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I shared my first blog post on January 1, 2011.  I started blogging because of the 31 Days of January challenge.  To my surprise, I finished that and joined the Valentine Bloggers Daily Blogging Challenge for February.  Then I made it 21 days into March all on my own.  I thought I was hooked as I...
As I mentioned in yesterday's post, Laramie is 7163 feet above sea level.  With this altitude comes cooler weather and thinner air.  Another often overlooked feature of higher elevation is the increased danger of the sun's UV rays.  Why?  There is less atmosphere above us at the higher elevations...
Having a good attitude about altitude is essential the higher you go above sea level.  Along with the cooler air comes thinner air and thus less oxygen.  You can't go to the store around here without seeing at least one person carrying and using a portable oxygen tank.                            ...
On the news today they said that last night and tonight the moon would look bigger than usual.  This is because tonight the moon will make its closest approach to earth in 18 years.  This event is what astronomers call a "perigean full moon."  While driving around last night we had noticed that t...
As owners and managers of our own apartments (not affiliated with Century 21 Real Estate Center, Inc.), my husband and I made the decision to offer a smoke free, pet free and "party" free environment to our renters.  All ads that we run explicitly say:                                          No ...
Meet Eva!  She is the newest member of our extended family.  That means she does not live in our house but we will still get to see her as she belongs to my brother.  Can you believe she is only 5 months old?  I had no idea German Shepherds grew to be so big!  She is such a puppy even though she ...
Unlike Geocaching which uses GPS coordinates to locate hidden "caches", Letterboxing relies on using written clues found online (at to find the hidden boxes.  We discovered letterboxing a few years back and decided to give it a try.  When we went online, we were surprise...
As mentioned in a previous post, Cheyenne, WY and Fort Collins, Colorado are the nearby go-to places for quick shopping trip outside of Laramie.  We like to joke that the temperature will be 10 degrees higher in either place so instead of bringing a just-in-case jacket we need to be prepared to l...
We give names to things and people to clarify who is who and what is what.  We give names to places for the same reason. Sometimes, instead of making things clearer, names can cause confusion.  Like when someone says Washington, we always have to ask - Washington D.C. or Washington State?   Somet...
Good morning!  Snow quietly blanketed Laramie last night while we slept and we woke up to the silent calm of a snowy spring day.  All is good, though, it is still spring and soon the sun will shine again!      Out the window, 6:00am, no, wait 7:00 am (daylight savings!), March 13, 2011.

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