century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: To Inspect....or Not? - 05/08/11 03:17 PM
After negotiations result in a contract to buy a home, a buyer has to decide.... to inspect or not inspect?  The answer... is not straightforward.                                                                           It depends on the buyers and the actual property being purchased.  Is the house 2 years old or one hundred?  (Newer does not necessarily mean better...)  Will the buyer be financially ruined if a costly problem emerges?  Or are they willing to take their chances? 
Some people feel perfectly fine foregoing inspections all together. They'll just roll with whatever comes their way. Some people like to give the property a good once over themselves. While … (9 comments)

century 21 real estate center: Laramie,Wyoming Real Estate: Taking Title in Wyoming - 02/19/11 01:19 PM
In Wyoming, you have the choice of taking title of real property in 8 different ways:
Sole Owner                                        Husband and Wife Joint Tenants with Rights of Survivorship Tenants In Common Partnership LLC Corporation Trust Often, deciding on which way to take title is straightforward.  But other times,the nature of the relationships between owners and ownership interests will determine the best way title should be recorded.  Over the next few days I will explain what each way to take title means.  And as always, (big disclaimer here!) consult with an attorney to get the best advice for your situation.

century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Wyoming is a Fence Out State . . . - 02/18/11 01:58 PM
When it comes to cattle, Wyoming is a  FENCE OUT State.  That means if you live in rural Wyoming and you do not want cattle to roam freely on your land, then it is your job to fence them out!  Isn't that a funny concept?!
Sheep, goats, swine and elk(?!), on the other hand, are required to be fenced in.  Though, permissions are given that allow herds of sheep to be crossed from one grazing area to another by going through someone else's land if necessary.  However, that is "only as long as the animals are not allowed to stop and de-pasture … (14 comments)

century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Have You Seen the Pictures of Your Home? - 02/15/11 07:47 AM
Yikes!  You've signed an agreement to have a  REALTOR 
help you market your home.  You cleaned up and  made everything, neat,clean and sparkly.  Finally, your home is out there . . . or so you thought.  When you looked for your house online, you found no pictures, or just one picture, or worse yet, pictures that make your home look dingy, dark and unattractive.
Maybe - your home is dingy, dark and unattractive
. . . but probably not.  If you find your home being represented in an unflattering way, then contact your agent to find a solution.  Most agents will want to … (9 comments)

century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: When can I move In? - 02/14/11 02:43 PM

Yay, the day is almost here!  You've jumped through the hoops, waited anxiously on the edge of your seat for appraisal, approvals, underwriting and more.  You've even had your financial history autopsied all the way back to your first lost tooth.  So, enough already . . .When can you move in?!  
The answer - when the deal is DONE.  Not a minute sooner.  In Laramie, that typically means after all the papers are signed, the money exchanged and the title transferred at closing.  Sounds obvious, right?  It is, but . . . what can it hurt to just put a few things … (8 comments)

century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Read It Before You Sign It! - 02/12/11 04:33 PM
Seriously, I understand there is a lot of paperwork that goes with making an offer and buying a house.  What, with the disclosures, agency agreements, property condition statements and finally the actual offer -  you'd think you were making a major life decision.
Well, ... you are!  I can't be the only agent that gets tired of the mountains of paperwork.  However, I understand the necessity of it.  I know that it exists to protect people on both sides of the deal.  It spells out the specific terms being offered and ultimately, accepted.  It also details the consequences and risks to both parties.  It is a … (14 comments)

century 21 real estate center: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Cell Phone Test - 02/12/11 02:21 AM

With so much talk about who will be the best agent for you, I'd like to suggest a quick and simple test:
Call an agent on his or her cell phone . . .
Did they answer?
If they don't answer, it's okay!  They may be conversing with an actual human being at the time of your call - and we all know that it is rude to ignore the person in front of you to dive for your phone.
However, leave a message then get on with your day while you wait for a return call.
You should find that the agent will return your … (26 comments)