live in laramie: Trick or Treat in Downtown Laramie: Scaramie! - 10/28/17 06:42 PM
We had the pleasure today of being one of the many downtown Laramie businesses handing out candy to a huge swarm of trick or treaters.  It was so fun -  costumes abound!  Not just for the little ones but for the  Moms, dads, friends, family, and business owners too! 
We dressed up as Real Estate Superheros - The Closer and The Listener!  Maybe next year we'll add the go-go boots and tiaras.....
After our candy ran out (there were way more costumed masquaraders than we anticipated) we headed across the street to where a local law office was hosting an elevator ride DOWN to the haunted … (7 comments)

live in laramie: Seriously, sculpture? Laramie, WY Real Estate. - 10/22/17 07:31 PM
They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose art is that way, too.  So it was with an open mind that I accompanied our children on a field trip to Laramie's latest installment of Sculpture, A Wyoming Invitational,  in June of 2008. 
Seriously?!  Was this a practical joke?  The artist, a man from New York state, took this work quite seriously.  He seemed annoyed by the children who didn't get the deeper meaning of it and could only see it as a giant earth worm.  Me, all I can say is "Bless their little hearts" as NOT one of them made a single reference as to what else this looks like!

I … (6 comments)

live in laramie: Air Conditioning in Laramie, WY - 10/22/17 07:28 PM
People from out of town ask the darndest things!  
The #1 question that always makes me smile...
"Does that home have air conditioning?"
Air conditioning?!  In Laramie?  Ha ha ha ha ... you are kidding, ....right?!?  
Oh, you're not?!  Yes, there are a few homes in town with actual, whole-house air conditioning and many businesses have air conditioning, too.  However, when it comes to our own houses, most people get by with fans and open windows.  Though, I do have to admit in the last few years, we are seeing more and more homes in town with air conditioning.
We have been able to get by all these years because the hot, hot days of summer last only 4 to 6  weeks. And even then, these hot, hot temperatures rarely … (10 comments)

live in laramie: Taking Title as a Corporation - Live in Laramie Real Estate - 10/22/17 07:21 PM
I have to admit, by this point, I thought I would have consolidated several of the ways to take title into one post, especially the more "businessy" ones:  Partnership, LLC, Corporation, and Trust .  Then, I realized they each deserved their own description - whether I liked it or not!
Here are the key points of taking title as a Corporation: 
A corporation can be considered a whole unit.  As one entity a corporation can hold title in severalty, or as a tenant in common. Since a corporation is not an actual person, it cannot die.  Even if one of it's officers, shareholder or directors dies, the corporation will continue to exist … (2 comments)

live in laramie: Taking Title in Wyoming as Husband and Wife - 10/22/17 07:02 PM
Taking Title in Wyoming as Husband and Wife
Naturally, the main requirement for taking title as Husband and Wife in Wyoming is that you be married. For what constitutes legal marriage in Wyoming go to:  Suffice it to say that you can only take title as Husband and Wife if you meet the state requirements as to what a husband and wife is.
Just because you are married does not mean that you have to take title as Husband and Wife, but if you do here is some of what that means: 
A husband and wife will own the property as if they are one entity.  As one entity they are each considered to have equal, undivided ownership. One partner or the other … (1 comments)

live in laramie: What the heck is a "Fence Out" state? Laramie, WY Real Estate - 10/22/17 06:41 PM
When it comes to cattle, Wyoming is a  FENCE OUT State.  That means if you live in rural Wyoming and you do not want cattle to roam freely on your land, then it is your job to fence them out!  Isn't that a funny concept?!
Sheep, goats, swine and elk(?!), on the other hand, are required to be fenced in.  Though, permissions are given that allow herds of sheep to be crossed from one grazing area to another by going through someone else's land if necessary.  However, that is "only as long as the animals are not allowed to stop and de-pasture the enclosure."  Good luck telling the sheep that!       
Someone wrote … (3 comments)

live in laramie: Laramie, WY Real Estate: Last puff of summer . . . - 10/18/17 07:37 PM
Two brief snowstorms under our belt and the temperatures are getting cooler.  The sprinklers have been blown out the and the lawn mower put away.  Guess it is time to embrace the inevitable arrival of winter. 
Really, though, it's not so bad!  I'm looking forward to snowy, chili and cornbread days, fires in the fireplace, the scraping sound of the snow shovels on the driveway and piles of wet mittens and boots by the door.  I suppose there is a certain comfort in the rituals that come with each season.  I hope you are ready to welcome the rituals of your winter wherever you may … (6 comments)

live in laramie: Laramie, WY Real Estate: Operator, could you help me place this call? - 10/18/17 07:18 PM
I got such a big kick out of the unexpected appearance of this phone at a visitor's station in the middle of the forest. I suppose there was a time that if you needed to make a call while out in the wilderness that this would have been your only option.  It's unimaginable to believe that that time was only about 10 years ago!  Even now with limited coverage in mountains and valleys, I suppose this little pay phone still gets used.  So add a quarter to your emergency survival kit for your next trip to the mountains!

live in laramie: Laramie, WY Real Estate: Have you seen the photos of your home? - 10/18/17 07:00 PM
Yikes!  You've signed an agreement to have a  REALTOR 
help you market your home.  You cleaned up and  made everything, neat,clean and sparkly.  Finally, your home is out there . . . or so you thought.  When you looked for your house online, you found no pictures, or just one picture, or worse yet, pictures that make your home look dingy, dark and unattractive.
Maybe - your home is dingy, dark and unattractive, but probably not.  If you find your home being represented in an unflattering way, then contact your agent to find a solution.  Most agents will want to do the … (6 comments)

live in laramie: Laramie, WY Real Estate: Earnest Deposit - 10/18/17 06:43 PM
Earnest Money is an advance deposit a buyer submits with their offer to purchase a property.  It says " Pick me! I am earnest, I am acting in good faith to make a legitimate offer on your property."   While 1% of the purchase price is often the suggested amount of earnest money to include with an offer, a buyer can choose to go  higher  or lower depending on a number of things.  Just remember that an offer submitted with a higher amount may be given more consideration than one with a lower amount. 
Owners need earnest money because when they accept an … (3 comments)

live in laramie: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: When Can I Move In? - 10/18/17 05:59 PM
Woo hoo, closing day is almost here!  You've worked hard with your lender and real estate agent to make it all happen.  You've had  your financial history exhumed all the way back to  the payout on your first lost tooth.   Finally, you hear the magical words "Clear to Close".....  So, enough already . . .          When can you move in?!  
The answer - when the deal is DONE.  Not a minute sooner.  In Laramie, that typically means after all the papers are signed and the deal is funded  at closing. 
Sounds obvious, right?  It is, but . . . what can it hurt to just put a few things in the … (2 comments)

live in laramie: Watching over Tract #216 at Wild Horse Ranch, Laramie, Wyoming - 10/13/17 09:47 PM
Watching Over Tract #216 at Wild Horse Ranch
I've listed quite a few properties out at Wild Horse Ranch over the years.  This, however, has to be my all time favorite listing photo. 
It was August of this year, 2017, and it seemed when I went out to photograph this property that this fellow had appointed himself the guardian keeper of this land.
My first hint was when we had a bit of a standoff on the road bordering the northwest end of the propety.  As I crept closer and closer in my large four door, Toyota Tundra, he stood his ground.  Finally, he submitted … (14 comments)

live in laramie: Schools in Laramie, WY: UW Lab School - 10/09/17 07:14 AM
Schools in Laramie, WY: UW Lab School
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Moving to Laramie?               Already live in Laramie?             Moving to a different neighborhood? 
Have no fear!  All the schools in Laramie boast excellent reviews and acheivement data.  Laramie also has three free public schools of choice - Snowy Range Academy, Laramie Montessori and UW Lab school. Additionally, Rock River K - 12  accepts and transports students from Laramie.   When possible, the school district may issue boundary exceptions.  Want more information on how it all works? 
    Ask us how:       Call Brenda at ( 3 0 7 ) 3 9 9 - 5 4 … (9 comments)

live in laramie: Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming: Socrates - 10/08/17 09:13 PM
Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming:  Socrates

Oh, my!  What ever could he be thinking about?!  Thankfully, there weren't all the modern day distractions back in the time of Socrates.  Had there been cell phones, internet connectivity, tv, radio etc., the world may never have benefited from his particular brand of wisdom.      
This sculpture aptly sits in front of the University of Wyoming College of Law.  A fitting tribute indeed!
When I was new in real estate, a seasoned broker once told me that I would never know everything about real estate no matter how many years I spent in it. Those words were meant as encouragement as there is great … (8 comments)

live in laramie: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: North Crow Reservoir - 10/06/17 08:03 PM
How is it that I've lived in Laramie, which is in Albany county, since 1981 and I never ventured out enough to explore some of the out of the way (or not) outdoor opportunities that are found here?  I made it a priority last year to go out and discover some of the places that are practically in our own back yard and yet, I had never been there. . .    North Crow Reservoir.  There the whole time.  Who knew?!

live in laramie: An unusual argument for indoor recess . . . Centennial, WY - 09/26/17 06:38 PM
An unusual argument for indoor recess . . . Centennial, WY
Surely, students in our area are not the only ones subject to the occasional indoor recess.  The main culprits here are usually rain or extreme cold - defined as temperatures below zero degrees farenheit for our school district. 
The town of Centennial live at the base of the mountains just 30 minutes from Laramie.  While photographing the Centennial Elementary  playground, I was curious about this sign. Upon closer inspection my curiousity turned to surprised amusement.  As a longtime Laramie resident, even I wasn't expecting this:
Oh, my!  Looks like more than the children had been spotted enjoying the playground.
I … (8 comments)

live in laramie: Schools in Laramie, WY: Centennial Elementary - 09/25/17 07:41 PM
Schools in Laramie, WY: Centennial Elementary
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Moving to Laramie?                   Already live in Laramie?                   Moving to a different neighborhood? 
Have no fear!  All the schools in Laramie boast excellent reviews and acheivement data.  Laramie also has three free public schools of choice - Snowy Range Academy, Laramie Montessori and UW Lab school. Additionally, Rock River K - 12  accepts and transports students from Laramie.   When possible, the school district may issue boundary exceptions.  Want more information on how it all works? 
Ask us how:  … (1 comments)

live in laramie: Try this easy cell phone test - 09/24/17 06:01 PM
With so much talk about who will be the best agent for you, I'd like to suggest a quick and simple test :
Call an agent on his or her cell phone . . .
Did they answer?
If they don't answer, it's okay!  They may be conversing with an actual human being at the time of your call - and we all know that it is rude to ignore the person in front of you to dive for your phone.
However, leave a message then get on with your day while you wait for a return call.
You should find that the agent will return your call within a reasonable amount of time at their next opportunity.
After all, even the greatest agent in the world won't do you much good if you can never reach them.

live in laramie: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Wild Horse Ranch #216 - 09/22/17 07:14 PM
Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: For Sale - Wild Horse Ranch #216
Wild Horse Ranch.  If real estate were only about endless skies and unlimited views, then this would be the most popular place on earth!  Wild Horse Ranch is perfect for those ready to embrace the independent, can-do-it lifestyle required to live on the windy, high plains of Wyoming.  It is NOT for the faint of heart!  Access will be via a graveled road.  There will be wind, cold temperatures and snow.  Sometimes the roads will be impassable and you'll have to cozy up at home and wait for the storm to … (8 comments)

live in laramie: Seriously! Not all babies are pretty! - 09/20/17 12:25 PM
 A flashback to 2012.... and how we ended up with a thriving colony of cockroaches for over 4 years.  : (

Lucky us ...when a science teacher retired at the end of May last year we volunteered to take ONE Madagascar Hissing Cockroach home, temporarily - we thought.... 
Boy were we surprised when we found out that our androgenous, six-legged curiosity turned out to be a she.... a she who gave birth to about 30 babies!  Yes, birth.  Apparently this species' eggs hatch while still inside the mother and develop into miniature versions of the adults while still inside... then when the time … (11 comments)