things to see: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Can You Guess What This Is? - 02/25/11 06:24 AM
Earlier this month, I took a different route to drop off a group of kids at gymnastics.  Boy, were we surprised to see this monstrosity.  It was hard to drive and not gape out the window along with the kids!  We came to the conclusion that it must have resulted from a broken water pipe since it had been so, so cold recently.  Why would anyone have a water pipe going up a telephone pole?  We didn't know.  But it was the only thing we could think of! How else would all that water have gotten there?  Turns out we were … (10 comments)

things to see: Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming - Can You Find It? (#17) - 02/07/11 01:18 PM
Laramie, Wyoming. We have some culture, really - we do!  The challenge of this just for fun series . . .
Can You Find It ?!
If you haven't been to - or live in - Laramie, Wyoming,  it won't be easy to do the  "Can You Find It?"  part of this challenge.  However,  I  hope  that  far  away  visitors  can  still  enjoy the  pictures!                             
This one is from the University of Wyoming Artu Museum Collection, a gift of Isadore Familian, in 1991.  Thought the statue itself was cast in 1972
(This series was inspired by Sculpture, A Wyoming Invitational. ) 
Sculpture-Can U Find It? #1       … (2 comments)

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