socrates: Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming: Socrates - 10/08/17 09:13 PM
Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming:  Socrates

Oh, my!  What ever could he be thinking about?!  Thankfully, there weren't all the modern day distractions back in the time of Socrates.  Had there been cell phones, internet connectivity, tv, radio etc., the world may never have benefited from his particular brand of wisdom.      
This sculpture aptly sits in front of the University of Wyoming College of Law.  A fitting tribute indeed!
When I was new in real estate, a seasoned broker once told me that I would never know everything about real estate no matter how many years I spent in it. Those words were meant as encouragement as there is great … (8 comments)

socrates: Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming - Can You Find It? (#16) - 02/05/11 04:07 PM
Laramie, Wyoming. We have some culture, really - we do!  The challenge of this just for fun series . . .
Can You Find It ?!
If you haven't been to - or live in - Laramie, Wyoming,  it won't be easy to do the  "Can You Find It?"  part of this challenge.  However,  I  hope  that  far  away  visitors  can  still  enjoy   the  pictures!         
This one is so odd  the way the figure of "Socrates" leans back - it makes it seem unbalanced.  Though its location is very apt - right in front of the entrance to the College of Law.
(This series was inspired by Sculpture, … (11 comments)

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