally, there are banks that have policies in place for energy efficient mortgages. Fannie … (0 comments)

green: Driving Down Your Driving Time - 10/24/08 09:02 AM
As we in the United States are waking up to the end of cheap oil, many are starting to reevaluate how we get around. Around Monroe, we saw many more bicycles out this summer, and we noticed that the Badger State Trail going through Monroe had a great deal of pedestrian and bicycle traffic this year. 
As more people start using self-propelled transportation, home buyers are starting to pay attention to nearby amenities. What is nearby, what can they walk to? Monroe itself is a highly walkable community. I recently visited Walk Score to check how walkable some of our homes … (1 comments)

green: Go Green Team, Part 2 - 09/12/08 03:32 AM
As home buyers become more environmentally conscious, sellers would be wise to start advertising environmental features of their homes. As mentioned last in Part 1, specific is important. Rather than calling a house green, Realtors would do well to encourage sellers to get an independent third-party certification for their homes. Many such certification exist, and the list is sure to grow in coming years. Different certification mean different things, and customers should be offered information on exactly what the home is certified as. The Energy Star Qualified Homes is a nation program that looks at a variety of energy efficiency measures, … (7 comments)

green: Go Green Team! (part 1) - 08/29/08 03:30 AM
Green has become one of the new buzzwords, but what does it mean? Ask three people, you will probably get three different answers. The market is growing for green real estate, with certified properties selling faster or commanding a 5, 10, even 15% premium in some markets. Buyers are starting to look for environmental features in their properties. This is not a trend like shag carpeting, something that will be out of style in the next decade. Environmental features have moved from the domain of hippies into mainstream life because they make sense on so many levels. So what does green … (3 comments)

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