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Are you ready to take advantage of today's remarkable interest rates?  Take a look at this sunny, family home and get some help with your mortgage by renting out the roomy downstairs apartment.  A spectacular find!      Enjoy Laramie's fabulous summer days in the inviting tree filled backyard.  Y...
Yesterday, I came across a fun website called The Imagination Prompt Generator via the blog of Donna Foerster.   After remembering all the prompts I was given as a  student I was curious to see what this site could possibly have to offer.  Curious, and a wee bit skeptical.... Ha!  To my surprise ...
Fortunately, watching the Laramie river rise over the last month and a half has been anti-climatic.  After all the uncertainty and speculation, the spring run off came at a slower than expected pace.  Now, it looks like the river may have peaked and be on its way to returning to it's usual low le...
Our version of spring flooding has been  mild compared to all those towns across the United States in the big river valleys,  thank goodness! Lucky for us, it was merely interesting to watch the river slowly rise through the month of June. We had a cool transition into summer so the snow pack mel...
Another thing I absolutely love about summer in Laramie is the skies full of fluffy, white, summertime clouds framed in bright cerulean blue.  Yes, yes, I know we aren't the only place that exhibits this summertime phenomenon, but for me it is pretty much the only place I know. . .  and I love it...
  Just yesterday I was in a home with bamboo flooring and was asked about the hardness of bamboo when used as flooring.  Since my mom recently installed bamboo flooring in her house, I didn't know the "for sure" answer, but I did know enough to know that the hardness and quality of bamboo varies....
  Sheila Goulart Siegal wrote a post recently about  those little loan process things we should already know about (in theory) but... really most of us don't! Thanks, Sheila!   There are things you should never do during escrow, whether refinancing your current home or purchasing a home.  Once yo...
  When buying or selling a home, people tend to look as pricing  from their own unique perspectives.  Buyers see it one way, sellers see it another way. Christine Smith, from Canton, MA, summed up superbly how pricing favors neither perspective: I've disabled comments so that if you have anything...

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