vedauwoo: Laramie, Wyoming Real Estate: Attack of the Chipmunk - 05/09/11 02:53 PM
Today's post is decidedly UN-real estate oriented.  While browsing through pictures, hoping to be inspired by a regional shot, I found this memory instead.  While it was taken at Vedauwoo, a local outdoor attraction, I thought the emotion might be universal. 

After hiking around the rocks and trails, I plunked the kids down for a nice serene group photo in the picnic shelter.  Obviously, the kids were unaware of the phenomenon of chipmunks and picnic areas.  Thus, they freaked when one of the little buggers scampered hopefully over for the usual dropped food.  It may not be real estate, … (9 comments)

vedauwoo: Sculpture in Laramie, Wyoming - Can You Find It? (#1) - 01/23/11 02:10 AM
Laramie, Wyoming.  We have some culture, really - we do!  The challenge of this  just for fun series . . .
 Can You Find It ?!
If you haven't been to or live in Laramie, Wyoming, it won't be easy to do the "Can You Find It?" part of this challenge.  However, I hope that far away visitors can still enjoy the pictures.  (Though, for this particular sculpture, the building peeking over the rise in the road will still allow anyone who has seen a particular previous blog to know, at least, what it is near. . . )
(This series was inspired by Sculpture, A Wyoming Invitational. )

vedauwoo: Vedauwoo - Is it on your list of places to go? - 01/05/11 05:19 AM
(Post #3 in the Why I Love Laramie  series)
One of the nearest places to go for some foresty pine-smelling air is Vedauwoo.   Spelling it is way harder than saying it - "vee duh voo".  The word comes from an angelicized version of an Arapaho Indian word that means earthborn.   You can see how all the giant boulders look like they were, indeed, thrown up from, or born from the earth.  It is only about 18 miles east of Laramie just north of and accessible from Interstate I-80. 
A word of warning to the fair hearted though - it is not for small children if you hope to relax by the campfire while the … (3 comments)

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